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Riegle For A Season

Sep 29, 2022 4:00 PM β€“ 6:00 PM


With DJ Shmal

Riegle For A Season
4:03 PM
Mr Twin Sister - Daniel
Mr Twin Sister Daniel
In Heaven Domino Recording Co 2011 CD Alternative
4:07 PM
Summer Camp - Ghost Train
Summer Camp Ghost Train
Welcome to Condale Moshi Moshi 2011 CD Alternative
4:12 PM
Night Moves - Staurolite Stroll
Night Moves Staurolite Stroll
Pennied Days Domino Recording Co 2016 CD Alternative
4:14 PM
Twin Peaks - Lolisa
Twin Peaks Lolisa
Down in Heaven Grand Jury 2016 CD Alternative
4:18 PM
Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever
Kurt Vile Jesus Fever
Smoke Ring For My Halo Matador 2011 CD Alternative
4:22 PM
Frankie Rose - You for Me
Frankie Rose You for Me
Herein Wild Fat Possum 2014 CD Alternative
4:29 PM
Dr. Dog - Heart It Races (Dr Dog Version)
Dr. Dog Heart It Races (Dr Dog Version)
Heart It Races - EP Polyvinyl CD
4:33 PM
Generationals - These Habits
Generationals These Habits
Con Law Generationals 2009 CD
4:34 PM
boy pablo - Feeling Lonely
boy pablo Feeling Lonely
Soy Pablo - EP U OK? 2018 Indie Rock
4:37 PM
Kero Kero Bonito - Make Believe
Kero Kero Bonito Make Believe
Time 'n' Place Polyvinyl Records 2018 Electronic
4:41 PM
Ginger Root - Loneliness
Ginger Root Loneliness N
Nisemono - EP Acrophase Records 2022 Alternative
4:44 PM
Dent May - Home Groan
Dent May Home Groan
Do Things Paw Tracks 2012 CD Alternative
4:52 PM
Beach Fossils - What a Pleasure
Beach Fossils What a Pleasure
What a Pleasure Bayonet Records 2011 CD Alternative
4:56 PM
DIIV - How Long Have You Known?
DIIV How Long Have You Known?
Oshin Captured Tracks 2012 CD Alternative
5:01 PM
Alvvays - In Undertow
Alvvays In Undertow
Antisocialites Polyvinyl Records 2017 Alternative
5:05 PM
Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum
Pure Bathing Culture Pendulum
Moon Tides Memphis Industries 2013 CD Alternative
5:10 PM
Baths - Maximalist
Baths Maximalist L
Cerulean Anticon 2010 CD Electronic
5:13 PM
Toro y Moi - Low Shoulder
Toro y Moi Low Shoulder
Causers of This Carpark 2010 CD Electronic
5:17 PM
FM Belfast - We Fall
FM Belfast We Fall
Don't Want to Sleep World Champion Records 2011 CD Electronic
5:20 PM
Computer Magic - Electronic Fences
Computer Magic Electronic Fences
Electronic Fences - EP White Iris 2011 CD Electronic
5:26 PM
Yumi Zouma - In the Eyes of Our Love
Yumi Zouma In the Eyes of Our Love N
Present Tense Polyvinyl Records 2022 Alternative
5:31 PM
Little Dragon - Summertearz
Little Dragon Summertearz
Ritual Union Peacefrog Records 2011 CD Electronic
5:34 PM
Toro y Moi - Fading
Toro y Moi Fading
Outer Peace Carpark Records 2019 CD Alternative
5:37 PM
Geoffroy - How You Feeling Now?
Geoffroy How You Feeling Now?
1952 Bonsound 2019 Electronic
5:45 PM
Neon Indian - C'est la vie (Say the Casualties!)
Neon Indian C'est la vie (Say the Casualties!)
