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Touch of Evil

Jan 3, 2020 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Taylor

A morbid menagerie of past and future metal classics melded into a chaotic cacophony of sinister sounds for bleeding ears. Death is no escape here; in fact, it's where we begin our journey. This ride stops at Maiden, Mayhem, Melvins, Meshuggah, and all points in between. So climb aboard and put your horns, and the volume, way up.

Touch of Evil
10:01 PM
Carcass - Tools of the Trade
Carcass Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade - EP Earache Records Ltd 1992 CD Alternative
10:04 PM
Massacre - Dawn of Eternity
Massacre Dawn of Eternity
From Beyond Earache Records 1991 CD Heavy Metal
10:09 PM
Aeon - Soulburner
Aeon Soulburner
Bleeding The False Unique Leader 2005 CD Heavy Metal
10:13 PM
Brutal Truth - Sugardaddy
Brutal Truth Sugardaddy
Evolution Through Revolution (Deluxe Edition) Relapse Records 2009 CD Heavy Metal
10:17 PM
Prime Evil - Plague of Humanity
Prime Evil Plague of Humanity
Blood Curse Resurrection Inferno Records 2015 CD Heavy Metal
10:21 PM
Avslut - Dråp
Avslut Dråp
Tyranni Osmose 2019 CD
10:25 PM
Hate Eternal - The Eternal Ruler
Hate Eternal The Eternal Ruler
Phoenix Amongst the Ashes Metal Blade Records 2011 CD Heavy Metal
10:29 PM
Exhumed - Rabid
Exhumed Rabid
Horror Relapse Records 2019 CD Heavy Metal
10:31 PM
Morbid Angel - Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
Morbid Angel Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
Domination Rhino/Warner Records 1995 CD Heavy Metal
10:36 PM
Nails - Tyrant
Nails Tyrant
Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013 CD Heavy Metal
10:37 PM
Dagorath - Whore's Throne Successor
Dagorath Whore's Throne Successor
Glare of the Morning Star Dagorath 2019 CD
10:42 PM
CYAEGHA - Ulthar's Decree
CYAEGHA Ulthar's Decree
Steps of Descent Canonical Hours 2008 CD Alternative
10:46 PM
Violator - The Plague Returns
Violator The Plague Returns
Chemical Assault Kill Again Records 2006 CD Heavy Metal
10:49 PM
Anthem - Artefakt
Anthem Artefakt
Praeposterum Mad Lion Records 2016 CD
10:52 PM
Suicide Silence - No Pity for a Coward
Suicide Silence No Pity for a Coward
The Cleansing Century Media 2007 Heavy Metal
10:57 PM
Akercocke - Axiom
Akercocke Axiom
Antichrist Earache Records Ltd 2007 CD Alternative
11:03 PM
Crionics - Arrival 2033
Crionics Arrival 2033
Neuthrone Spinefarm Records UK 2007 CD Heavy Metal
11:06 PM
Crocell - Cross To Your Grave
Crocell Cross To Your Grave
Prophet's Breath 0862 PladeKisten 2016 CD Heavy Metal
11:11 PM
Crosswrecker - Recreant Saints
Crosswrecker Recreant Saints
Black Flame Divination No Sign Of Life CD Heavy Metal
11:16 PM
Crowbar - The Cemetery Angels
Crowbar The Cemetery Angels
Sever the Wicked Hand eOne Music 2011 Heavy Metal
11:20 PM
Cruciamentum - Tongues of Nightshade
Cruciamentum Tongues of Nightshade
Charnel Passages Profound Lore 2015 CD Heavy Metal
11:25 PM
Crucifier - Soul Burial
Crucifier Soul Burial
The Ninth Year Elegy CD
11:27 PM
Cryogenic Implosion - Collector of Dead Souls
Cryogenic Implosion Collector of Dead Souls
Creation of the New World Metal Scrap Records 2011 CD Heavy Metal
11:31 PM
Cryptic - Onto the Gates
Cryptic Onto the Gates
Once Holy Realm Dark Horizon CD
11:38 PM
Cryptic - Once Holy Realm
Cryptic Once Holy Realm
Once Holy Realm Dark Horizon CD
11:46 PM
Diocletian - Summoning Fear
Diocletian Summoning Fear
Gesundrian Osmose Productions 2014 CD Heavy Metal
11:48 PM
The Black Dahlia Murder - Great Burning Nullifier
The Black Dahlia Murder Great Burning Nullifier
Ritual Metal Blade Records 2011 Heavy Metal
11:51 PM
Fuck the Facts - Disabused
Fuck the Facts Disabused
Abandoned - Single Noise Salvation 2015 CD Heavy Metal
