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The Time Machine

Jul 20, 2019 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With Michael McCartney & Summer Blue

THE TIME MACHINE is a radio program that uses a nonsense name as an excuse in order to play music from all over the musical spectrum. The show plays a lot of new stuff in addition to covering over 70 years of POP sounds.

"We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school."

- Bruce Springsteen from NO SURRENDER (1984)

The Time Machine
2:00 PM
The Smith Bros. The Time Machine (Keep Listening)
The Time Machine (Keep Listening) The Smith Brothers 2009
2:01 PM
Steve Flynn Mr. Rainbow
A Teenage Opera EMI 1967
2:06 PM
The Beatles I've Just Seen A Face
Rubber Soul Capitol Records 1966
2:09 PM
Madeline Bell Picture Me Gone
Bell's A Poppin' Philips 1967
2:12 PM
Louise Goffin My Love Supreme
* single Majority Of One Records 2019
2:15 PM
Willie Wisely Cut Your Groove
Face The Sun Ella-USA 2019 USAYD1800008
2:20 PM
Astral Drive Wishing I Could Change The World
* single Lojinx 2019 GBHMW1900002
2:23 PM
Gentle Brent Tea & Butter Tarts
Just Dandy Jigsaw Records 2017 QM4TW1781124
2:29 PM
Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door
* single Johnathan Pushkar 2019 USHM21901652
2:32 PM
Jellyfish Baby's Coming Back
Bellybutton Virgin Records 1992 USVI29000017
2:38 PM
Linda Ronstadt How Do I Make You
Mad Love Asylum 1980 USEE11400289
2:40 PM
Liverpool Echo You Might As Well Surrender
Liverpool Echo Spark 1973
2:51 PM
Marshall Crenshaw There She Goes Again
Marshall Crenshaw Warner Bros. Records 1982 USRZR9481511
2:53 PM
The Tremblers I'll Be Taking Her Out Tonight
Twice Nightly Columbia 1980
2:56 PM
Shoes Too Late
Present Tense Elektra 1979
3:05 PM
20/20 Cheri
20/20 Portrait 1979 USSM11203167
3:09 PM
The Knack Your Number Or Your Name
Get The Knack Capitol Records 1980 USCA28900830
3:15 PM
Badfinger You're So Fine
Wish You Were Here Warner Bros. Records 1974 USWB10002287
3:18 PM
Farrah Swings & Roundabouts
Farrah Lojinx 2009 GBHMW0900009
3:22 PM
Linus of Hollywood Don't F**K It Up
Something Good Magic Beach Recordings 2014 TCABY1457358
3:24 PM
The Spongetones She Goes Out With Everybody
Beat & Torn Loaded Goat Records 2008 USCPM0700601
3:27 PM
The Weeklings Little Elvis
Studio 2 JEM 2016 USS1Z1610025
3:29 PM
Sorrows Can't Go Back
Teenage Heartbreak Pavillion 1980
3:33 PM
The Singles Since You've Been Gone
Better Than Before Sound Artifacts Music 2003 USTC60834151
3:35 PM
Michael Carpenter She's In Love With Herself
The Big Radio Big Radio Record 2016 AUBG31600002
3:38 PM
The Toms You Must Have Crossed My Mind
The Toms Songgram Records 2005 USHM21195496
3:41 PM
The Paul & John Can't Be Too Careful
Inner Sunset John Moremen & Paul Myers 2014
3:45 PM
Blue Ash I Remember A Time
No More, No Less Mercury Records 1973
3:47 PM
Wonderboy Why Can't One And One Be Two
Napoleon Blown Apart Racer Records 1997
3:50 PM
The Cowsills Is It Any Wonder?
Global Robin Records 1998 USL4R0724244
3:53 PM
Vibeke Saugestad He's Peculiar
The World Famous Hat Trick Pop Detective Records 2007
3:56 PM
Big Star In The Street
#1 Record Ardent Records 1972
3:59 PM
Emitt Rhodes She's Such A Beauty
Emitt Rhodes ABC / Dunhill Records 1970
4:02 PM
Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings That's When You Come Back
Love Songs To Myself Permanent Press 1999 USHM80487609
4:04 PM
Cliff Hillis Me & You
Be Seeing You Not Lame Recordings 2001
4:06 PM
Ray Paul A Fool Without Your Love
Whimsicality Permanent Press 2016 QZ3GY1600004
4:10 PM
Derrick Anderson Happiness
A World Of My Own Omnivore Recordings 2017 QMWHB1608351
4:12 PM
The Rutles I Must Be In Love
The Rutles Warner Bros. Records 1978 USRH10652815
4:14 PM
Dwight Twilley Band You Were So Warm
Sincerely Shelter Records / ABC Records 1976 USSH49700014
4:16 PM
Dwight Twilley Band Three Persons
Sincerely Shelter Records / ABC Records 1976
4:18 PM
Phil Seymour Baby It's You
Phil Seymour The Boardwalk Entertainment Co 1980
4:21 PM
Phil Seymour Precious To Me
Phil Seymour The Boardwalk Entertainment Co 1980
4:24 PM
The Wellingtons Baby's Got A Secret
In Transit This Time 2011 JPJ491100040
4:28 PM
Tommy Keene Places That Are Gone
Songs from the Film Geffen 1998 USGF19822501
4:33 PM
Lisa Mychols Make Believe
Above, Beyond & In Between Vandalay Records 2013
4:37 PM
Matthew Sweet Girlfriend
Girlfriend Zoo Entertainment 1991 USVR10600007
4:41 PM
Matthew Sweet I've Been Waiting
Girlfriend Zoo Entertainment 1991 USVR10300462
4:49 PM
Nick Lowe So It Goes
Pure Pop For Now People Columbia 1978
4:52 PM
Nick Lowe Tonight
Pure Pop For Now People Columbia 1978
4:56 PM
Fountains of Wayne Bright Future In Sales
Welcome Interstate Managers S-Curve Records 2003 USESC0300002
4:59 PM
The Smith Bros. The Time Machine Radio Show Closer
The Time Machine Radio Show Closer The Smith Bros. 2009