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KRFF-LP 95.9 Fargo Moorhead

The Orange Show

Jul 29, 2019 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM


With Matt

Two hours of varied rocknroll

The Orange Show
9:14 PM
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Runner
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Blood Runner
Wasteland Rise Above Records 2018 Heavy Metal GBMLU1822304
9:19 PM
Witch - Spacegod
Witch Spacegod
9:23 PM
Mountain - Flowers of Evil
Mountain Flowers of Evil
9:29 PM
El Supremo - Supercell
El Supremo Supercell
Clarity Through Distortion
9:45 PM
Tongue Party - Hot Garbage
Tongue Party Hot Garbage
9:47 PM
TONGUE PARTY - Go Trustfund Me
TONGUE PARTY Go Trustfund Me
Drugs, Probably
9:49 PM
Tongue Party - This Exists
Tongue Party This Exists
9:52 PM
Tongue Party - Sweaty Dollar
Tongue Party Sweaty Dollar
Looking For A Painful Death
9:56 PM
Tongue Party - Clocktower
Tongue Party Clocktower
9:57 PM
Sangha - Phase 2
Sangha Phase 2
10:01 PM
Maul - Gravemind
Maul Gravemind
Adration Through Annihilation
10:07 PM
Thrallfrost - Eat Your Kings
Thrallfrost Eat Your Kings
Eat Your Kings
10:13 PM
Alien Conspiracy - Nobody Stands a Chance
Alien Conspiracy Nobody Stands a Chance
Hell on Earth
10:17 PM
Phobophilic - Soul Imitator
Phobophilic Soul Imitator
Demo 1
10:20 PM
Sunless - Aberrant Clime
Sunless Aberrant Clime
Demo 2016
10:25 PM
Wolvhammer - Bridgegoat
Wolvhammer Bridgegoat Dawn of the 4th
Dawn of the 4th
10:28 PM
Weedeater - Riff
Weedeater Riff
Sixteen Tons Season of Mist 2002 FR33T1332209
10:33 PM
Church Of Misery - Race With the Devil
Church Of Misery Race With the Devil
Volume 1 emetic records 2011 TCAAX1130688
10:35 PM
Stnnng - Sunbathing
Stnnng Sunbathing
Veterans of Pleasure Modern Radio Record Label 2017 USPTT1706905
10:38 PM
Hammerhead - Empty Angel
Hammerhead Empty Angel
Into The Vortex
10:44 PM
STILL - Billy Calhoun
STILL Billy Calhoun
Billy Calhoun CS