11:57 PM
Fear Factory - Zero Signal
Fear Factory Zero Signal
Demanufacture Roadrunner Records 1995 CD Heavy Metal
12:03 AM
Metallica - Metal Militia
Metallica Metal Militia
Kill 'Em All Megaforce 1983 CD Heavy Metal
12:04 AM
Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Screaming for Vengeance Columbia 2001
12:09 AM
Dismember - I Saw Them Die
Dismember I Saw Them Die
Massive Killing Capacity Nuclear Blast 2005 CD Heavy Metal
12:12 AM
Decapitated - Ereshkigal
Decapitated Ereshkigal
The First Damned Metal Mind Records 2011 CD Heavy Metal
12:17 AM
Annihilator - Reduced to Ash
Annihilator Reduced to Ash
Never, Neverland Roadrunner Records 1990 CD Heavy Metal
12:20 AM
Darkthrone - Triumphant Gleam
Darkthrone Triumphant Gleam
Panzerfaust Peaceville Records 1995 CD Heavy Metal
12:24 AM
Grotesque - Submit to Death
Grotesque Submit to Death
In the Embrace of Evil Dissonance Productions 2016 CD
12:27 AM
Napalm Death - Dogma
Napalm Death Dogma
Diatribes Earache Records Ltd 1995 CD Heavy Metal
12:31 AM
Metallica - Metal Militia
Metallica Metal Militia
Kill 'Em All Megaforce 1983 CD Heavy Metal
12:39 AM
Pantera - Psycho Holiday
Pantera Psycho Holiday
Cowboys from Hell Rhino 1990 CD
12:44 AM
Bathory - 13 Candles
Bathory 13 Candles
Under the Sign of the Black Mark Black Mark 1987 CD
12:50 AM
Cannibal Corpse - Mummified In Barbed Wire
Cannibal Corpse Mummified In Barbed Wire
Vile Metal Blade Records 1996 CD Heavy Metal
12:53 AM
Slayer - Black Magic
Slayer Black Magic
Show No Mercy Metal Blade Records 1983 CD Heavy Metal
12:59 AM
Terrorizer - After World Obliteration
Terrorizer After World Obliteration
World Downfall Earache Records 1989 CD Heavy Metal
Chat is archived.
Irene Liu 10:24:23 PM
this is my jam
Taylor (host) 10:26:37 PM
That's because you have great taste.
Irene Liu 10:28:34 PM
yup, I call it "sit back and let Taylor do all the leg work"
Irene Liu 10:28:40 PM
seriously though, thanks
Taylor (host) 10:30:16 PM
You're very welcome. That Avslut record is one of my favorite things I've heard in a long time, so I'm very glad you dug it.
Irene Liu 10:36:18 PM
yep. been looking for more modern BM. I've been listening to a lot of der weg einer freiheit as well, which is what that reminded me of.
Taylor (host) 10:38:54 PM
I'll have to check them out. That's a new one for me.
Irene Liu 10:42:43 PM
Stellar or Finisterre are safe bets. Hope you like it. It's the least I can do :)
Taylor (host) 10:44:37 PM
Excellent! Thank you for the recommendations. I will look all those bands up after the show.
Irene Liu 10:45:37 PM
oops, should have specified that those are two of their albums.
Taylor (host) 10:48:04 PM
Ha. Thank you for clarifying.
Frankie 10:50:02 PM
Good Evening, Taylor. Happy New Year.
Taylor (host) 10:50:17 PM
Happy new year, Frankie. How are you?
Frankie 10:50:36 PM
I Still Have A Cold.
Taylor (host) 10:50:49 PM
That sucks, man. Get well soon.
Frankie 10:51:50 PM
Are You Ready For The 50th Anniversary Of Black Sabbath's First Two Albums?
Taylor (host) 10:54:36 PM
This is the year, indeed.
Frankie 10:58:32 PM
My Favorite Song From The First Album Is N.I.B.
Taylor (host) 10:59:02 PM
That's a great one. I played that one a couple weeks ago.
Christine 10:59:59 PM
The hour of eleven is upon us. Hi everyone.
Taylor (host) 11:01:36 PM
Howdy, Christine. This is going to be a very loud hour.
Irene Liu 11:02:28 PM
I like how ominous that sounds, Christine.
Frankie 11:05:14 PM
I Know. By The Way, If February Comes, Which Song From The Sab's Debut L.P. You Will Be Playing?
Taylor (host) 11:05:33 PM
I'm not sure, but I'll definitely play something.
Christine 11:06:12 PM
I’m glad. Wow... still working on the letter C. I dunno, that time I mentioned that I’ll still be listening when I’m 80, that may be a reality.
