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Dallas Parker

Every Monday on KNON NOW it's Classic Funk/Soul Grooves a show all about the powerful funk and soul music of the 60s and 70s.

It's about music that had a message back then that still resonates today: a message of love, peace, and soul, as Don Cornelius once said. Some people are drawn in by those fat bass lines. Others flock to hear those tight horns. Still others come for the words that move the heart and mind in amazing ways.

Dallas Parker is a lifelong native of Dallas, TX. When he was only 7 years old, he had his mind blown by the funk when he saw Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street back in 1975.

When his momma told him there was more where that came from, he found joy and purpose in life. Since March of 2022, he's been able to share his love of the era with listeners on KNON NOW.

Dallas Parker

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