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Touch of Evil

Jan 31, 2020 10:00 PM β€“ 1:00 AM


With Taylor

A morbid menagerie of past and future metal classics melded into a chaotic cacophony of sinister sounds for bleeding ears. Death is no escape here; in fact, it's where we begin our journey. This ride stops at Maiden, Mayhem, Melvins, Meshuggah, and all points in between. So climb aboard and put your horns, and the volume, way up.

Touch of Evil
9:57 PM
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Morbid Angel Rapture
Covenant Rhino/Warner Records 1993 CD Heavy Metal
10:00 PM
Necrophagist - The Stillborn One
Necrophagist The Stillborn One
Epitaph Relapse Records 2004 CD Heavy Metal
10:05 PM
Beneath The Massacre - Harvest of Hate
Beneath The Massacre Harvest of Hate
Dystopia Prosthetic 2008 CD Heavy Metal
10:08 PM
Lamb of God - The Faded Line
Lamb of God The Faded Line
Ashes of the Wake Prosthetic 2004 CD Heavy Metal
10:13 PM
Order Of The Ebon Hand - For Marchosias
Order Of The Ebon Hand For Marchosias
XV: The Devil Season Of Mist 2005 CD Heavy Metal
10:18 PM
Lecherous Nocturne - Singe Este Viata
Lecherous Nocturne Singe Este Viata
Lecherous Nocturne Self-Released CD
10:20 PM
Vahrzaw - The Gospel Of Judas
Vahrzaw The Gospel Of Judas
Defiant Hecatomb CD
10:26 PM
Aborted - Hereditary Bane
Aborted Hereditary Bane
Strychnine.213 Century Media 2008 CD Heavy Metal
10:28 PM
Destruction - Killing Machine
Destruction Killing Machine
Inventor of Evil Candlelight 2005 CD Heavy Metal
10:32 PM
Behemoth - Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might
Behemoth Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might
Zos Kia Cultus Peaceville Records Ltd 2007 CD
10:38 PM
Celtic Frost - Temple of Depression
Celtic Frost Temple of Depression
Monotheist Century Media 2006 CD Heavy Metal
10:44 PM
Fit for An Autopsy - Heads Will Hang
Fit for An Autopsy Heads Will Hang
The Great Collapse eOne Music 2017 CD Heavy Metal
10:47 PM
Enthrallment - Fruits of Pain and Blue Sky
Enthrallment Fruits of Pain and Blue Sky
People from the Lands of Vit United Guttural 2012 CD Heavy Metal
10:51 PM
Heinous Killings - Infection Consumed
Heinous Killings Infection Consumed
Hung with Barbwire Unmatched Brutality Records 2017 CD Heavy Metal
10:53 PM
Atoll - Ripped Apart by Test Tube Monkeys
Atoll Ripped Apart by Test Tube Monkeys
Zoopocalypse Gore House Productions 2019 CD
10:58 PM
Dissection - Internal Fire
Dissection Internal Fire
Reinkaos Black Horizon Music 2009 CD Heavy Metal
11:03 PM
Dead for Days - Prolonging the Inevitable
Dead for Days Prolonging the Inevitable
Dissassociated from Reality Epitomite 2010 CD Heavy Metal
11:06 PM
Deadspeak - Removing the Knives
Deadspeak Removing the Knives
Invective XII:XXIX Not On Label 2009 CD Heavy Metal
11:09 PM
The Dead Youth - Intense Brutality
The Dead Youth Intense Brutality
Intense Brutality Grind Core CD
11:12 PM
Deamon - The Infestation
Deamon The Infestation
Condemned To Darkness CDN CD Heavy Metal
11:15 PM
Death - Land Of No Return
Death Land Of No Return
Scream Bloody Gore Combat 1987 CD
11:18 PM
Death Angel - Hell to Pay
Death Angel Hell to Pay
The Evil Divide Nuclear Blast 2016 CD Heavy Metal
11:22 PM
Deathcrush - God Betray
Deathcrush God Betray
Mutilating The Christian Faith Self-Released CD Heavy Metal
11:26 PM
Deathhammer - Rot in Shreds