Taylor (host) 11:07:09 PM
Dude, I'm never going to get through this whole alphabet. I just ordered another 8 CDs before I started the show, and none of those bands have been played on the show before. It's never going to end.
Frankie 11:07:53 PM
Oh Okay. By The Way, They Do A Cover Of Crow's Evil Woman On The British Import Of That Debut L.P.
Christine 11:08:35 PM
That’s cool there’s more metal out there to be heard.
Taylor (host) 11:08:50 PM
Yeah, that's on my version too. We've played that one in the past also.
Taylor (host) 11:09:04 PM
It never ceases to amaze me how many bands I still find.
DJ Sinic 11:13:59 PM
Soooo.....is this metal that the kids are talking about?
Taylor (host) 11:14:29 PM
I don't know what the kids are listening to anymore.
Taylor (host) 11:15:03 PM
I had to accept that fact I'm not in the demographic anymore a long time ago, my friend.
DJ Sinic 11:16:22 PM
I’m not part of it anymore either. But we are still rad
Taylor (host) 11:16:33 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with that.
Taylor (host) 11:16:44 PM
I'm not old, I'm vintage.
Irene Liu 11:18:01 PM
vintage 93 whole milk
Taylor (host) 11:18:57 PM
Were you born in 93, Irene?
Irene Liu 11:19:29 PM
yup, don't worry, it spoils slower than low/reduced fat
Taylor (host) 11:20:10 PM
Ha. Now I do sort of feel old.
Irene Liu 11:22:48 PM
new challenge for you Taylor, find a more recent band where the average age of the members is <25. then we can all feel super old together
Christine 11:23:03 PM
Sounds curdled, no offense.
DJ Sinic 11:24:21 PM
Curdled? Didn’t you play them last week?
Taylor (host) 11:24:40 PM
Ha. Yeah, they would have fit right into the alphabet last week.
Irene Liu 11:24:48 PM
Taylor (host) 11:25:14 PM
Actually, no... I'm only on CR. Curdled is up next week.
Irene Liu 11:26:43 PM
Curdled - Goat milk 666 is probably a banger
Taylor (host) 11:27:08 PM
I was just telling this story to Maliboo earlier, being at a Maiden show and seeing a dude in his 30
Christine 11:27:15 PM
Sounds like a hit.
Taylor (host) 11:28:01 PM
's who was there with his dad, and also with his 6-7 year old son. It was a beautiful thing.
Taylor (host) 11:28:29 PM
Metal spans many generations at this point, which is awesome.
DJ Sinic 11:29:08 PM
That’s a very true statement. Hip hop and punk are getting there too
Christine 11:29:57 PM
Sure is. And Beavis & Butthead.
Taylor (host) 11:30:08 PM
If I ever have young 'uns, I'm going to have to sit them down with some Slayer vinyl at some point. It needs to be passed on.
Christine 11:30:54 PM
Pass the torch, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 11:31:06 PM
For now, I guess I'll just have to settle for corrupting the young on the airwaves.
Taylor (host) 11:31:54 PM
"Junior, can you say 'blast beat'?"
Irene Liu 11:32:02 PM
yall ever seen that picture of tom araya's daughter looking slightly embarrassed at her dad putting up horns.
Taylor (host) 11:32:51 PM
I haven't. Damn, I guess even when you're as cool as Tom Araya, you're at the mercy of teenage daughters thinking what dad does is lame.
Irene Liu 11:33:05 PM
hahaha that's exactly what the caption said
Christine 11:33:16 PM
But I’m sure she’ll appreciate it later in life.
Taylor (host) 11:33:54 PM
Talk about passing the torch... I wonder if she can sing?
Taylor (host) 11:34:38 PM
It still doesn't feel real that Slayer isn't going to play anymore.
Christine 11:35:02 PM
Daughter Slayer is in the works.
Irene Liu 11:39:05 PM
how many times did you end up seeing them?
DJ Sinic 11:40:33 PM
Breaking news!
DJ Sinic 11:40:43 PM
Didn’t know this
Dave 11:44:29 PM
Good evening Taylor and everyone! Happy 2020!
Taylor (host) 11:45:41 PM
I saw them twice on this last tour, probably about 10 times before that. First time was in 95.
Taylor (host) 11:45:52 PM
Howdy Dave! Happy 2020!
Christine 11:49:28 PM
Hello Dave.
Christine 11:50:03 PM
Random question: has anyone been to the venue Chain Reaction in Anaheim? Curious about it.
Taylor (host) 11:51:40 PM
I haven't. They do some rad shows there, though.
Dave 11:52:18 PM
Hi Christine!
