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Touch of Evil

Jan 17, 2020 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Taylor

A morbid menagerie of past and future metal classics melded into a chaotic cacophony of sinister sounds for bleeding ears. Death is no escape here; in fact, it's where we begin our journey. This ride stops at Maiden, Mayhem, Melvins, Meshuggah, and all points in between. So climb aboard and put your horns, and the volume, way up.

Touch of Evil
10:01 PM
Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Megadeth Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Rust In Peace Capitol Records 1990 CD Heavy Metal
10:07 PM
Napalm Death - The Infiltraitor
Napalm Death The Infiltraitor
Words from the Exit Wound Earache Records 2009 CD Alternative
10:12 PM
Gojira - L'enfant Sauvage
Gojira L'enfant Sauvage
L'enfant Sauvage Roadrunner Records 2012 CD Heavy Metal
10:16 PM
Suffocation - Images of Purgatory
Suffocation Images of Purgatory
Blood Oath Nuclear Blast 2009 CD Heavy Metal
10:19 PM
The Furor - Call Me Doom!
The Furor Call Me Doom!
War Upon Worship Prime Cuts Music 2011 CD Heavy Metal
10:24 PM
Nails - No Surrender
Nails No Surrender
Abandon All Life Southern Lord 2013 Heavy Metal
10:25 PM
Skeletonwitch - Limb from Limb
Skeletonwitch Limb from Limb
Beyond the Permafrost Prosthetic 2007 CD Indie Rock
10:27 PM
Krisiun - Contradictions of Decay
Krisiun Contradictions of Decay
Southern Storm Century Media 2008 CD Heavy Metal
10:31 PM
Cephalic Carnage - The Omega Point
Cephalic Carnage The Omega Point
Xenosapien Relapse Records 2007 CD
10:34 PM
Thy Art Is Murder - New Gods
Thy Art Is Murder New Gods
Human Target Human Warfare 2019 CD Heavy Metal
10:40 PM
Fuck The Facts - La culture du faux
Fuck The Facts La culture du faux
Disgorge Mexico Relapse Records 2008 CD Heavy Metal
10:43 PM
Acephala - Bombs for Third World
Acephala Bombs for Third World
Division By Zero Soulflesh Collector Records 2011 CD Heavy Metal
10:46 PM
Scorched - In Blood
Scorched In Blood
The 5th Season Heretic Sounds CD
10:49 PM
Testament - The Evil Has Landed
Testament The Evil Has Landed
The Formation of Damnation Nuclear Blast 2008 CD
10:56 PM
Nile - Lashed to the Slave Stick
Nile Lashed to the Slave Stick
Annihilation of the Wicked Relapse Records 2005 CD Heavy Metal
11:02 PM
Dagoba - The Nightfall and All its Mistakes
Dagoba The Nightfall and All its Mistakes
Face the Colossus Season of Mist 2009 CD Heavy Metal
11:08 PM
Dagorath - Sepulchral Slaughter
Dagorath Sepulchral Slaughter
Glare of the Morning Star Dagorath 2019 CD
11:12 PM
Damnation Army - Soldier of the Damned
Damnation Army Soldier of the Damned
Tyrant Mascot Records 2006 CD Heavy Metal
11:17 PM
Danzig - The Violet Fire
Danzig The Violet Fire
Thrall-Demonsweatlive American CD
11:22 PM
Dargonomel - Demon Inside Me
Dargonomel Demon Inside Me
Astazebian More Hate CD
11:27 PM
Dark Angel - Merciless Death
Dark Angel Merciless Death
We Have Arrived Dark Realm CD Heavy Metal
11:31 PM
Dark Days - Start the Killing
Dark Days Start the Killing
Screaming in Horror Not On Label 2007 CD Heavy Metal
11:38 PM
Dark Fortress - Ylem
Dark Fortress Ylem
Ylem Century Media 2010 CD Heavy Metal
11:44 PM
Dark Funeral - Armageddon Finally Comes
Dark Funeral Armageddon Finally Comes
Diabolis Interium Century Media 2013 CD Heavy Metal
11:48 PM
Dark Sermon - The Eyeless Needle
Dark Sermon The Eyeless Needle
The Oracle eOne Music 2015 CD Heavy Metal