Deathhammer Rot in Shreds
Evil Power Hells Headbangers Records 2015 CD Heavy Metal
11:29 PM
Death Reality - Carnal Desires
Death Reality Carnal Desires
Blood Prints Soul Food CD
11:35 PM
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Powerslave Parlophone UK 2015 CD Heavy Metal
11:42 PM
Deicide - Remnant of a Hopeless Path
Deicide Remnant of a Hopeless Path
Insineratehymn Roadrunner Records 2000 CD
11:45 PM
Carnal Dread - Antihuman Toxin
Carnal Dread Antihuman Toxin
Black Thrashing Rites Metal Throne CD
11:48 PM
Fallujah - Hallucination
Fallujah Hallucination
The Harvest Wombs Unique Leader Records 2011 CD Heavy Metal
11:52 PM
Brujeria - Revolucion
Brujeria Revolucion
Raza Odiada Roadrunner Records 1994 CD
11:58 PM
Possessed - Intro / The Heretic
Possessed Intro / The Heretic
Beyond The Gates Icarus CD
12:02 AM
Slayer - Criminally Insane
Slayer Criminally Insane
Reign In Blood American Recordings Catalog P&D 1986 CD Heavy Metal
12:04 AM
Massacra - Evidence of Abominations
Massacra Evidence of Abominations
Signs of the Decline (Reissue + Bonus) Century Media 2014 Heavy Metal
12:07 AM
Overkill - Never Say Never
Overkill Never Say Never
Under the Influence Megaforce 1988 CD
12:13 AM
Cannibal Corpse - The Pick-Axe Murders
Cannibal Corpse The Pick-Axe Murders
The Bleeding Metal Blade 2006 CD Heavy Metal
12:17 AM
Exciter - Beyond the Gates of Doom
Exciter Beyond the Gates of Doom
Long Live the Loud Megaforce Records 2005 CD
12:22 AM
Necromass - Necrobaratrum
Necromass Necrobaratrum
Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana Unisound CD
12:25 AM
Crowbar - Lack of Tolerance
Crowbar Lack of Tolerance
Time Heals Nothing Pavement 2010 CD
12:28 AM
Internal Bleeding - Epoch of Barbarity
Internal Bleeding Epoch of Barbarity
Voracious Contempt Crash Music 1995 CD
12:31 AM
Sepultura - Primitive Future
Sepultura Primitive Future
Beneath the Remains Roadrunner Records 1989 CD
12:37 AM
Megadeth - This Was My Life
Megadeth This Was My Life
Countdown To Extinction Combat 1992 CD Heavy Metal
12:41 AM
Onslaught - Steel Meets Steel
Onslaught Steel Meets Steel
Power from Hell Dissonance Productions 2018 CD Heavy Metal
12:45 AM
Venom - Hounds of Hell
Venom Hounds of Hell
Black Metal Noise Records 2002 CD Heavy Metal
12:48 AM
Napalm Death - Walls Of Confinement
Napalm Death Walls Of Confinement
Death By Manipulation Earache Records 1991 CD Heavy Metal
12:51 AM
Hypocrisy - Left to Rot
Hypocrisy Left to Rot
Penetralia Nuclear Blast 1996 CD Heavy Metal
12:57 AM
Testament - Beginning Of The End / Face In The Sky
Testament Beginning Of The End / Face In The Sky
Souls Of Black Megaforce 1990 CD Heavy Metal
Chat is archived.
Frankie 10:08:43 PM
Good Evening, Taylor. How Are You Tonight? 1st.
Taylor (host) 10:08:56 PM
Doing very good, Frankie. How are you?
Frankie 10:10:57 PM
Okay. I Guess. I Got A Little Sore Throat. Boy, The Days Are Going By So G.D. Fast.
Taylor (host) 10:11:38 PM
For real. I can't believe it's February tomorrow.
Frankie 10:13:44 PM
I Know. Where Did January Went?
Taylor (host) 10:13:56 PM
Into the abyss, I guess.
Taylor (host) 10:14:03 PM
You're still sick?
Frankie 10:16:46 PM
No, Just A Minor Sore Throat.
Taylor (host) 10:19:50 PM
Cool. Glad your cold is getting better.
Frankie 10:27:09 PM
Thank You, Taylor.
DJ Sinic 11:02:07 PM
Taylor!!!!! Best DJ besides dj anon on this station!
