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Radio Free Aftermath

Jul 21, 2019 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM


With Sam and Jojo

Episode ​#146

Radio Free Aftermath
8:02 AM
Faust - The Faust Tapes: Untitled #16 & #17
Faust The Faust Tapes: Untitled #16 & #17 Faust
An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Vol. 3 Sub rosa 1975 CD Electronic
8:04 AM
Billy Harper - Dance, Eternal Spirits, Dance!
Billy Harper Dance, Eternal Spirits, Dance!
Black Saint Soul Note Critics' Pick Sampler Vol. 1 Black Saint/Soul Note CD Jazz
8:11 AM
Jim Croce - I Got a Name
Jim Croce I Got a Name
Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits Rhino 1974
8:14 AM
Bedouine - Bird Gone Wild
Bedouine Bird Gone Wild N
Bird Songs of a Killjoy Spacebomb Records LLC 2019 CD Americana
8:18 AM
Cochemea - Seyewailo
Cochemea Seyewailo N
All My Relations Daptone 2019 CD Jazz
8:24 AM
A Tribe Called Quest - Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
A Tribe Called Quest Steve Biko (Stir It Up) Tribe Called Quest
Midnight Marauders Jive 1993 CD Hip Hop/Rap
8:26 AM
Christelle Bofale - U Ouchea
Christelle Bofale U Ouchea N
Swim Team - EP Father/Daughter Records 2019 CD Alternative
8:35 AM
Kokoroko - Abusey Junction
Kokoroko Abusey Junction N
KOKOROKO - EP Brownswood Recordings 2019 Jazz
8:43 AM
The Stepkids - Insecure Troubadour
The Stepkids Insecure Troubadour L
Troubadour Stones Throw Records 2013 CD
8:47 AM
Nazir Ali - Society Girl
Nazir Ali Society Girl
The Sound of Wonder Findes Keepers CD R&B/Soul
8:56 AM
The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Cyp
The Art Ensemble of Chicago Cyp
Nice Guys EDM 1979 LP Jazz
8:59 AM
Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists - I'm Going to a City
Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptists I'm Going to a City
Classic Southern Gospel from Smithsonian Folkways Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2005 CD
9:01 AM
Sun Ra - Message To The Earthman #1 (45 Version)
Sun Ra Message To The Earthman #1 (45 Version) Sun Ra
Strange Worlds In My Mind (Space Poetry, Vol. One) Norton Records CD Jazz
9:02 AM
Ron Carter - Uptown Conversation
Ron Carter Uptown Conversation
Uptown Conversation Rhino Atlantic 1970 LP Jazz
9:09 AM
Ron Carter - Ten Strings
Ron Carter Ten Strings
Uptown Conversation Atlantic 1970 LP Jazz
9:10 AM
Ron Carter - Half a Row
Ron Carter Half a Row
Uptown Conversation Atlantic 1970 Jazz
9:24 AM
Girlpool - Lucky Joke
Girlpool Lucky Joke Cleo and Harmony L N
What Chaos Is Imaginary Anti/Epitaph 2019 CD
9:31 AM
Jim Croce - New York's Not My Home
Jim Croce New York's Not My Home
Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits Rhino 1974
9:35 AM
Eternal Summers - I'll Die Young for Rock 'n' Roll
Eternal Summers I'll Die Young for Rock 'n' Roll
Silver Kanine Records / Fontana North 2010 LP Alternative
9:37 AM
Rosie Turton - Butterfly
Rosie Turton Butterfly
Rosie's 5ive Jazz re:freshed 2018 Digital Jazz
9:42 AM
Delta 5 - Circuit
Delta 5 Circuit
See The Whirl! Charisma Records 1981 LP
9:44 AM
The Flatmates - Thinking of You
The Flatmates Thinking of You
The Flatmates Subway 1988 LP
9:47 AM
Faye Webster - Room Temperature
Faye Webster Room Temperature Faye Webster N
Atlanta Millionaires Club Secretly Canadian 2019 Alternative
9:52 AM
The Undisputed Truth - Killing Me Softly With This Song
The Undisputed Truth Killing Me Softly With This Song
The Law of the Land (Expanded Edition) UNI/MOTOWN 1973 LP R&B/Soul
9:55 AM
Ghost - Higher Order
Ghost Higher Order
Second Time Around Drag City 2002 LP
10:00 AM
Shana Cleveland - Night of the Worm Moon
Shana Cleveland Night of the Worm Moon N