Vega Intl. Night School Mom+Pop Music 2015 CD Alternative
5:48 PM
Ladytron - Discotraxx
Ladytron Discotraxx
604 (Bonus Version) Nettwerk 2001 Electronic
5:52 PM
Sally Shapiro - Falling Clouds
Sally Shapiro Falling Clouds N
Sad Cities Italians Do It Better Electronic
5:58 PM
Sally Shapiro - Sad City
Sally Shapiro Sad City
Sad Cities Italians Do It Better Electronic
Chat is archived.
dman644865555 4:04:36 PM
boom!!! dman got the echo dot now can voice control kspc baby!
Danosaur 4:04:45 PM
Hey, Shmal!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:06:08 PM
Danosaur 4:07:48 PM
Are you controlling it or is it controlling you, dman644865555?
dman644865555 4:08:03 PM
hehehe dman asks himself that all the time
dman644865555 4:08:16 PM
*turns into amazon product shill* haha
Ken Vazquez 4:09:11 PM
Awesome everyone. Nice Dman I'll have to tell them to cancel my missing persons flyers at the print shop if there's still time. 😝
Ken Vazquez 4:10:28 PM
You should of waited for the south park Alexa instead Dman. I'm saving up now😝
Danosaur 4:10:42 PM
Hey, Ken!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:11:14 PM
dman glad to have you back! in case you haven't heard I have Long Covid and it's awful debilitating etc sooooo yep that's my current situation. As a loyal fan, i want you to know! The other pals are aware 3
Danosaur 4:11:24 PM
It's candy corn season!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:11:33 PM
pacing out my energy to keep doing this b/c yall are my besties and kspc is LIFE
DJ Shmal (host) 4:11:48 PM
Happy candy corn season! why does CC have so many haters?
dman644865555 4:12:28 PM
oh im sorry shmal!!! no fun!!!! dman has been sick a couple times in last few months and back at the very end of 2020... but no lasting effects more than a few weeks..
Ken Vazquez 4:12:57 PM
I thought CC was making a comeback as a beer brewing ingredient?
dman644865555 4:13:22 PM
just glad dman not in florida right now... thats no funsies either. as for halloween candy, give dman ALLLL the hersheys nugget shaped treasures haha
Danosaur 4:13:33 PM
Well, candy corn isn't for everyone. Some people don't like vegetables!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:13:56 PM
thank you dman!! It's been truly life changing since the last time we spoke in may. I am so glad you are holding up okay!!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:14:00 PM
lol good one dan!
dman644865555 4:14:43 PM
did you lose some sense or taste or smell??? dman smells as bad as he always did. friend: you mean you personally smell bad or your sense of smell dman? Dman: .... yeah.....
Ken Vazquez 4:15:14 PM
True Dano
DJ Shmal (host) 4:15:15 PM
LOL! Luckily i've got taste and smell, truly grateful for that!!!
Danosaur 4:16:22 PM
Ugh, when I had Covid and lost my sense of smell and taste it was so sad. Eating just seemed gross.
Danosaur 4:17:04 PM
Imagine never being able to taste candy corn again?!!
dman644865555 4:17:08 PM
thats good. dman would hate to lose that. *dman's afternoon snack plate full of chocolate bars, cake, pumpkin pie, whip cream....* haha and dman wonders how he possibly could gain weight when im so busy all day...
DJ Shmal (host) 4:17:20 PM
okay here's a question: best halloween costume you've ever worn?
Ken Vazquez 4:17:36 PM
Dano i was going to make an olive garden joke with that one you left on a tee but really olive garden is alright from what i rememberπŸ˜„
DJ Shmal (host) 4:18:02 PM
dman, we share a love of food!!!
Danosaur 4:19:30 PM
I went as a box of McDonald's french fries. I made it out of foam rubber compete with a dollop of catsup hat.
dman644865555 4:19:46 PM
dunno if ive ever had an epic costume... dman was shephard as a kid with a long tow of sheep ... that was pretty good got the burlap and crook and everything... and then mostly stopped doing costumes and just pigged out on candy hehehe
Danosaur 4:19:48 PM
Ken Vazquez 4:19:50 PM
*still thinking about costume* πŸ˜„
DJ Shmal (host) 4:19:51 PM
holy smokes that is incredible dan!!!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:20:12 PM
lol dman i can totally imagine you as a sherpard!!
dman644865555 4:20:38 PM
i should have gone as a famous historian!!! *gets hypnotized* look everyone im a famous historian!!! *audience claps* hehehehe
DJ Shmal (host) 4:20:46 PM
my go-to costume made of things i already own is a Train Conductor!