11:54 PM
Darkthrone - Unholy Black Metal
Darkthrone Unholy Black Metal
Under A Funeral Moon Peaceville Records 1993 CD Heavy Metal
11:58 PM
Morbid Angel - Chambers of Dis
Morbid Angel Chambers of Dis
Formulas Fatal to the Flesh Earache Records 1998 CD
12:04 AM
Sepultura - Manifest
Sepultura Manifest
Chaos A.D. Roadrunner Records 1993 CD
12:08 AM
Pestilence - Subordinate to the Domination
Pestilence Subordinate to the Domination
Malleus Maleficarum Roadrunner Records 1988 CD Heavy Metal
12:13 AM
Grave - Extremely Rotten Flesh
Grave Extremely Rotten Flesh
Into the Grave / Tremendous Pain - EP Century Media 2001 CD
12:17 AM
Exodus - Open Season
Exodus Open Season
Fabulous Disaster Combat 1989 CD Heavy Metal
12:21 AM
Rotting Christ - Shadows Follow
Rotting Christ Shadows Follow
Triarchy of the Lost Lovers Century Media 1997 CD Heavy Metal
12:26 AM
Kataklysm - Eternal, I Reach Infinity
Kataklysm Eternal, I Reach Infinity
Sorcery & The Mystical Gate of Reincarnation Nuclear Blast 1998 CD Heavy Metal
12:30 AM
Thanatopsis - Deliver Us
Thanatopsis Deliver Us
A View Of Death Cursed CD Heavy Metal
12:34 AM
Autopsy - Death Twitch
Autopsy Death Twitch
Acts of the Unspeakable Peaceville Records 2003 CD Heavy Metal
12:39 AM
Pantera - The Underground In America
Pantera The Underground In America
The Great Southern Trendkill Rhino 1996 CD
12:43 AM
Carcass - Ever Increasing Circles
Carcass Ever Increasing Circles
Wake Up And Smell The Carcass Earache CD
12:48 AM
Kreator - Twisted Urges
Kreator Twisted Urges
Coma of Souls Noise Records 2018 CD Heavy Metal
12:51 AM
Mercyful Fate - The Bell Witch
Mercyful Fate The Bell Witch
In the Shadows Metal Blade Records 1993 CD
12:57 AM
Slayer - 213
Slayer 213
Divine Intervention American 1994 CD Alternative
Chat is archived.
Frankie 10:11:22 PM
Good Evening, Taylor.
ƧΞRϜ 10:11:54 PM
@Taylor will there be some Morbid Angel ?
Taylor (host) 10:13:04 PM
Good evening, Frankie.
Taylor (host) 10:13:14 PM
There will be indeed, Serf.
Taylor (host) 10:13:39 PM
Are you getting over your cold, Frankie?
ƧΞRϜ 10:15:26 PM
niiice... i was surprised you didn't do a Metallica block for Lar's b-day a few weeks back...
Taylor (host) 10:17:20 PM
I don't always catch those things, unfortunately. I didn't even know he had a birthday recently.
Frankie 10:17:51 PM
Yes. I'm Still Taking Antibiotics.
Taylor (host) 10:18:10 PM
Good. I'm glad they're helping.
ƧΞRϜ 10:20:47 PM
@Taylor - yeah, well Lars isn't exactly Mr Popular with the whole "I hate music sharing" thing.
Taylor (host) 10:21:42 PM
Ha. Yeah, that definitely didn't make him anyone's favorite member of Metallica.
ƧΞRϜ 10:29:15 PM
snare rush!
Taylor (host) 10:29:35 PM
Oh yeah. Krisiun's drummer is relentless on that thing.
Dave 10:32:16 PM
Good evening, Taylor!
Taylor (host) 10:32:58 PM
Good evening, Dave! How are you, sir?
Dave 10:33:56 PM
Pretty good. Just chillin' to the brutal metal sounds this evening!
Taylor (host) 10:34:56 PM
Very good. I'm doing the same.
Dave 10:35:05 PM
Dave 10:36:24 PM
Any chance you brought any of the Metal Massacre series CDs to play tonight?
ƧΞRϜ 10:40:09 PM
Tomb Mold?
ƧΞRϜ 10:41:05 PM
oh.. truck
Goat Of1kYoung 10:41:13 PM
killed it with krisiun, saw them in tx with behemoth so fucking sick definitely the best band that night
Taylor (host) 10:41:18 PM
Truck the Facts. Indeed.
Taylor (host) 10:41:36 PM
Nice, Goat. Yeah, I saw them with Suffocation last year and they destroyed.
