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Rhythms From The Future

Mar 18, 2023 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With BhD The DJ

BhD the DJ plays the latest and most interesting in modern electronic dance music.

Rhythms From The Future
11:00 PM
Pulse Emitter - Temple in the Mountains
Pulse Emitter Temple in the Mountains
Dusk MERLIN - Hausu Mountain 2022
11:03 PM
Isorin - Permafrost
Isorin Permafrost
Neon Tundra 813792 Records DK 2022
11:07 PM
Klasey Jones - Cement
Klasey Jones Cement
Foreign Buyers Club Terrorhythm Recordings 2017
11:10 PM
Sorsari - Children Of Gaia
Sorsari Children Of Gaia
Worlds Away E.P. Terrorhythm Recordings 2016
11:18 PM
Yedgar - Life Cycle
Yedgar Life Cycle
Life Cycle E.P. Terrorhythm Recordings 2021
11:23 PM
shxde - Awakening (feat. Isorin)
shxde Awakening (feat. Isorin)
Awakening (feat. Isorin) shxde 2018
11:29 PM
thu destino - Cuestionar
thu destino Cuestionar
Castellanos BELIEVE - capital music latin scap 2021
11:39 PM
Gerald The Second - Trippin' On Me
Gerald The Second Trippin' On Me
Birthday Gifts T.G.O.T.Y Music 2021
11:50 PM
Neon Nox - Tunnels
Neon Nox Tunnels
Tunnels NRW Records, under exclusive license to NewRetroWave, LLC 2022
11:53 PM
First Touch - You Got It Baby
First Touch You Got It Baby
You Got It Baby / Crampjuice Bastard Jazz Recordings 2021
11:56 PM
Davido - Champion Sound
Davido Champion Sound
Champion Sound SME - Columbia 2021 World
11:59 PM
Ras G - Raw Fruit
Ras G Raw Fruit
Raw Fruit Leaving Records 2013