DJ Shmal (host) 4:20:55 PM
(duh b/c i <3 trains)
dman644865555 4:21:13 PM
i was briefly into trains as a kid too, and birdwatching, and geography ....
Danosaur 4:21:44 PM
That sounds fun and practical. You want a costume you can move in.
DJ Shmal (host) 4:21:49 PM
last year i was a Rodeo Queen (like a pageant queen at a rodeo) and that was awesome and also like living a dream of mine
DJ Shmal (host) 4:22:06 PM
I don't like buying costumes, i prefer to use found materials at home
dman644865555 4:22:22 PM
you wanted to be a rodeo queen?
Ken Vazquez 4:22:25 PM
Danosaur 4:22:33 PM
Yeah, I've always made my own costumes too.
DJ Shmal (host) 4:22:49 PM
i still have never been to a rodeo... sigh. life dream!! someday when i am recovered from chronic illness
dman644865555 4:23:35 PM
in case anyone didnt get dman's reference: https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Mesmerino
dman644865555 4:24:06 PM
yeah dont think dman ever been to a rodeo either... circus i have once or twice but doubt ive ever been to a real rodeo
Danosaur 4:24:35 PM
Never been to a rodeo either.
Danosaur 4:28:07 PM
Does The Great Pumpkin have a relative called The Perfectly Adequate Pumpkin?
DJ Shmal (host) 4:28:32 PM
group trip to the rodeo in 2024/2025! lol
DJ Shmal (host) 4:28:47 PM
(giving myself ample recovery time)
Danosaur 4:28:51 PM
I'll dust off my chaps
DJ Shmal (host) 4:29:04 PM
great question dan!
dman644865555 4:29:28 PM
dman has had a lot of pumpkin coffee already....
Danosaur 4:29:51 PM
Does Linus eat pumpkin pie?
Danosaur 4:31:08 PM
Saw some pumpkin spice ale at Aldis the other day and almost bought it out of curiosity.
dman644865555 4:34:45 PM
still drinking lemon shandies here cause of the weather haha ... but it is about to be october..... *floats entire keg of pumpkin beer in one stand* hehehehe
Ken Vazquez 4:36:08 PM
I Think it'll be early 2023 and Shmal will already be bopping up and down hitting the ceiling at a boy pablo concertπŸ–πŸ˜
DJ Shmal (host) 4:36:42 PM
aw thanks ken!!! i appreciate your optimism :D
Ken Vazquez 4:37:53 PM
It'll happen watchπŸ˜€
dman644865555 4:40:10 PM
hope so!!!
Ken Vazquez 4:40:31 PM
You think dman or any one of us would get arrested if we were driving while drinking those 0.0 beers?πŸ€”
Ken Vazquez 4:41:55 PM
I know i know, the bigger question is why would anyone drink those in the first place but stillπŸ˜„
dman644865555 4:42:28 PM
ppffftt dman gets arrested anyway!! *officer pulls up* ... umm... theres a new law... against being ... fat and pathetic... dman: ... *gulp* ... dont worry... ill go quietly... haha
DJ Shmal (host) 4:43:10 PM
LMAO DMAN!!! no dman slander allowed
dman644865555 4:44:52 PM
hahah it's a running joke especially with my friend Andres... we started off as both bros that try and fail to mooch off of Paul Rudd (since he never ages and is effortlessly perfect) and eventually it became how great Andres is compared to how pathetic dman is haha
DJ Shmal (host) 4:45:30 PM
LOL that's pretty funny! love a running bit between friends
dman644865555 4:46:05 PM
oh yeah it's been running haha dman has an endless supply of self-deprecation hehehe
Ken Vazquez 4:48:21 PM
Lol if that happens to Dman I'm sure they'll let me put up flyers atvold navy/gap until there best customer is freed.✌
dman644865555 4:49:32 PM
haha ken love their playlist in that store but been forever since i been in. i did go to the arcadia mall once recently on day of 626 night market... and did buy a few things in the mall and later at night market.. but i didnt have time to stop into old navy with all the other stores there
Ken Vazquez 4:52:33 PM
Dman no longer a old navy/gap frequent customer??😳
dman644865555 4:53:17 PM
dman got enough clothes! ...but i could go just to ... hang out ... *dman creates nest out of discarded hoodies and realizes to their music all day* hehehe
DJ Shmal (host) 4:53:37 PM
hahahah what a vision!
