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Majestic Formal

Jan 16, 2020 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


With Inner G

The creator of Feeling Lucky Radio presents: Majestic Formal. A show for majestic tunes, wholesome vibes, and new discoveries.


Majestic Formal
1:02 PM
Akala - Old Soul (feat. Asheber)
Akala Old Soul (feat. Asheber)
The Thieves Banquet Illa State Records 2013 GBJHT1300004
1:07 PM
Berhana - Wade Green
Berhana Wade Green
Berhana - EP Berhana 2016 USYBL1600646
1:09 PM
Santi - Murvlana (feat. Tay Iwar)
Santi Murvlana (feat. Tay Iwar)
Mandy & The Jungle Monster Boy 2019 US23A1501317
1:16 PM
Hamza - Por La Vida
Hamza Por La Vida
Santa Sauce 2 2019
1:18 PM
GoldLink - Yard (feat. Haile)
GoldLink Yard (feat. Haile)
Diaspora Squaaash Club/RCA Records 2019 USRC11901685
1:27 PM
Col3trane - Language (feat. Ebenezer)
Col3trane Language (feat. Ebenezer)
Tsarina Geffen 2018 GBKPL1792102
1:30 PM
Che Ecru - Waste Time Management
Che Ecru Waste Time Management
Ghosts Need Love 2 - EP F PLUS 2019 QM24S1924400
1:34 PM
WSTRN - 4 Ya
WSTRN Season, Vol. 2 Atlantic Records UK 2019 GBAHS1901043
1:38 PM
Lethal Bizzle - Woah!
Lethal Bizzle Woah! Diztortion
Woah! - Single Dench Records / Virgin EMI Records 2019 GBUM71903200
1:41 PM
Ayotemi - Maraka (feat. Jah True)
Ayotemi Maraka (feat. Jah True)
June - Single Ayotemi Enterprises, LLC. Powered by IRIE Collective 2019 World QZFZ41928733
1:46 PM
Wiki - Pesto
Wiki Pesto N
OOFIE 2019
1:49 PM
Madeon - No Fear No More
Madeon No Fear No More
Good Faith Columbia 2019 USQX91901215