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May 25, 2024 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


With Gromm

1:39 PM
today station - Blake St.
today station Blake St.
Blake St. - Single Pollen Thief Records 2024 Rock QZDA62490291
1:36 PM
Summer Blue - With You
Summer Blue With You
Promo 2024 - Single Summer Blue 2024 Rock QZK6N2449869
1:28 PM
Ovlov - The Great Alligator
Ovlov The Great Alligator
Am Exploding In Sound Records 2013 Rock QMDA61320028
1:20 PM
Good Greef - Nightmare
Good Greef Nightmare
All the Cool Kids Are Sober Beechwood Records 2023 Rock QZTB42318986
1:20 PM
Fistfight with Traffic - Mourning Coffee
Fistfight with Traffic Mourning Coffee
Mourning Coffee - Single FFWT Records 2023 Rock QZHNC2323955
1:14 PM
No Bling - Dont Mess With Me
No Bling Dont Mess With Me
Denim Disaster 3543999 Records DK 2022 QZES62240852
1:12 PM
Clever Hour - A Worried Existence
Clever Hour A Worried Existence
Demo 24 - EP CleverHourMusic 2024 Rock QZES62412985
1:09 PM
Modern Color - Star 9200
Modern Color Star 9200
There Goes The Dream Other People Records 2024 QM4TX2489423
1:06 PM
Kora Puckett - Wait all Week
Kora Puckett Wait all Week
Wait all Week - Single Kora Records 2024 Rock QZDA72452768
1:02 PM
Grauze - Wannabe
Grauze Wannabe
Faces & Places - Single Prime Royal Studios 2023 Rock QZMER2395082
12:58 PM
Witch - Strange Dream
Witch Strange Dream
Lazy Bones!! Now Again Records 2012 World US2S71291023
12:49 PM
Amanaz - Green Apple
Amanaz Green Apple
Africa Now Again Records 2015 World US2S71523008
12:43 PM
Wave of Decay - Clueless
Wave of Decay Clueless
Escalate - Single 6336259 Records DK 2024 Rock QZHN82401203
12:39 PM
Coralina - Reconcile
Coralina Reconcile
Juniper Bedhead Records 2022 QZTB22269884
12:36 PM
Salmon Shorts & She's Failing Physics - Thundersnoof
Salmon Shorts & She's Failing Physics Thundersnoof
School of Fish - EP Wright/Fish Borthers Recording 2022 Rock QZK6P2208187
12:29 PM
La Sombra - Walrider
La Sombra Walrider
Walrider - Single King's Hill Records 2023 Rock QZ9S32300100
12:29 PM
Luck Fever - Mike
Luck Fever Mike
For My Friends - Single Fuck Lever Records 2024 Rock QZES92466974
12:14 PM
The Umbrellas - Three Cheers!
The Umbrellas Three Cheers!
Fairweather Friend Slumberland Records LLC 2024 US4TA2400018
12:10 PM
Girl Friday - Plutocrat
Girl Friday Plutocrat
Plutocrat - Single Girl Friday 2023 Rock TCAHD2347921
12:08 PM
Düsol - Apple Key Lime Pie
Düsol Apple Key Lime Pie
Fine - EP 4809400 Records DK 2023 QZK6L2337434
12:06 PM
Coping With Senility - Suffocation
Coping With Senility Suffocation
Suffocation - Single 6659395 Records DK 2024 Rock QZES92469529
12:06 PM
Foxtide - She's Not Yours
Foxtide She's Not Yours
Visions Dionysian Artist Management 2021 USDY42125382
12:06 PM
alegrías - Friend Crush
alegrías Friend Crush
Friend Crush - Single Wavy Records 2022 QZK6M2228302
12:05 PM
Champ - Single THELVES 2024 SE5BU2442311
11:47 AM
Dinosaur Jr. - Thumb
Dinosaur Jr. Thumb
Green Mind Cherry Red Records 1991 Rock GBAHT0400209
11:42 AM
C Turtle - Melvin Said This
C Turtle Melvin Said This
Melvin Said This - Single Blitzcat Records 2024 Rock FR10S2458729
11:38 AM
Vitreous Humor - My Midget
Vitreous Humor My Midget
Posthumous Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2021 Rock US2C50401601
11:36 AM
gawshack - turnin
gawshack turnin
11:36 AM
Losing Streak - Doing Time
Losing Streak Doing Time
Losing Streak - Single Losing Streak 2023 Rock USY282308861
11:36 AM
Knumears - Bridged
Knumears Bridged
4-Way Split - EP Larry Records 2024 Rock USDY42478334
11:35 AM
Crash Of Rhinos - Big Sea
Crash Of Rhinos Big Sea
Distal Brave Or Invincible Records 2011 GBSMU1022886

Coming up

2:00 PMSOFT RELEASE with dj glimmer
6:00 PMQue Pedo (Latin) with La Fresa
10:00 PMtummy ache (Hip Hop) with hii-c
6:00 AMThe Muse (Hip Hop) with DJ Desiree
10:00 AMThe Infirmary (Sub-Rock) with dj siick


10:00 PMFun, Flirty, and Fresh (Electronic) with gelly belly
3:00 PM6 Feet Under (Sub-Rock) with DJ Coffin
6:00 AMthe squeeze (Sub-Rock) with DJ Clementine
10:00 AMMidday Toke (Hip Hop) with samarset
6:00 AMJazz Smooth as Ice (Jazz) with DJ say G