Ken Vazquez 4:54:16 PM
Nice dman 😁
Ken Vazquez 4:55:19 PM
At first I thought how's this sad playlist going to go but so far working out great.πŸ˜€
DJ Shmal (host) 4:55:42 PM
yay im glad ken!
Ken Vazquez 4:56:10 PM
It's good ShmalπŸ˜€
DJ Shmal (host) 4:57:11 PM
thank you ken! Treating each one like it's own special art project has been quite fun so far. :D
Ken Vazquez 4:59:19 PM
I heard the beach fossils main guy say once he used to work retail and it was soul draining or something like that and he didn't like it so that's why he tried his best to make it in music and I'm like "well yeah it's a really hard job what did you expect? " 😁
DJ Shmal (host) 5:00:46 PM
lol that's funny ken! retail is VERY hard! i have a great photostrip of the whole band in the photobooth circa 2014
Ken Vazquez 5:01:07 PM
No problem Shmal πŸ˜‰
dman644865555 5:01:20 PM
soul draining eh??? *Dman starts work at old navy* .... *lunchtime rolls around* ... *dman's eyeballs blank* haha
Danosaur 5:01:24 PM
Any job working with the public is hard.
dman644865555 5:01:36 PM
true dat dan
Ken Vazquez 5:01:39 PM
Lol Dman😁
dman644865555 5:02:23 PM
oh yeah forgot i just talked to my brother.. .he knows well two of the members of Alvvways now... and his band got to play with Kim Gordon... freakin lucky josh...
DJ Shmal (host) 5:02:58 PM
that's so neat dman!
Ken Vazquez 5:03:16 PM
Ah yeah i remember shmal has a treasure trove of artist photos in the 'shmalchives'
dman644865555 5:03:32 PM
haha best.... archives.... ever...
DJ Shmal (host) 5:03:43 PM
kim was a huuuge bernie volunteer so i of course admire her even more
Ken Vazquez 5:04:34 PM
Is one of the alvvays members the one with glasses who plays keyboards who tries not to draw attention?
DJ Shmal (host) 5:04:45 PM
she held phonebanks and stuff at her house open to the public which is cool
DJ Shmal (host) 5:05:10 PM
lol ken that's such a funny question! im not sure but you're probs correct
dman644865555 5:06:52 PM
i actually saw one person in the wild in an Andrew Yang shirt a few years and and i was like "woah he actually has a supporter!!" haha half kidding cause i did like a lot of his ideas but that was the only person i ever saw randomly stumping for him
Ken Vazquez 5:09:36 PM
Dman i read that and now i can't get that whipped cream video clip out of my head😁
dman644865555 5:10:30 PM
lol had never seen that
Ken Vazquez 5:10:48 PM
But happens right? Once someone breaks out the whipped cream
Ken Vazquez 5:11:15 PM
All pandemonium breaks out at my work.
DJ Shmal (host) 5:11:40 PM
LOL iconic anecdote dman!
