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negative space

Sep 29, 2022 10:00 PM β€“ 12:00 AM


With wonton

your weekly dose of soft sounds and heavy hitters

negative space
10:01 PM
U.S. Maple - Breeze, It's Your High School
U.S. Maple Breeze, It's Your High School U.S. Maple R
Talker Drag City Records 1999 Alternative
10:06 PM
Protomartyr - Uncle Mother's
Protomartyr Uncle Mother's Protomartyr
The Agent Intellect Hardly Art 2015 CD Alternative
10:09 PM
Wesley Willis - Rock 'n Roll McDonald's
Wesley Willis Rock 'n Roll McDonald's R
Greatest Hits Alternative Tentacles 1995 Alternative
10:11 PM
Cows - Sexy Pee Story
Cows Sexy Pee Story
Sexy Pee Story Amphetamine Reptile
10:15 PM
Arab On Radar - Spit Shine My Asshole
Arab On Radar Spit Shine My Asshole
Queen Hygiene II / Rough Day at the Orifice Three One G 2003 Alternative
10:21 PM
NoMeansNo - Self Pity
NoMeansNo Self Pity
Sex Mad Alternative Tentacles
10:28 PM
Shellac - Squirrel Song
Shellac Squirrel Song Shellac
1000 Hurts Touch and Go Records 2000 Alternative
10:31 PM
Moss Icon - I'm Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something
Moss Icon I'm Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something
Complete Discography Temporary Residence Ltd. 2012 Alternative
10:43 PM
Boredoms - Anal Eater
Boredoms Anal Eater
Onanie Bomb Meets The Sex Pistols Very Friendly Heavy Metal
10:47 PM
The Ex - Walt's Dizzyland
The Ex Walt's Dizzyland The Ex R
Dizzy Spells The Ex 2008 Alternative
10:51 PM
Oneida - To Seed and Flower
Oneida To Seed and Flower R
Anthem of the Moon Jagjaguwar 2001 Alternative
10:52 PM
Scratch Acid - Crazy Dan
Scratch Acid Crazy Dan
The Greatest Gift Touch and Go Records 1990 Alternative
10:56 PM
Super Unison - Virus
Super Unison Virus Super Unison
Stella Deathwish Inc. 2018 Alternative
11:05 PM
Silkworm - Little Sister
Silkworm Little Sister
Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn Now and Then (Archives, 1990-1994) Matador 1998 Alternative
11:11 PM
Breadwinner - Yard
Breadwinner Yard
5 Rows of Teeth Merge
11:15 PM
The Flesh Eaters - Lake of Burning Fire
The Flesh Eaters Lake of Burning Fire The Flesh Eaters R
A Hard Road to Follow Atavistic 1983 Alternative
11:27 PM
The Jesus Lizard - Rope
The Jesus Lizard Rope The Jesus Lizard
Liar Touch and Go Records 2009 LP Alternative
11:30 PM
Oxbow - Yoke
Oxbow Yoke
Fuckfest Ipecac Recordings 1989 Classical
11:36 PM
Hissanol - A Regrettable Affair
Hissanol A Regrettable Affair
4th and Back Alternative Tentacles 1995 Alternative
11:39 PM
Karp - Something About Jaguars
Karp Something About Jaguars
KXLU 88.9FM Live Vol. 1 KXLU
11:49 PM
Florist - Bells Pt. 1
Florist Bells Pt. 1 N
Florist Double Double Whammy 2022 Alternative
11:51 PM
Florist - Bells Pt. 3
Florist Bells Pt. 3 N
Florist Double Double Whammy 2022 Alternative
11:52 PM
Seam - Days of Thunder
Seam Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder - Single Numero Group 2021
11:58 PM
Brainbombs - Stupid and Weak
Brainbombs Stupid and Weak Brainbombs
Urge to Kill Load Records 1999 Alternative
Chat is archived.
Aidan Garton 10:04:37 PM
where the hell is rock n roll mcdonalds
DJ Wonton (host) 10:04:48 PM
piss off
Louie Kulber 10:11:08 PM
Can we get some come and get your love sir
DJ Wonton (host) 10:11:37 PM
No, we cannot, sir.
Louie Kulber 10:12:38 PM
Aidan Garton 10:16:30 PM
Deen wants a gift on POKE GO
DJ Wonton (host) 10:23:04 PM
i already sent him a gift today
hotel_juliet 10:29:52 PM
🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 this is a SAD frickin song 😭
DJ Wonton (host) 10:31:52 PM
weeping real tears
Aidan Garton 10:38:31 PM
real eyes realize real lies
Mosquito49 10:43:35 PM
Would you play some Oneida? Or the Ex?
DJ Wonton (host) 10:43:44 PM
yes and yes
Mosquito49 10:44:08 PM
Right on. Good show.
Mosquito49 10:49:58 PM
Mosquito49 11:01:36 PM
Crazy Dan is awesome. 1-48 are too full right now to chat.
Mosquito49 11:01:57 PM
Negative Approach?
DJ Wonton (host) 11:08:10 PM
sorry to hear that about your brethren
DJ Wonton (host) 11:08:18 PM
maybe they can tune in next week
DJ Wonton (host) 11:08:26 PM
meet you halfway and play some black flag instead? or minor threat?
Mosquito49 11:10:09 PM
DJ Wonton (host) 11:13:35 PM
Awesome Frankie 11:20:05 PM
Good evening, Wonton Long time no see. Remember me?
DJ Wonton (host) 11:20:46 PM
i do remember
Awesome Frankie 11:22:10 PM
What type of music are you playing tonight?
DJ Wonton (host) 11:27:31 PM
the bad kind
Awesome Frankie 11:30:26 PM
Oh ok
Awesome Frankie 11:31:27 PM
Wonton, do you remember an actress named Madeline Khan?
DJ Wonton (host) 11:32:23 PM
i'm not old enough to be familiar
Awesome Frankie 11:33:35 PM
Oh. Maybe she was before your time on earth. 🌎
DJ Wonton (host) 11:33:56 PM
seems like it.
Awesome Frankie 11:37:05 PM
She used to be on Sesame Street a long time ago when I was a kid. She would have been 80 years old today but she died back in December of 1999.
DJ Wonton (host) 11:42:01 PM
i still love sesame street. such a great show
Awesome Frankie 11:42:37 PM
She also made some funny movies directed by Mel Brooks back in the 20th century.
DJ Wonton (host) 11:43:02 PM
i've heard of paper moon. haven't seen it
Awesome Frankie 11:43:20 PM
Her movies are available on HBOMax
Awesome Frankie 11:44:42 PM
I've seen parts of Paper Moon. I forgot that she was in that classic movie (1973).
Aidan Garton 11:47:08 PM
huge fan of Madeline Khan
Awesome Frankie 11:48:33 PM
She was also in Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety and History Of The World, Part 1.
Awesome Frankie 11:49:40 PM
So you remember Madeline, Aidan Garton?
Aidan Garton 11:51:10 PM
don't leeeeave
Aidan Garton 11:51:23 PM
DJ wonton....i think...i think i love you
Awesome Frankie 11:57:06 PM
I'll chat with you again next week (maybe). Goodnight, Wonton 😴 😴 πŸŒ™
Awesome Frankie 11:57:25 PM
DJ Wonton (host) 11:59:03 PM