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The Sounds of Saturday Night

Aug 1, 2020 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With JD

The Sounds of Saturday Night
8:03 PM
Real Estate - It's Real
Real Estate It's Real
It's Real Domino Recording Co 2011
8:06 PM
Underground Springhouse - Joyfell
Underground Springhouse Joyfell
Joyfell 1053970 Records DK 2018
8:11 PM
French Cassettes - City Kitty
French Cassettes City Kitty
City Kitty Full Frenchy 2018
8:14 PM
Stoop Kids - Toss and Turn
Stoop Kids Toss and Turn
Toss and Turn Mint Music Inc. 2019
8:18 PM
The Thing With Feathers - Figure It Out
The Thing With Feathers Figure It Out
Figure It Out Fat Pipe Recordings 2019
8:22 PM
Dom Fera - Easy Thing
Dom Fera Easy Thing
Easy Thing Dom Fera 2019
8:26 PM
Valley - Park Bench
Valley Park Bench
Park Bench Universal Music Canada 2019
8:30 PM
Tame Impala - Patience
Tame Impala Patience
Patience Universal Music 2019
8:34 PM
Halfnoise - She Said
Halfnoise She Said
Flowerss - EP Congrats 2018
8:38 PM
Saint Motel - Sweet Talk
Saint Motel Sweet Talk
saintmotelevision Elektra (NEK) 2016
8:41 PM
No Fools One Two Many Records 2018
8:44 PM
Maude Latour - Superfruit
Maude Latour Superfruit
Superfruit Maude Latour 2019
8:46 PM
Beck - Die Waiting
Beck Die Waiting
Hyperspace Capitol Records 2019
8:50 PM
Talkie - Bummer Summer
Talkie Bummer Summer
Bummer Summer Talkie 2019
8:54 PM
Oly - Overlove
Oly Overlove
WE Oly 2019
8:58 PM
August Flendahl - Lucia
August Flendahl Lucia
Lucia 1165 Recordings 2020
8:59 PM
Office Hours - Sunday
Office Hours Sunday
Sunday Casa Verde Studios 2018
9:04 PM
Bobbing - Johnny Bravo
Bobbing Johnny Bravo
Thank You for Singing to Me Brain Genius 2019
9:07 PM
Rjght - Explain
Rjght Explain
Explain Rjght 2020
9:11 PM
Early Eyes - Apple Cider
Early Eyes Apple Cider
All Shades of Teal Birds Plural 2018
9:13 PM
Summer Salt - Candy Wrappers
Summer Salt Candy Wrappers
Candy Wrappers Austin Town Hall 2017
9:17 PM
Grebes - wyd
Grebes wyd
wyd Broken Circles 2019
9:19 PM
Early Eyes - Coffee
Early Eyes Coffee
Coffee Birds Plural 2018
9:22 PM
The Aces - Waiting for You
The Aces Waiting for You
Waiting For You Red Bull Records 2018
9:27 PM
Lady Denim - Pipe Dream
Lady Denim Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream Aggie Records 2019
9:30 PM
Goth Babe - Sometimes
Goth Babe Sometimes
Sometimes Goth Babe 2018
9:34 PM
Jank Setup - In Motion
Jank Setup In Motion
In Motion Jank Setup 2019
9:40 PM
Sweetheart - Register Girl
Sweetheart Register Girl
Register Girl Sweetheart 2018
9:43 PM
The Velvet Cab - Sunshine
The Velvet Cab Sunshine
Sunshine The Velvet Cab 2019
9:49 PM
Eli Smart - Come On, Come On, Come On
Eli Smart Come On, Come On, Come On
Come On, Come On, Come On Eli Smart 2018
9:54 PM
Whitehall - Vacation Home
Whitehall Vacation Home
Vacation Home Real South Records 2018
9:58 PM
Realizer - Around
Realizer Around
Cross Sectional Sonder House 2019
9:59 PM
Salami Rose Joe Louis - Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
Salami Rose Joe Louis Cirrus Floccus / Second Dimension
Zdenka 2080 Brainfeeder 2019