DJ Shmal (host) 5:12:15 PM
i felt that way when i phonebanked (as a bernie volunteer) a Yang fan and he tried to convince me to vote for Yang and i was like dude i called you?!?! LOL
Ken Vazquez 5:13:26 PM
Nothing special you're not missing much Dman it's just some people or mainstream media get all uptight when people break out the whipped cream
dman644865555 5:14:12 PM
those yang fans were few but passionate haha
Ken Vazquez 5:14:47 PM
Lol that is like a key n peele sketch ready to be made Shmal.
dman644865555 5:16:03 PM
did anyone see Nope. heard it was good but not his best. I did start watching Blonde last night very surreal take on marilyn monroe. Bullet Train was good thats the only theater movie dman seen lately
Ken Vazquez 5:19:26 PM
If i ever become an adult actor im using Chaz's name but replacing the B with F in my last name *crickets chirping* *collective chatroom groan*😁
Ken Vazquez 5:21:12 PM
I heard on it on the internets that NOPE is trying to tell you something about the created reality of past n present so im thinking im gonna watch it.
dman644865555 5:21:46 PM
created realities eh? *dman puts on VR headset* waayyy ahead of you haha
Ken Vazquez 5:22:17 PM
I heard it might be his best if people peel away the layers with time
Rinda 5:23:55 PM
Hallllooooo DJ , Danosaur, Ken and Dman!!
DJ Shmal (host) 5:24:12 PM
Ken Vazquez 5:24:17 PM
Sort like with the shining where at first people said it was just about a guy going crazy but then as time goes on people start analyzing the hidden layers underneathπŸ˜‰
Ken Vazquez 5:24:30 PM
Rinda πŸ˜€
dman644865555 5:27:54 PM
hey rinda
Danosaur 5:30:40 PM
Will there be a boooo-tique?
Ken Vazquez 5:31:26 PM
Don't leave us hanging Dman what's on menu tonight?πŸ€”πŸ˜
Danosaur 5:31:36 PM
Hey, Rinda!
DJ Shmal (host) 5:31:39 PM
what a great suggestion dan! witches hats galore
Danosaur 5:32:40 PM
Just whipped up a very midwestern dinner of meatloaf, corn, mashed potatoes and watermelon for dessert.
DJ Shmal (host) 5:33:01 PM
sounds delish!!
Ken Vazquez 5:33:17 PM
That sounds top class Dano
Danosaur 5:33:50 PM
Nothing fancy but I like it
Ken Vazquez 5:33:56 PM
Dano made it from scratch?πŸ˜€
dman644865555 5:34:23 PM
thats a good warm sept evening dinner dan
Danosaur 5:34:31 PM
Yeah, but the potatoes are just instant.
Rinda 5:35:44 PM
Lots of fall weather vibes here ! Love it !!
Danosaur 5:36:33 PM
My mom used to work at night so I had to learn to cook for myself pretty early.
Ken Vazquez 5:36:43 PM
Nice. Even instant potatoes done right nobody can tell difference
Rinda 5:38:04 PM
Meatloaf is actually kind tough to make !
dman644865555 5:38:24 PM
or you can just do the dman way.... *massive plate of nachos and 7 layer dip for every dinner* haha
Ken Vazquez 5:38:26 PM
Good one yeah true
Danosaur 5:38:44 PM
That sounds good too, dman
dman644865555 5:39:09 PM
mostly joking there but dman did often have chips and salsa as an very school snack... very often... still love mexican food and anything with copious sour cream salsa guac enchilada sauce..... amongst all the other cuisines dman enjoys which is mostly everything haha
Ken Vazquez 5:40:10 PM
Im too weak sauce for Dman dinner regimen 😁
dman644865555 5:41:12 PM
pfft even dman's weak sauce for dman's dinner regimen.... *drinks his dinner instead* haha
DJ Shmal (host) 5:41:12 PM
omg 7 layer dip / nacho appreciation !!
dman644865555 5:41:40 PM
wish dman could have one of everything at freakin beer and food fests like the OC brew ha ha and the Night market!
