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The Infirmary

Mar 17, 2024 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


With dj siick

The Infirmary
10:22 AM
A Certain Ratio - Lucinda
A Certain Ratio Lucinda
Sextet Mute 1982 Rock GBYHX0900038
10:24 AM
springhouse - Asphalt Angels
springhouse Asphalt Angels
postcards from the arctic
10:27 AM
The Boo Radleys - eleanor everything
The Boo Radleys eleanor everything
ichibod and i
10:31 AM
asylum party - play alone
asylum party play alone
10:35 AM
Ladylike - Southbound
Ladylike Southbound
Southbound - Single ladylike 2023 Rock QZTBA2395600
10:40 AM
Seablite - Melancholy Molly
Seablite Melancholy Molly
Lemon Lights Mt.St.Mtn. 2023 USA2P2340459
10:44 AM
The Dismemberment Plan - Tonight We Mean It
The Dismemberment Plan Tonight We Mean It
The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified DeSoto Records 2004 Rock US24E0410096
10:47 AM
Medicine - Babydoll
Medicine Babydoll
The Buried Life American Recordings Catalog P&D 1993 Rock USSM10902846
10:50 AM
gosh - State
gosh State
State - Single EASY EVIL LTD. 2023 SE6HN2300767
10:53 AM
Unwound - Demolished
Unwound Demolished
The Future of What Numero Group 2013 Rock USCW61201033
10:56 AM
Groove Tube - Single Polystar Co.,Ltd. 1991 Rock JPPS09100602
11:02 AM
On Being an Angel - playin' it cool
On Being an Angel playin' it cool
Playin It Cool - Single American Laundromat Records 2023 USF462465001
11:05 AM
Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire
Japandroids Young Hearts Spark Fire
Post - Nothing Polyvinyl Records 2009 Rock US3R40918402
11:10 AM
Fog Lake - Hot Knives
Fog Lake Hot Knives
Midnight Society Fog Lake 2023 QZVEM2328664
11:13 AM
Pylon - Beep (Remastered)
Pylon Beep (Remastered)
Chomp (Remastered) New West Records 2020 Rock US27Q2049203
11:17 AM
American Music Club - Challenger
American Music Club Challenger
Mercury Rhino/Warner Records 1993 Rock USRE10001254
11:20 AM
Burning Airlines - Pacific 231
Burning Airlines Pacific 231
Mission: Control! DeSoto Records 2004 Rock US24E0410075
11:24 AM
Ought - The Combo
Ought The Combo
Sun Coming Down Constellation 2015 Rock CACQ21511503
11:27 AM
Arthur Russell - Calling Out of Context
Arthur Russell Calling Out of Context
Calling Out of Context Audika Records 2004 Electronic USAK20300004
11:36 AM
Pardoner - My Wagon
Pardoner My Wagon L
Peace Loving People Bar/None Records 2023 US37V2329804
11:36 AM
Faraquet - Call It Sane
Faraquet Call It Sane
Anthology 1997-98 Dischord Records 2008 Rock US35U0815904
11:40 AM
Soft Contact - Boyfriend In a Band
Soft Contact Boyfriend In a Band
Bury Me In Colma - EP Two Hand Touch Media 2023 Rock QZTBB2353304
11:43 AM
Cows - Mine
Cows Mine
Cunning Stunts Amphetamine Reptile Records 1992 Rock USY251524419
11:47 AM
Prolapse - Autocade
Prolapse Autocade
The Italian Flag Radarscope Records Ltd 1997 Rock GBAHT2100639
11:52 AM
Sunday Cruise - Pretty Girl
Sunday Cruise Pretty Girl
Art of Losing My Reflection Lauren Records 2024 QZAKB2352742
11:55 AM
The Wicked Farleys - Bonus Bonus
The Wicked Farleys Bonus Bonus
Make It It Big Top Records 2000 Rock USHM22379590
11:59 AM
Generally Pleasant - Cantsleepnow
Generally Pleasant Cantsleepnow
Cantsleepnow - Single Generally Pleasant 2024 Rock QZDA62412346
12:02 PM
Them Airs - Wade/Cull
Them Airs Wade/Cull
Union Suit XL Dreams Of Field Recordings 2020 GBSMU7457459
12:05 PM
April Magazine - Brighter
April Magazine Brighter L