DJ Sinic 11:54:54 PM
I have been to chain reaction many times
DJ Sinic 11:55:52 PM
Lots of punk shows in the 90s there
Irene Liu 11:56:20 PM
Yea, the atmosphere is kinda weird some times since there's no booze.
Dave 11:57:27 PM
Bring on the CLASSICS!!!
Frankie 11:57:50 PM
The Madcap Laughs By Syd Barrett (R.I.P.) Turns 50 Today Even Though The Music Is Not Heavy Metal. It's Psychedelic Rock & Psychedelic Folk Music.
Taylor (host) 11:59:12 PM
Zao played there last year, and I very sad I missed that.
Dave 11:59:25 PM
Let me rephrase that: Bring on the CLASSICS for us OLD PEOPLE!!! (Haha!!)
Taylor (host) 11:59:28 PM
50 today? Crazy.
Christine 12:00:58 AM
Thanks, Irene and Sin.
Christine 12:02:07 AM
I like the song, Taylor. Thanks.
Taylor (host) 12:02:27 AM
The first two Fear Factory records are flawless.
DJ Sinic 12:02:37 AM
It’s like a barn kinda....that’s how I remember it. Like the stage was high up but the venue was small. Great for stage diving though
Dave 12:05:18 AM
Yay, JP!!! Right up my alley!!!
Christine 12:05:46 AM
KCAL rocks.
Taylor (host) 12:06:00 AM
They wish.
Taylor (host) 12:06:50 AM
Nah, they do their thing well. But they'll never play the next band on deck for you.
Christine 12:07:31 AM
I don’t listen to them any more. KSPC rules.
DJ Sinic 12:08:25 AM
I think you do it weller!
Taylor (host) 12:08:53 AM
Awh, shucks.
Taylor (host) 12:09:47 AM
Sticking with KSPC is always a fine choice. If you want to hear classic rock, just come to my apartment and I'll play you records there.
Christine 12:11:02 AM
Hear that, we’re all invited to Taylor’s!
Taylor (host) 12:11:14 AM
Bring Skittles.
Maliboo 12:11:21 AM
No I wanna sing Avril Lavigne with you
DJ Sinic 12:11:28 AM
Only the purple ones
Irene Liu 12:11:44 AM
Taylor (host) 12:11:48 AM
I don't own any Avril, Maliboo.
Maliboo 12:12:09 AM
I said we're singing it, not listening to your personal signed copy.
Taylor (host) 12:12:12 AM
You can sing along with the Linda Ronstadt records I bought today, though.
DJ Sinic 12:12:15 AM
Neither does maliboo
Taylor (host) 12:12:40 AM
I've got plenty of Def Leppard for you, Maliboo. I've even got live boots.
Maliboo 12:12:44 AM
I don't know her stuff! It's all Leppard, then.
Maliboo 12:13:02 AM
Nowwwww yer talking. That's what I'm listening to now.
Taylor (host) 12:14:35 AM
Just look up Gods Of War live 1987. You'll thank me later.
Maliboo 12:16:00 AM
I think I listened to that when I was up all last night? I'm on 1983 "Another Hit and Run".
Taylor (host) 12:16:47 AM
Goin' back to the roots. I like it.
Maliboo 12:17:43 AM
I realllly want to play "Wasted" on my show.
Taylor (host) 12:18:02 AM
Maliboo did a noise rock show tonight while wearing an NKOTB shirt and daydreaming about Def Leppard. I bought a stack of Linda Ronstadt records on the way to do my death metal show. That pretty much sums up KSPC right there.
Frankie 12:18:04 AM
Taylor, I Would Like To Suggest Some Tracks From Sad Wings Of Destiny (1976) By Judas Priest. Victim Of Changes, The Ripper & Dreamer Deceiver
Taylor (host) 12:18:27 AM
Good choices, sir. I'll see about those for next week.
Frankie 12:18:40 AM
Dave 12:19:18 AM
Listening to that Judas Priest song reminded me of listening to the Mighty Metal Hour on the long-defunct KMET back in the early '80s! That's where I first heard bands like Anvil, Raven, Loudness, Warlord, Armored Saint, Rock Goddess, Accept, Saxon, Malice, Manowar, and a very young pre-Kill 'Em All Metallica!
Maliboo 12:19:42 AM
Last year my big concerts were NKOTB, Def Leppard, Bauhaus, and Bikini Kill.
Taylor (host) 12:20:11 AM
I would play most of those bands, but the records are tricky to find these days.
Taylor (host) 12:20:28 AM
I would have gone to any of those shows, honestly.
Taylor (host) 12:20:44 AM
Imperial Teen was my big one of the year.
