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KSPC "The Space"

A non-commercial, educational radio station broadcasting and streaming from Pomona College, Claremont, CA. On the FM dial at 88.7 since 1956!

KSPC Claremont 88.7FM

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Sunset Review

Jul 21, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM


With Randy Brian, Roger Allen

Featuring sponsors and interviews of inhabitatants of Murcous Palms, the town that time remembers but people forget, the SUNSET REVIEW offers a unique combination of prerecorded and live productions, plus comedy cuts, novelty records, and its own brand of gentle silliness, biting satire, and sardonic absurdity.
Sunset Review

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2:00 PMForward Into the Past (Specialty) with Randy Brian
5:00 PMThe Video Game Music Show (Specialty) with SysOp
7:00 PMSynthdactyl Program (Specialty) with dj A/D
10:00 PMBoss Guy in Claremont Show (Specialty) with Boss Guy In Claremont
1:00 AMWorld's Music Without Boundaries (World) with Boss Guy In Claremont


11:00 AMGirl Germs: A Podcast About Bratmobile’s Pottymouth (Underground)
8:00 AMRadio Free Aftermath (Underground) with Sam and Jojo
9:00 PMPost Apocalypse (Underground) with DJ Zomb-E
7:00 PMZippity Doomsday (Specialty) with DJ Sinic
5:00 PMLe Show (Specialty) with Fifi LaRoux