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heavy Weight Show

Feb 11, 2020 8:30 PM – 10:00 PM


With Steve Hill - Heavy Weight Show

heavy Weight Show
8:30 PM
The Barry Gray Orchestra - Joe 90 (Main Theme)
The Barry Gray Orchestra Joe 90 (Main Theme)
No Strings Attached Sanctuary Records 1985 GBAJE6800580
8:32 PM
Conjurer - Sunday
Conjurer Sunday
Curse These Metal Hands Holy Roar Records 2019 Heavy Metal GBMLT1501382
8:42 PM
Marriages - Salome
Marriages Salome
Salome Sargent House 2015 QM99V1509204
8:48 PM
Neurosis - Bridges
Neurosis Bridges
The Eye of Every Storm Neurot Recordings 2004 Rock US4JA0400038
9:00 PM
Cult Leader - A Patient Man
Cult Leader A Patient Man
A Patient Man Deathwish Inc. 2018 Heavy Metal QZ22D1800133
9:08 PM
Opeth - Deliverance
Opeth Deliverance
Deliverance Music For Nations 2002 Rock GBCKC1000022
9:20 PM
Uzala - Dark Days
Uzala Dark Days
Tales of Blood and Fire King of the Monsters
9:29 PM
Darkher - Wars
Darkher Wars
Realms Prophecy 2016 DES561618704
9:36 PM
Windhand - Boleskine
Windhand Boleskine
Soma Relapse Records 2013 Heavy Metal US2641323606