Taylor (host) 11:03:15 PM
Hey Sinic!
Taylor (host) 11:03:25 PM
That's okay, I can live with being second to Anon.
DJ Sinic 11:04:54 PM
I feel like we have the same icon now. I’m kinda happy but feel weird....we aren’t the same person?
Dave 11:05:30 PM
Good evening Taylor!
Taylor (host) 11:07:39 PM
Ha. I'm not sure, Sinic. We could be in a very strange episode of Twilight Zone right now.
Taylor (host) 11:07:50 PM
Howdy, Dave!
Taylor (host) 11:11:07 PM
I wouldn't worry about it, though. The chances of two DJs on this station being the same person... Never happen.
DJ Sinic 11:11:21 PM
You always put together a rad show sir.
DJ Sinic 11:11:31 PM
I see what you did there
Taylor (host) 11:12:56 PM
Thanks, man. I call it playing with my records. I spread them all over the floor just like my toys back in the day, and somehow a show comes out of doing that.
DJ Sinic 11:13:47 PM
I do the same actually. I make a huge pile and just go for it. Seems to work out. I enjoy the chaos of it all
Taylor (host) 11:14:32 PM
Totally. Grab a few classics. Grab a few favorites. Grab a few I haven't played in a while. Grab I few I can't even remember what they sound like... Somehow it turns into a playlist.
DJ Sinic 11:16:12 PM
I enjoy having something queued up and then not playing because I leaped frogged over and over as the flow of show changes.
Taylor (host) 11:16:29 PM
Speaking of classicks, Dave... I'm still working on a sick Metal Massacre set, but I ended up with a whole bunch of rad oldies for the classicks hour tonight.
Taylor (host) 11:17:14 PM
Totally. I only choose the first and last track ahead of time. Everything else happens on the fly. Except for these alphabetical sets, that is.
Dave 11:18:20 PM
Your modus operandi for the show: Fly by the seat of your pants, or fake it 'til you make it!
Taylor (host) 11:18:52 PM
I got to meet one of the new DJs tonight, the dude who's on before me this semester. DJ Sleepyhead. He was super nice and I really dug what he played while I was here.
Taylor (host) 11:19:02 PM
That's pretty much it, Dave.
Frankie 11:20:08 PM
Who Is Anon?
DJ Sinic 11:20:15 PM
I liked his stuff too! I heard it around 9? Really dug it. We are building up this community one Sam and JoJo at a time
Dave 11:20:24 PM
Right on, Taylor! I look forward to the classics hour tonight! I know it will be awesome!
DJ Sinic 11:20:37 PM
Anon is the best dj on this station
Taylor (host) 11:20:40 PM
DJ Anonymous, Frankie.
Frankie 11:22:04 PM
Oh That DJ? He Sounded Like You When I First Heard Him, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 11:24:29 PM
A few people have told me that, Frankie.
Frankie 11:24:57 PM
DJ Sinic 11:26:56 PM
Hmm.....I mean you are both great DJs but anon has that something special
Frankie 11:28:22 PM
By The Way, Has Anyone Seen The Classic Underrated Movie: Trail Of The Pink Panther?
Frankie 11:28:57 PM
Who Remembers That Movie?
Taylor (host) 11:30:03 PM
I have. Pink Panther movies are rad.
DJ Sinic 11:33:40 PM
What is the ratio of death in the metal band name vs. life in it? 200/1?
Dave 11:36:48 PM
Classic Maiden from a classic album!!!
Irene Liu 11:36:55 PM
Frankie 11:40:46 PM
In Trail Of The Pink Panther, There's This One Line That Goes Something Like This: Inspector Clouseau's Residence, Cato Speaking. I've Gone To Miami Beach To Celebrate Chinese New Year With My Maternal Grandmother. Please Leave Your Message After The Beep
Taylor (host) 11:40:50 PM
Ha. Nailed it, Irene. I hope you were singing that falsetto.
Frankie 11:41:29 PM
Anyone Remembers That Line From That Movie?
Taylor (host) 11:41:38 PM
It's been a while since I've seen that flick, but that sounds familiar.
Frankie 11:43:32 PM
DJ Sinic 11:46:09 PM
That Deicide is now 20 years old? Oh man....
