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The Vortex of Chaos

Jun 13, 2022 12:00 AM â€“ 4:00 AM

With Bill Zebub

The Vortex of Chaos is a special blend of various metal styles (and other categories that magically find their way into the dark winds).

Not for feasting have I descended. Graver reasons have called me to earth.

I am Bill Zebub, your guide into realms where angels fear to tread. Metal has many faces. Some of what I will reveal to you will be familiar, but I hope you will discover many new artists.

When I was fifteen years old, a drummer in a local band told me to listen to a particular college radio station. I never knew that metal like that existed. Years later, I attended that college so that I could have a show in the same place that had expanded my awareness of music (not just metal, by the way). I soon became the metal director, and I intentionally stretched out my college years so that I could keep the show, ha ha.

After I graduated, I was told about WFMU by co-workers who had shows on that station (Yes, radio hosts have other jobs). I began as a humble volunteer and became immersed in the artistic culture. My devotion paid off and I was awarded a show. At one time I actually had two shows because there was a strong (positive) reaction to one of my alter-ego characters. He may appear on the Vortex of Chaos at some point.

I recently moved to Dallas. If you haven't hosted a show then you might not know how hard it is to give that up. One day I visited a book store, and a stranger complimented my WFMU T-shirt. He told me about KNON, saying that it has the same spirit as WFMU. I couldn't believe my luck. A common theme in my radio history is that of strangers changing my life with just a few words. Let me be the stranger who will change your life.

The Vortex of Chaos
12:04 AM
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Nevermore This Godless Endeavor
This Godless Endeavor SME - Century Media 2005 US4E40521011
12:21 AM
Vanishing Kids - Heavy Dreamer
Vanishing Kids Heavy Dreamer
Heavy Dreamer ORCHARD - Svart Records 2018 FRX201825426
12:30 AM
The 11th Hour - Bury Me
The 11th Hour Bury Me
Bury Me WMG - Napalm Records 2012 ATN261237807
12:34 AM
Agressor - Wandering Soul
Agressor Wandering Soul
Medieval Rites ORCHARD - Season of Mist 2000 FR6V80604586
12:38 AM
Atrocity - Godless Years
Atrocity Godless Years
Todessehnsucht BELIEVE - Massacre Records 2020 DER372013802
12:49 AM
DrÄpsnatt - GÀsten
DrÄpsnatt GÀsten
Hymner till undergÄngen ORCHARD - Nordvis 2010 SEVVF1400909
12:55 AM
Leaves' Eyes - Riders on the Wind
Leaves' Eyes Riders on the Wind
Riders on the Wind BELIEVE - AFM Records 2018 DEU601707379
1:05 AM
Lycanthia - Forgone
Lycanthia Forgone
Oligarchy Hypnotic Dirge Records 2013 USV291392698
1:12 AM
Communic - Wayward Soul
Communic Wayward Soul
Wayward Soul WMG - Nuclear Blast Records GmbH 2011 DED831100102
1:29 AM
Departe - Ashes in Bloom
Departe Ashes in Bloom
Failure, Subside ORCHARD - Season of Mist 2016 FR33T1539302
1:35 AM
Rainer Landfermann - Intuition
Rainer Landfermann Intuition
Mein Wort in Deiner Dunkelheit Rainer Landfermann 2019 QZES71948552
1:49 AM
Esoteric - Stygian Narcosis
Esoteric Stygian Narcosis
The Pernicious Enigma Aesthetic Death 1997 UK67E1600035
1:59 AM
Hornwood Fell - Her Name
Hornwood Fell Her Name
My Body, My Time ORCHARD - Avantgarde Music 2017 QM7281794295
2:15 AM
The Order Of Israfel - The Vow
The Order Of Israfel The Vow
The Vow WMG - Napalm Records 2014 ATN261454908
2:18 AM
Hell - Blasphemy And The Master
Hell Blasphemy And The Master
Blasphemy And The Master WMG - Nuclear Blast Records GmbH 2011 DED831100026
2:29 AM
Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron: An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness
Dodecahedron Dodecahedron: An Ill-Defined Air of Otherness
kwintessens ORCHARD - Season of Mist 2017 FR33T1787306
2:33 AM
Arch/Matheos - Vermilion Moons
Arch/Matheos Vermilion Moons
Winter Ethereal ORCHARD - Metal Blade Records 2019 USMBR1913617
3:08 AM
Poema Arcanus - ElegĂ­a
Poema Arcanus ElegĂ­a
Iconoclast Poema Arcanus 2002 USCGJ1920135
3:33 AM
Goatess - Oracle Pt 2
Goatess Oracle Pt 2
Goatess ORCHARD - Svart Records 2013 DEZ651333011
3:52 AM
Within Temptation - The Truth Beneath The Rose (Instrumental)
Within Temptation The Truth Beneath The Rose (Instrumental)
The Heart Of Everything (Instrumental) Force Music Recordings 2021 NLR260700018
3:59 AM
The Mighty Travelers - Pray for Me
The Mighty Travelers Pray for Me
Pray for Me Details Entertainment Group 2020 QZFZ62034516