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Milkshake & Honey

Jul 22, 2019 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


With Margaret Elysia Garcia

Two hours of music by women for everyone focusing on contemporary alternative voices in music.
Milkshake & Honey

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3:00 PMMilkshake & Honey (Music) with Amelia, Margaret Elysia Garcia
5:00 PMalternative rock mix (Music) with Silicon DJ
8:00 PMThe Laboratory (Music) with Mad Scientist
8:00 PMSauti Safari (Music) with JC
12:00 AMJazz and More (Music) with Silicon DJ


9:00 AMJazz Cafe (Music) with Dougiefresh
10:00 PMThe Future Re-Imagined 37 (unset) with Cloud Man
8:00 AMEclectic Currents (Music) with Double Oh Dale
5:30 PMBurnpile Barbecue (Music) with Tommy Miles
8:30 PMSuper Unknown (Music) with Ghost Blade