Taylor (host) 11:46:35 PM
Taylor (host) 11:46:53 PM
I remember buying it the day it came out.
Taylor (host) 11:47:24 PM
I remember listening to Deicide and Legion on cassette in my walkman, too.
Taylor (host) 11:47:53 PM
I go back a ways with that band.
DJ Sinic 11:51:28 PM
I remember them back in the day too but that album i remember listening to it going, this new Deicide is really good...crazy
Taylor (host) 11:51:51 PM
That's still one of my favorite records by them. But I like all of them.
DJ Sinic 11:54:00 PM
Once upon the cross
DJ Sinic 11:54:10 PM
Taylor (host) 11:54:18 PM
That's the masterpiece. I saw them on that tour, too.
DJ Sinic 11:55:55 PM
We old and chit
Taylor (host) 11:58:08 PM
Just wise, my friend.
Frankie 11:58:19 PM
Brujeria Is Spanish For Witchcraft.
Taylor (host) 11:58:28 PM
Dave 11:58:40 PM
A carefully planned Metal Massacre set is well worth the wait!
DJ Sinic 11:59:26 PM
Like a tribes of neurot
Frankie 11:59:33 PM
I Haven't Heard Possessed In A Very Long Time.
Taylor (host) 12:00:18 AM
Possessed is always great.
Taylor (host) 12:00:43 AM
Good call-out, Sinic. Neurosis is one of my all time favorites.
DJ Sinic 12:01:45 AM
Mine too. Any band that can a genre on its ear is rad to me
Frankie 12:03:14 AM
Beyond The Gates By Possessed Is An Underrated Album Released Back On Halloween, 1986.
Taylor (host) 12:03:50 AM
Good call, Frankie. I forgot that came out on Halloween.
Taylor (host) 12:04:13 AM
Neurosis pretty much created their own genre as far as I'm concerned.
DJ Sinic 12:05:45 AM
They did!!!! Now I gotta bump some again. Love that stuff
Taylor (host) 12:06:38 AM
Times Of Grace is my jam. But Given To The Rising is amazing, too.
Dave 12:06:47 AM
KILLER Slayer track!!...but then again, ANYTHING by Slayer is killer!
Taylor (host) 12:06:56 AM
100% agreed, Dave.
Frankie 12:07:09 AM
Another Album That Came Out On Halloween, 1971 Is Pink Floyd's Meddle Which Contains The Hit Single One Of These Days.
Taylor (host) 12:07:41 AM
That's a phenomenal record, Frankie. Echoes is an experience.
Taylor (host) 12:08:47 AM
The original title of One Of These Days was "One Of These Days I'm Going To Chop You Up Into Pieces". I have some old live recordings of them playing it under that title.
DJ Sinic 12:09:18 AM
Taylor (host) 12:10:24 AM
DJ Sinic 12:10:41 AM
You’re throwing haymakers!!!!!!
DJ Sinic 12:11:10 AM
Today I learned
Taylor (host) 12:11:45 AM
Ha. Got it.
Frankie 12:12:24 AM
That's Right. Oh, I Love Echoes. Even Though That Song Runs 23 Minutes Long Plus One Of These Days Is One Of Two Heavy Metal Songs The Floyd's Recorded.
Taylor (host) 12:12:47 AM
Yeah, I could see that. That's a heavy track.
Taylor (host) 12:13:45 AM
If you've never seen the Live At Pompeii film, you should check that out. It's them playing most of Meddle live at the actual Pompeii ruins and also them in the studio working on the record that would end up being Dark Side.
Taylor (host) 12:14:01 AM
The version of Echoes on that is unbelievable.
Dave 12:15:22 AM
This is a SICK set of classics!! Thanks, Taylor!
Taylor (host) 12:15:42 AM
Lots more to come, my friend.
Frankie 12:15:58 AM
I Did Watched It On VHS So Many Years Ago.
Taylor (host) 12:16:08 AM
Taylor (host) 12:16:27 AM
When I worked at a record store, we used to play that DVD a lot.
Dave 12:17:29 AM
Yeah, I haven't seen Live at Pompeii in so many years now.
Frankie 12:17:29 AM
Frankie 12:18:38 AM
Did That Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii Ever Got Released On Laserdisc?