Danosaur 5:41:56 PM
Many years ago I came home and my roommate at the time was drinking a 2 liter bottle of soda, eating ice cream out of the carton and eating potato chips out of the bag. I said, "What are you doing?"
dman644865555 5:42:15 PM
he was YOLOing
Danosaur 5:42:16 PM
He said, "I'm eating dinner."
dman644865555 5:43:11 PM
your roommate knew how to live Dan.. that was a man who knew how to live... *checks blood sugar* .... ... doh
Ken Vazquez 5:43:38 PM
Is he still around Dano?πŸ˜€
Rinda 5:43:48 PM
Now instant potatoes is cheating !!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Danosaur 5:44:24 PM
I saw him not too long ago and he now does all the cooking for his family so he's changed a lot.
Rinda 5:46:05 PM
Changed as in a LOT heavier?? β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰
Danosaur 5:46:10 PM
Nice to hear that you're rolling with your condition, Shmal. In life you have to change with your situation and adapt.
Ken Vazquez 5:46:21 PM
Ah good to hear Dano.πŸ˜€
DJ Shmal (host) 5:46:40 PM
aw thanks dan! having kspc as an outlet and you all as shmal pals is definitely helping!
Danosaur 5:46:41 PM
He has put on a few pounds but not too bad.
Danosaur 5:47:53 PM
We used to rock climb together and I don't think I could belay him anymore though.
Danosaur 5:49:13 PM
I'm glad we can be here for you like you've been here for us.
dman644865555 5:49:35 PM
woah just went out to the mail and speaking of putting on a few pounds!!! this alumni magazine got so big and thick dman could knock someone out hitting them over the head with it!! ... has it really been that long ?? ... also dont answer that hehehe
dman644865555 5:49:51 PM
dman hearts being a shmal pal haha
DJ Shmal (host) 5:50:13 PM
aw so true dan, im so grateful. thats what friends are for <3
DJ Shmal (host) 5:50:29 PM
Danosaur 5:50:35 PM
I was thinking the same thing, Shmal
Ken Vazquez 5:50:44 PM
Without a doubt Shmal
DJ Shmal (host) 5:50:56 PM
shmal pal (temporary) tattoos for 2024/2025 group rodeo trip
Danosaur 5:51:28 PM
Don't go hitting people with that alumni magazine, dman.
Rinda 5:51:54 PM
Anddddd awesome show !!! Wow ! Love that you are back and illuminating everyone’s Thursday !!!
Ken Vazquez 5:52:05 PM
Itjust used to Shmal, Dman, Shmal family undercover, a random chatter and that was it😁
DJ Shmal (host) 5:52:27 PM
and svans! miss him
DJ Shmal (host) 5:52:36 PM
thank you so much rinda!! you are so kind
DJ Shmal (host) 5:52:51 PM
thank you all so so so much for listening and chatting, means so much to me!
dman644865555 5:53:02 PM
woo hoo original pal and rodeo trip!!! yeah havent talked to svans much lately... ladies freakin love that guy haha
DJ Shmal (host) 5:53:33 PM
dman644865555 5:53:41 PM
dman on the other hand ... *pats fat belly* ... *ladies disgusted* haha
Ken Vazquez 5:53:55 PM
Yeah skater vans. We need to put make a missings chatters flyer for them too. 😁
Danosaur 5:54:02 PM
Dad bods are in dman!
DJ Shmal (host) 5:54:15 PM
looooove the missing flyer concept for chatters as an art project ken!
dman644865555 5:54:44 PM
WOO HOO dman is living fab-u-lous then haha
Ken Vazquez 5:55:04 PM
Nice Shmal, Michael's art run then😁
Danosaur 5:55:23 PM
Everything is coming up Milhouse for you dman!
Rinda 5:55:39 PM
Dman I’m now fat in places that I didn’t even have before-
Ken Vazquez 5:55:53 PM
That's a reference right Dano?😁
Danosaur 5:56:54 PM
Yes, Ken. Milhouse on the Simpson's had his pants shrink up and he was bummed but then it flooded and his pants didn't get wet.
Ken Vazquez 5:58:24 PM
Ah yes i forgot about that oneπŸ˜„
dman644865555 5:58:50 PM
great line dan
dman644865555 5:59:47 PM
haha rinda ... dman can relate hehehe
dman644865555 6:00:10 PM
great set and great chatting tonight!!!!