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The Time Machine

Aug 31, 2019 2:00 PM â€“ 5:00 PM


With Michael McCartney & Summer Blue

THE TIME MACHINE is a radio program that uses a nonsense name as an excuse in order to play music from all over the musical spectrum. The show plays a lot of new stuff in addition to covering over 70 years of POP sounds.

"We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school."

- Bruce Springsteen from NO SURRENDER (1984)

The Time Machine
2:00 PM
The Smith Bros. The Time Machine (Keep Listening)
The Time Machine (Keep Listening) The Smith Brothers 2009
2:02 PM
The Beatles Hey Bulldog
Yellow Submarine Apple 1968
2:05 PM
Timmy Sean Leave My Kitten Alone
* single Dubly Records 2015
2:08 PM
Ken Sharp Closer
Beauty In The Back Seat Jetfighter 2018
2:13 PM
Minnie Driver Love Song
Ask Me To Dance Zoë Records 2014
2:18 PM
The Cowsills The Fantasy World of Harry Faversham
Captain Sad and His Ship Of Fools MGM Records 1968 USUM71604914
2:21 PM
The Beach Boys Isn't It Time
That's Why God Made The Radio Capitol Records 2012 USGJP1300233
2:25 PM
Electric Light Orchestra Rockaria!
A New World Record Epic 1976 USSM10020622
2:29 PM
Rufus Wainwright Out Of The Game
Out Of The Game Decca 2012 USUM71200759
2:34 PM
Dr. Hook Sleeping Late
Makin' Love and Music Capitol Records 1977 USCA27700305
2:38 PM
Sack of Lions Take
Pine Box Sack of Lions 2015 TCACH1598879
2:48 PM
Sack of Lions Callin' for Rain
Callin' for Rain - Single Sack of Lions 2018 TCADX1896652
2:52 PM
Rhett Miller I Used To Write In Notebooks
The Messenger ATO Records / Fontana North 2018 USATO1800302
2:55 PM
Michael Carpenter We Don't Talk Anymore
Here Comes The Reign Again: The Second British Invasion Curry Cuts 2014
2:59 PM
Bruce Springsteen There Goes My Miracle
Western Stars Columbia 2019 USSM11901025
3:04 PM
Paul and Linda McCartney Eat At Home
RAM Apple 1971
3:15 PM
Leo Sayer Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees
Have You Ever Been In Love Warner Bros. Records 1983 AUWA01000602
3:18 PM
Klaatu I Can't Help It
Endangered Species Capitol Records 1980
3:25 PM
Klaatu Everybody Took A Holiday
Sir Army Suit Capitol Records, LLC 1978 CABB80401079
3:29 PM
Rob Bonfiglio Best Plans Never Made
Freeway Damask 2014 USSAZ1400008
3:31 PM
Melissa Manchester Bad Weather
Don't Cry Out Loud Arista/BMG Heritage 2002 USAR17800135
3:34 PM
Al Stewart Don't Forget Me
Famous Last Words Rhino 1993 USAT20107694
3:35 PM
Dee Long Honesty
Life Afterlife Dee Long Music 2011 TCAAZ1143066
3:40 PM
The Smith Bros. Every Day Gets Better
Restless The Smith Bros. 2008 USTC60844562
3:43 PM
Norah Jones Begin Again
Begin Again Blue Note Records 2019 USUM71900510
3:47 PM
Paul Simon Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After the War
Hearts & Bones Columbia 1983
3:51 PM
Lisa Mychols Pop Rules
Jam on Jeremy: A Tribute to Jeremy Morris Ear Theory Recordings 2005
3:54 PM
Tom Petty Depending On You
Full Moon Fever MCA 1989 USMC18928465
3:57 PM
Brian Wilson On the Island (feat. She & Him)
No Pier Pressure Capitol Records (CAP) 2015 USUG11500175
4:00 PM
John Lennon Intuition
Mind Games Apple 1973 GBAYE1000817
4:03 PM
Lily Meola Movie In My Mind
They say... Lily Meola 2016 CAE0C1400006
4:07 PM
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real Find Yourself
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real Fantasy Records 2017 USC4R1706108
4:13 PM
Don McLean Empty Chairs
American Pie Capitol 1971 USEM38600102
4:16 PM
Tom Waits 'Til the Money Runs Out
Heartattack and Vine Elektra Entertainment 2016
4:19 PM
Rachael Yamagata Brown Eyes
Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart Warner Bros. 2008 USWB10806002
4:23 PM
Mandy Moore Can't You Just Adore Her?
Wild Hope EMIDD0705928
4:27 PM
Mike Viola Darling Darling Darlings Overseas
The American Egypt Good Morning Monkey Records 2018 QZDGM1800006
4:29 PM
Danny Wilkerson Endless Haze
Wilkerson Spyderpop Records 2018 US5RM1800019
4:33 PM
Courtney Jaye I Thought About It
Love and Forgiveness Love and Forgiveness 2013 TCABN1348775
4:37 PM
Dee Long Can't We All Just Get Along
* single Dee Long Music 2019
4:41 PM
Butch Young One Foot In
Mercury Man Little Christmas Recordings 2016 QM9A91521727
4:46 PM
Butch Young Captain Serious
* single Big Stir 2019
4:54 PM
Butch Young Beautiful Dreamer
* single Big Stir 2019
4:59 PM
The Smith Bros. The Time Machine Radio Show Closer
The Time Machine Radio Show Closer The Smith Bros. 2009