Goat Of1kYoung 10:41:45 PM
please tell me you got some nasum
Taylor (host) 10:41:55 PM
Let me take a look and see, Goat.
Taylor (host) 10:42:24 PM
Dave, I'm still going through that box set. I'm going to put together an old school classicks hour soon and probably play a bunch of that.
Goat Of1kYoung 10:43:27 PM
derek is the man taylor, do you know if frank has any other projects besides suffo
Taylor (host) 10:44:44 PM
I don't think so. I think the main reason he wanted to stop touring with Suffocation was to focus on his family. He said he might still turn up on future records with them, though.
Dave 10:46:10 PM
That would be SOOOOOOOOOO fucking awesome to hear some of that old school stuff that I haven't heard in years! I really look forward to it! Thanks, brother!!
Taylor (host) 10:46:50 PM
For sure, Dave. It's a 12 disc set, so there's a lot of music to go through. But it will happen soon.
Taylor (host) 10:47:13 PM
I didn't realize until I pulled it out of storage that it's out of print, too.
Goat Of1kYoung 10:47:44 PM
that would be sick man, are you a fan of limbonic art?
Taylor (host) 10:48:31 PM
I only have one of their records, but it's awesome.
Goat Of1kYoung 10:49:44 PM
moon in the scorpio? ive never heard them o. your program in the past 5 yrs or so been listening to your program
Goat Of1kYoung 10:50:18 PM
good stuff tho man
Goat Of1kYoung 10:51:06 PM
Taylor (host) 10:51:41 PM
I think I have Legacy Of Evil. It's probably been a while since I've played it, but I definitely have in the past.
Christine 11:37:56 PM
Happy Friday night! I wish I could hear this killer playlist. I’m bartending with some crappy dance music. But there’s metal in my heart.
Taylor (host) 11:43:47 PM
Happy Friday night! That's a bummer, but as long as the metal is in your heart, you're in good shape.
Dave 11:44:39 PM
Metal is good for the heart AND the soul!
Taylor (host) 11:44:53 PM
Agreed whole (ahem) heartedly.
Jackie Oh 11:47:20 PM
Any Pestilence tonight, Taylor?
Taylor (host) 11:48:14 PM
I can definitely make that happen, Jackie.
Jackie Oh 11:49:20 PM
That would be much appreciated :)
Taylor (host) 11:49:49 PM
You got it. Coming your way in the next set.
Jackie Oh 11:50:32 PM
I'm all ears. Top notch stuff so far.
Christine 11:50:59 PM
You played some of my favorites tonight!
Taylor (host) 11:51:20 PM
Thank you so much, Jackie! Very glad you're digging the noise.
Taylor (host) 11:51:39 PM
I played a Danzig tune I've never played before. Sorry you missed it, Christine.
Dave 11:52:17 PM
Hang in there, Christine...I had to live through the '80s, a decade that was notorious for crappy dance music. But at least there were bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer to help offset some of that!
Taylor (host) 11:53:11 PM
The '80s had plenty of gems, though. I doubt that's the kind of dance music Christine is enduring this evening.
Jackie Oh 11:54:54 PM
Oh hell yeah Darkthrone!
Taylor (host) 11:55:33 PM
Can't go wrong with anything off this record.
Jackie Oh 11:56:11 PM
Fenriz has been my metal crush since I was youngggg lol
Taylor (host) 11:56:42 PM
Ha. You could definitely do worse.
Taylor (host) 11:59:50 PM
If I'm not mistaken, he's a mailman. I have this rad image of him driving around in Norway blasting metal in his mail truck.
Jackie Oh 12:00:06 AM
Knowing me, yes I can lol
Jackie Oh 12:00:42 AM
Yeah he totally is a mailman. Which is actually awesome.
Taylor (host) 12:01:17 AM
I've heard there are several prominent black metal musicians who work for the post office in their various countries.
Taylor (host) 12:01:39 AM
And my mailman often rolls up blasting Metallica. Maybe there's something about that job...
Jackie Oh 12:05:04 AM
Gives them the freedom to work on their own so they can do whatever the hell they want I guess haha.
Taylor (host) 12:05:46 AM
Totally. Any driving job like that. I delivered pizza for a long time, and the best part was listening to this crazy music while I was at work.
Dave 12:13:32 AM
I was just looking up Fenriz online, and according to Wikipedia, he does not deliver mail, but rather works the sorting machines at the main postal facility. He also works as a vice-councilman in the Oppegard council.