Wesley's Convertible Tape For the South 6586330 Records DK 2024 QZES52474632
12:08 PM
Velcro Wallets - Mutual Hate
Velcro Wallets Mutual Hate
Mutual Hate - Single Beechwood Records 2023 QZTB72372884
12:12 PM
No Knife - Angel Bomb
No Knife Angel Bomb
Fire In the City of Automatons The Bicycle Music Company 1999 Rock USTB30400021
12:16 PM
Josef K - Citizens
Josef K Citizens
Sorry for Laughing LTM Recordings 2014 Rock GBHBR0405457
12:21 PM
Q and not U - Y Plus White Girl
Q and not U Y Plus White Girl
No Kill No Beep Beep Dischord 2000 Rock US35U0412309
12:23 PM
Jawbox - Savory
Jawbox Savory
My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents DeSoto Records 2004 Rock US24E0410193
12:28 PM
James Chance - Contort Yourself
James Chance Contort Yourself
Twist Your Soul - The Definitive Collection musicmine 2010 Jazz JPB532200167
12:32 PM
Graham Hunt - Taste
Graham Hunt Taste
Try Not To Laugh Smoking Room 2023 Rock QZWFK2309057
12:34 PM
brainiac - juicy (on a cadillac)
brainiac juicy (on a cadillac)
12:36 PM
MOP - Wired
MOP Wired L
Secrets Smoking Room 2024 Rock QZFYZ2443236
12:40 PM
Chrome - TV As Eyes
Chrome TV As Eyes
Half Machine Lip Moves / Alien Soundtracks Cleopatra 2007 Electronic USA560668619
12:42 PM
Zach Hill - Stoic Logic
Zach Hill Stoic Logic
Astrological Straits Ipecac Recordings / Liberator Music 2008 Rock USA560792134
12:48 PM
die spits - grip
die spits grip
12:52 PM
Krooks - Superbloom
Krooks Superbloom
Superbloom - Single 4581136 Records DK 2023 Rock QZWFF2350173
12:55 PM
My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise
EP's 1988-1991 (Remastered) Sony Music UK GBAAW0002013
1:00 PM
Meagre Martin - All My Thoughts
Meagre Martin All My Thoughts
All My Thoughts - Single Mansions and Millions 2023 FRX282315790
1:03 PM
Tortoise - Swung from the Gutters
Tortoise Swung from the Gutters
TNT P-VINE RECORDS 1998 Rock USTJ20305002
1:10 PM
Fawning - Under Your Skin
Fawning Under Your Skin
Under Your Skin - Single Graveface Records 2024 QMFMG2370877
1:12 PM
Pork Belly - Lucky Start
Pork Belly Lucky Start
I'm Okay You're Okay Everything is Okay - EP Pork Belly 2024 Rock QZDA72469207
1:15 PM
Women - Heat Distraction
Women Heat Distraction
Public Strain Jagjaguwar 2010 Rock US38Y1015202
1:21 PM
Thee Oh Sees - Dumb Drums
Thee Oh Sees Dumb Drums
Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion Castle Face 2019 Rock USA2Z1900469
1:24 PM
TERRA - Scarlet Rot (broken)
TERRA Scarlet Rot (broken)
Scarlet Rot (broken) - Single Lust Fallen Records 2023 QZWFR2361543
1:28 PM
Crying - Well and Spring
Crying Well and Spring
Beyond the Fleeting Gales Run For Cover Records 2016 Rock QMCE71301187
1:31 PM
Winter - The Lonely Girl
Winter The Lonely Girl
The Lonely Girl - Single Everything Blue Records 2023 Rock QZWFL2399032
1:34 PM
Broken Teeth - 138
Broken Teeth 138
1:39 PM
Babe Rainbow - Johny Says Stay Cool
Babe Rainbow Johny Says Stay Cool
The Babe Rainbow Eureka Music 2017 GBKPL1828073
1:42 PM
Couch Prints - True Religion
Couch Prints True Religion
True Religion - Single Music Website 2023 GBWUL2311731
1:45 PM
yeule - Poison Arrow
yeule Poison Arrow
Serotonin II P-VINE RECORDS 2019 Electronic QM6YT1902802
1:49 PM
Stanton - Changes
Stanton Changes L
Head Rush - EP Stanton 2023 GBMJG2335867
1:53 PM
Preschool - Find You
Preschool Find You
Recess - EP
1:56 PM
Parquet Courts - Violence
Parquet Courts Violence
Wide Awake! Rough Trade 2018 Rock GBCVZ1700220