Taylor (host) 12:20:55 AM
And BOC.
Taylor (host) 12:21:07 AM
And Cigarettes After Sex.
Taylor (host) 12:21:16 AM
And Slayer.
Maliboo 12:21:21 AM
I also saw The Make-Up, but that was a small show. Which was very good.
Taylor (host) 12:21:46 AM
That takes me back to my Rhino days.
Maliboo 12:22:01 AM
THEY'RE SO GOOD. KSPC put on a show with them in fall 1999.
Dave 12:22:10 AM
Some of their material can be found on the Metal Massacre series (mostly 1thru 3 or 4, I believe).
Taylor (host) 12:22:14 AM
That's about right. I started working there in 2000.
Taylor (host) 12:22:52 AM
You know, Dave, I have the Metal Massacre box set with like the first dozen or so volumes. Thanks for reminding me I need to bust that out. I think we need another old school classicks hour again very soon.
Christine 12:24:41 AM
If I’m ever a DJ, I’ll be Anvil Lavigne.
Taylor (host) 12:25:14 AM
Ha! I want you to do a show now just so I can hear you announce yourself.
Dave 12:26:21 AM
Yeah, that would be awesome! Could you play "Mrs. Victoria" by Warlord? I love that track!!
Taylor (host) 12:26:24 AM
If I would have known I'd still be on the air 12 years later, I might have thought up a more creative DJ name than Taylor.
Taylor (host) 12:26:40 AM
I'll revisit that set this week and try to find some gems.
Dave 12:29:03 AM
There was a DJ who did a metal show on KSPC a long time ago, named Spinoza Ray Prozac. Does anyone remember him?
Maliboo 12:29:31 AM
Anvil Lavigne MUST be used somewhere in roller derby.
Maliboo 12:29:42 AM
Dave, I do!!!
Taylor (host) 12:29:46 AM
I've heard about him. I used to listen to a death metal show back in the '90s, but I don't remember him being the host.
Taylor (host) 12:30:15 AM
I'm not sure if I just forgot who the host was or what, but I have no recollection of his voice, only the music.
Irene Liu 12:30:23 AM
omg. they have to be named sk8r girls
Dave 12:30:28 AM
Whatever happened to him, Maliboo?
Taylor (host) 12:30:28 AM
Whoever it was played great stuff.
Irene Liu 12:31:00 AM
anvil lavigne's roller derby team, that is
Taylor (host) 12:31:19 AM
Ha! Christine, you ready to come out of retirement. You (Anvil Lavigne) and Irene: sk8r girls?
Irene Liu 12:32:15 AM
i volunteer maliboo in my place. ty!
Dave 12:33:03 AM
Vintage Metallica at it's best!!
Taylor (host) 12:33:04 AM
Maliboo's skater name? Missteria?
Christine 12:34:31 AM
Sure... I think I still have my helmet and knee pads. Let’s skate.
Taylor (host) 12:35:14 AM
I'd totally come cheer you ladies on.
Maliboo 12:36:00 AM
I already did my volunteer time with derby, like 7 years or something. Not on skates.
Christine 12:36:18 AM
I’ll break my other leg to even things out.
Maliboo 12:36:32 AM
But if anyone wants to to to Moonlight Skate in Glendale on a Mon or Tues, I'm in.
Maliboo 12:39:02 AM
Oh, and I don't remember what happened to SRP; I don't actually remember who that was or if I knew him. It's bothering me now.
Frankie 12:40:03 AM
I Haven't Heard Metal Militia In A Very Long Time. Thanks, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 12:40:36 AM
You're very welcome, Frankie.
Dave 12:41:40 AM
Slayer even has a track called "Aggressive Perfector" on the Metal Massacre III compilation from 1983.
Taylor (host) 12:42:29 AM
I know that one well. I have the Japanese version of Haunting The Chapel, and they re-recorded it for that.
Christine 12:47:30 AM
Yesss! Bathory 🖤. I would skate with Boo if I lived closer.
Taylor (host) 12:48:19 AM
I figured you'd like this one.
DJ Sinic 12:48:19 AM
Another gem of a show! Thank you as always Taylor
Taylor (host) 12:48:53 AM
Thanks, Sinic! Although, I've still got 12 minutes left. I plan on going completely off the rails during that span.
Dave 12:57:50 AM
Thanks for another great show tonight! Take care, be safe, and I shall hear you again next week. Thanks again, and good night!
Christine 12:58:17 AM
Goodnight! Thanks for a great show.
Dave 12:58:23 AM
Good night and take care, everybody! : )
Taylor (host) 1:00:22 AM
Good night, all!