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Mid-Valley Mutations

Jul 19, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Music - other

With Austin Rich

Having trouble sleeping? Are the other brands just not working out for you? Certainly, you have tried everything. What else could possibly do the trick?

We suggest taking two hours of Mid-Valley Mutations, the new sleep companion that follows your sleep patters throughout the night. We help you drift off initially... doze temporarily... then wake up suddenly with no hope of falling back again for hours at a time. An then... maybe... a glimmer of hope...

All the while, I mine my Banker's Box of "new material" I've been getting, from bands and friends and salvaged from my own collection, hoping to find that perfect tape that will just... help us get... some... sleep.

Just keep taking these pills, all night if you have to, for 100% Safe Sleep, with Mid-Valley Mutations. The safe alternative to natural, restful sleep.


100% Safe Sleep (#158)

Mid-Valley Mutations
10:10 PM
Hypnagogue - Submerged
Hypnagogue Submerged
Adrift Hypnagogue Records 2018
10:05 PM
Onomatopoeia - Protection
Onomatopoeia Protection
Ethnic Utopia Onomatopoeia 1992
10:00 PM
Tom Furgas - No. 3
Tom Furgas No. 3
23 July 2012 Tom Furgas Editions 2012

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