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heavy Weight Show

Apr 14, 2020 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Steve Hill - Heavy Weight Show

heavy Weight Show
9:00 PM
The Barry Gray Orchestra - Joe 90 (Main Theme)
The Barry Gray Orchestra Joe 90 (Main Theme)
No Strings Attached Sanctuary Records 1985 GBAJE6800580
9:02 PM
Conjurer - Sunday
Conjurer Sunday
Curse These Metal Hands Holy Roar Records 2019 Heavy Metal GBMLT1501382
9:13 PM
Ultha - Mirrors In a Black Room
Ultha Mirrors In a Black Room
Converging Sins vendetta records 2016 Rock GBSMU3074751
9:22 PM
Torpor - Enigmatic Demand
Torpor Enigmatic Demand
Rhetoric of the Image Truthseeker Music, 2019 Heavy Metal UKSUM1900003
9:35 PM
Hell - Helmzmen
Hell Helmzmen
Hell Sentient Ruin Laboratories 2017 Heavy Metal USQY51763419
9:45 PM
Warhorse - Horizons Burn Red
Warhorse Horizons Burn Red
As Heaven Turns To Ash Southern Lord 2015 Heavy Metal USZPA0901075
9:51 PM
Primitive Man - Naked
Primitive Man Naked
Split Relapse Records 2018 Heavy Metal US2641840402