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Musical Starstreams

May 20, 2024 12:00 AM – 4:00 AM


With Forest

MUSICAL STARSTREAMS originated and first aired in San Francisco in December of 1981. Join Forest for his unique, refreshing mix of "exotic electronica" heard at one time or another on over 200 USA radio stations, foreign stations, cable systems, XM satellite radio, and the internet on and Mahalo for listening!

MUSICAL STARSTREAMS is the USA’s first (since December 1981) syndicated, exotic electronica based commercial radio program. Over the years, Starstreams has been heard on over 200 commercial and non-commercial stations including a majority of the Top Ten USA radio markets, daily on XM satellite radio, DirecTV,, and

In 1991, Musical Starstreams was nominated for Billboard magazine’s adult syndicated program of the year and Forest received the coveted Crystal Award for broadcast media from the INAMC in Los Angeles.

The program is produced, programmed and hosted by Forest from Kihei and a special four hour version airs from here each week on Mana'o Radio. Thanks for taking the journey!

Musical Starstreams Pgms # i082 & 2420

Playlists and streaming are also available at and

Mahalo for taking the journey!

Musical Starstreams
12:02 AM
Serena Gabriel (feat. Steve Roach) Seeing Inside
Seeing Inside Projekt 2021
12:13 AM
Argen Schat Eversion (Lord of the Rings edit)
Manifolds Synphaera 2021
12:16 AM
Martin Nonstatic Kepler’s Laws
Ligand UltimaeInevitable 2017
12:23 AM
Jaia L’ivresse des Profondeurs
Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 1 Dakini 2000
12:32 AM
Djivan Gasparyan A Cool Wind is Blowing
I Will Not Be Sad in This World Opal 1989
12:36 AM
TJ Rehmi Lone Rider
The Warm Chill Dharma Moon 2004
12:44 AM
DJ Drez Your Lips (feat. Radharani)
The Pamahansa Mixes (White Swan Taking Flight) White Swan 2021
12:49 AM
Dessin Bizarre Glacier (WaveForest edit)
Echo Himmlisch 2016
12:52 AM
Michael Stearns Marriage Chords
M’Ocean Sonic Atmospheres 1984
1:03 AM
Indigenous Soul Movement Ocean Breathes Softly (Kam Two Mix)
Maui Chill – Vol Two (Sunset at the Kihei Cafe) Waveform 2020
1:06 AM
Danna & Clement Sunrise West
Slumberland Episode Two (Awake and Dreaming) Waveform 2000
1:15 AM
White Star Sister Bliss
Four A.D. Waveform 2003
1:21 AM
Makyo Clarity (Melting Snow Mix)
Swara Mandala Dakini 2005
1:33 AM
Maneesh de Moor Cosmic Flow
Sadhana Sounds True 2005
1:41 AM
MikTek Magnificient Desolation
Elsewhere Virgin 2013
1:48 AM
Andy Leech The Journey
The Journey Andy Leech 2018
1:54 AM
Om Starfire
Slumberland Waveform 1997
2:00 AM
Krystian Shek Miami Nude
Blue Marine Diventa 2007
2:05 AM
Mind Soup Umami
Love Songs From Gifted Children Vernissage 2007
2:13 AM
Sonanaut Don't You Know?
Sinking Upwards IVSI 2007
2:20 AM
Jens Buchert Ice
Ice Lounge (featured release) Jebu 2007
2:25 AM
Tosca Doris Dub
Yoga One Quango 2007
2:29 AM
Pitch Black South of the Line
Rude Mechanicals Dubmission 2007
2:38 AM
Capsula I Know That I Know
Waveform Transmissions – Volume One Waveform 2007
2:45 AM
Kalabi Dream Yoga
Kalabi Kalabi 2007
2:50 AM
Darshan Ambient From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
Pale Hands to Weary Skies Darshan Ambient 2007
3:00 AM
Jens Buchert Variomat
Ice Lounge (featured release) Jebu 2007
3:06 AM
DJ Krush Listen (feat. Shawn J. Period)
Milight Mowax 1997
3:13 AM
Cesaria Evora Angola (Get Down Dub by Pepe Bradock)
Club Sodade Bluebird Jazz 2003
3:19 AM
Akataka Hauntingly Beautiful
Akataka Akataka 2004
3:30 AM
zerO One Flashback
ozOne Waveform 2007
3:35 AM
Markus Reuter & Robert Rich Reductive
Eleven Questions Unsung 2007
3:39 AM
Zerotonine Lunatic
Chiller Waves AP 2002
3:50 AM
Ishq Alaya
Natural Born Chillers Aleph Zero 2003