Taylor (host) 12:14:21 AM
He's into politics, too? That's rad. And still cranks out records almost every year. Busy dude.
Dave 12:15:08 AM
Yeah, it sounds like he leads an interesting life!
Taylor (host) 12:15:35 AM
He's definitely diverse. But most metalheads are.
Taylor (host) 12:16:02 AM
Wide arrays of interests.
Dave 12:16:47 AM
He's a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of one! (metal)
Taylor (host) 12:17:26 AM
Definitely a master there. I don't love every record, but I have a lot of respect for how much he's changed things up over the years.
Taylor (host) 12:18:51 AM
You'd actually dig the more recent stuff, Dave. He's been leaning more towards straight heavy metal at times.
Dave 12:19:52 AM
I'll have to check it out!
Christine 12:26:41 AM
Dave, i have fond memories of the 80s and lots of good music. The stuff that was playing tonight... I don’t even know what it is. Ha. Thanks for blessing the airwaves every weekend, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 12:27:13 AM
You're very welcome as always, Christine. Do you know any of the groups? Just so I have some idea of what you're dealing with?
Christine 12:35:55 AM
You mean the stuff that was playing here? I really have no clue. One song sounded like some weird song I heard at a skating rink that said “cha cha, y’all”. Hell if I know.
Dave 12:39:16 AM
Since many pop bands received so much saturated airtime with their videos on MTV, I actually spent the better part of the '80s listening to and educating myself with the artists of the '60s and '70s. I don't regret it for one moment. There were bands that I didn't like in the '80s, but I absolutely love now.
Taylor (host) 12:39:52 AM
Yikes, Christine. Sounds like a nightmare.
Frankie 12:40:32 AM
Taylor, I've Been Quiet For Quite Some Time Now But I Just Want To Request A Song For Next Week's Show: Can You Please Play Institutionalized By Suicidal Tendencies Next Week?
Taylor (host) 12:40:51 AM
I think I can do that, Frankie.
Dave 12:41:32 AM
I'll second Frankie's request!
Frankie 12:42:26 AM
Thank You, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 12:42:53 AM
I loved it all growing up, and still do. The '80s was solid. Nowhere near as explosive as the '90s, but so much great music.
Christine 12:43:23 AM
I get to listen to the final 15 minutes!
Taylor (host) 12:43:42 AM
I better play some good stuff, then.
Dave 12:44:22 AM
Oh man, the '90s was SOOOOOOO awesome for music!! I loved most all of it!
Taylor (host) 12:46:02 AM
But the '80s needed to happen for '90s music to respond the way it did.
Taylor (host) 12:46:31 AM
I can't imagine what any of the alt-rock stuff would have sounded like without The Cure and Depeche leading the way first.
Dave 12:48:17 AM
Taylor (host) 12:50:02 AM
Your last comment disappeared when I opened the window, Dave. What was it?
Dave 12:50:26 AM
I'm retyping it right now.
Frankie 12:53:09 AM
The Bell Witch? I Never Heard That Song Before.
Taylor (host) 12:53:39 AM
Such a great one. It was released as a single with some great live tracks, too.
Dave 12:53:41 AM
The staleness of arena rock and the overplayed rock songs during the first half of the '70s is what led to the punk revolution during the last half of that decade. It was the shot in the arm that rock & roll needed. (more like a good swift kick in the ass is what it was!)
Taylor (host) 12:54:09 AM
For sure. Although, perhaps ironically, I love big loud overproduced arena rock from that era.
Taylor (host) 12:54:24 AM
The first Boston record, for instance, is flawless.
Dave 12:57:16 AM
I still do too. However, if it's overplayed to death, like "Dream On" or "Free Bird" (great songs I still like), then it can kill the song for me in a way.
Taylor (host) 12:58:11 AM
I got that way for a while, too. But then I stopped listening to FM radio and didn't hear those songs for a long time. Now when I hear those songs I used to be sick of, they get me pumped up again.
Dave 12:58:27 AM
That's what's great about KSPC...it's not commercialized, and they play ALL sorts of genres!
Frankie 12:58:30 AM
I'll Chat With You Again Next Friday Night. Good Night, Taylor
Taylor (host) 12:58:48 AM
Those stations were getting me sick of Led Zeppelin, and I wasn't willing to let that happen. So I stopped cold turkey.
Taylor (host) 12:58:59 AM
Good night, Frankie. Glad you're feeling better!
Taylor (host) 12:59:11 AM
Good night, everyone!