Taylor (host) 12:20:08 AM
I'm not sure about Laserdisc, but when we used to play that DVD it was a new release, remastered from the original VHS. I'm not sure if it ever came out on Blu Ray either.
Dave 12:22:59 AM
When I saw Pink Floyd live back in '94, they played "One of These Days". It was absolutely KILLER!!! (as was the entire show)
Taylor (host) 12:23:45 AM
Nice. I never saw them. Roger Waters still plays their stuff, but he's my least favorite part of the band so I've never been interested.
Taylor (host) 12:24:09 AM
The Wall is actually my least favorite album by them.
Taylor (host) 12:24:28 AM
Except for "Comfortably Numb", of course. But that's all Gilmour.
Frankie 12:25:03 AM
The Wall Marked The End Of The 1970's
Dave 12:25:12 AM
My favorite is Animals. So dark, but so good!
Taylor (host) 12:25:32 AM
Animals is my favorite, as well.
Dave 12:26:31 AM
Ha!! We agree on Animals, as well as Killers!
Taylor (host) 12:26:45 AM
Great minds think alike.
Dave 12:27:13 AM
lol!! We must be brothers from different mothers!
Frankie 12:28:39 AM
Dogs Is The Longest Track On That Animals Album. 17 Minutes Long.
Taylor (host) 12:28:54 AM
The whole middle section of that song is phenomenal.
Dave 12:30:01 AM
And I would have to say that "Dogs" is my favorite Floyd song!
Taylor (host) 12:30:13 AM
That's tough to pick. But a fine choice.
Frankie 12:30:16 AM
By The Way, I Wanna Thank You For Playing My Suicidal Tendencies Request Last Week. Thank You, Taylor.
Taylor (host) 12:30:28 AM
No problem, Frankie.
Dave 12:32:27 AM
There are so many Floyd songs that are among my favorites.
Frankie 12:32:37 AM
To Dave, If You Wanna Hear Dogs By The Floyd's Then Request It With Boss Guy In Claremont.
Dave 12:34:43 AM
I have requested it in the past, and he has played it for me.
Dave 12:38:30 AM
Hooray for buried gems!
Frankie 12:40:06 AM
To Dave: Oh, I Missed It. I Wonder If Boss Guy Is Going To A Valentine's Day Show?
Taylor (host) 12:40:42 AM
Does he do love songs for Valentine's Day?
Taylor (host) 12:40:49 AM
Because I think we're going to have to.
Frankie 12:41:20 AM
Buried Gems Because I Haven't Heard Of Them Before.
Frankie 12:43:29 AM
To Taylor: I Better Ask Him Or Else I Better Check With Him First.
Taylor (host) 12:43:49 AM
It's cool. I'm sure we'll be playing completely different love songs.
Dave 12:45:05 AM
He used to do Valentine's Day shows every year in past years, but in recent years not so much. Basically, just about every song in rock 'n' roll is about love in one way or another, so there's no shortage of material.
Frankie 12:46:13 AM
I Wanna Request Early Prince (R.I.P.) With Him.
Taylor (host) 12:46:41 AM
You can't go wrong there.
Frankie 12:48:09 AM
I Haven't Heard That Venom Song Before.
Taylor (host) 12:49:20 AM
Another hidden gem. It's actually an outtake from Black Metal that they left off the original album.
Dave 12:49:28 AM
I'm sure he'll bring early Prince with him. Or you can just remind him on Sunday to bring it for whatever day you want to hear it on. The Boss Guy is really cool with stuff like that!
Frankie 12:50:11 AM
Oh. I Didn't Know That.
Frankie 12:53:47 AM
To Dave: I Know. I Already Requested Just As Long As We're Together & I'm Yours From His First Self Produced L.P.
Dave 12:54:11 AM
By the way Frankie, that was a great request you made for Journey's "Look Into the Future" last week. One of my all-time favorites by them.
Dave 12:57:12 AM
Thanks for the always awesome Touch of Evil program. Take care, be safe, and I shall hear you again next week, and I look forward to that Metal Massacre classics set real soon. Thanks again, and good night!
Taylor (host) 12:57:54 AM
My pleasure! Have a great weekend all!