Night of the Worm Moon Hardly Art 2019 CD Alternative
10:01 AM
Falcon Eddy - Stand By Earthman
Falcon Eddy Stand By Earthman Amy Maloof
Radio Free Aftermath's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 KSPC Digital Americana
10:04 AM
The Velvet Underground - Beginning To See The Light
The Velvet Underground Beginning To See The Light Lou Reed
Peel Slowly And See 1965-1969 Polydor 1995 CD
10:09 AM
Last Poets - Black Wish
Last Poets Black Wish
Black & Proud Vol. 1 V/A Trikont CD
10:11 AM
Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Burn
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Burn
Rush To Relax Goner Records 2010 CD Alternative
10:19 AM
Helium - Termite Tree
Helium Termite Tree
The American Jean warped records 1992 7 Inch
10:21 AM
Mal Blum - Splinter
Mal Blum Splinter N
Pity Boy Don Giovanni Records 2019 Alternative
10:26 AM
Warm Drag - Lost Time
Warm Drag Lost Time N
Warm Drag In The Red 2018 Alternative
10:30 AM
WILD FLAG - Electric Band
WILD FLAG Electric Band
Wild Flag (Bonus Track Version) Merge Records 2011 CD Alternative
10:34 AM
Letta Mbulu - Kube
Letta Mbulu Kube
Naturally Fantasy 1973 LP Jazz
10:37 AM
Orville Peck - Roses Are Falling
Orville Peck Roses Are Falling N
Pony Sub Pop Records 2019 Alternative
10:40 AM
Y La Bamba - Real Talk
Y La Bamba Real Talk N
Mujeres Tender Loving Empire 2019 Alternative
10:42 AM
Martin Frawley - Smoke in Your House
Martin Frawley Smoke in Your House N
Undone at 31 Merge Records 2019 CD Alternative
10:46 AM
Titus Andronicus - The Lion Inside
Titus Andronicus The Lion Inside N
An Obelisk Merge Records 2019 Alternative
10:51 AM
The Scissor Girls - Mighty Iam, The
The Scissor Girls Mighty Iam, The
Here Is the Is-Not Atavistic 2006 LP
Chat is archived.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:03:11 AM
Sam (host) 8:03:47 AM
Mount Up!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:05:23 AM
What happened to the lights??
Sam (host) 8:05:44 AM
Who knooooooooooooooooows!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:06:07 AM
They're back on??
DanS 8:06:20 AM
Reporting in from the road.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:06:22 AM
Or off??
Sam (host) 8:07:11 AM
Welcome to the Spacement Dan. Where's the road taking you, Attica?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:07:20 AM
DanS!!! Are you bicycling???
DanS 8:08:20 AM
On the San Gabriel River Trail in Whittier. Heading back home.
DanS 8:09:31 AM
Sam (host) 8:10:20 AM
Better than prison brother, enjoy the ride. Hopefully the sounds are as smooth as the road, right here on 88.7 fm KSPC.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:10:48 AM
DanS! Have fun! Be safe!
DanS 8:11:21 AM
Great day out here. Your intrepid reporter signing off.
Sam (host) 8:12:08 AM
Ride free brother!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:32:07 AM
you are imaginary
Sam (host) 8:33:37 AM
You too baby......
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:36:20 AM
punk! electronic!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:39:32 AM
Who is this fanatic?!?
Sam (host) 8:39:51 AM
Rami Malik
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:43:43 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:44:17 AM
I'm a fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen
Sam (host) 8:44:31 AM
Did you watch the whole thing. Pretty great right?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:47:34 AM
You're pretty and great, baby...
Sam (host) 8:47:57 AM
I'll take it
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:51:48 AM
you can take that to the bank
Janet Hernandez 8:56:21 AM
Making me feel blessed on this summer Sunday morning!!!! 💎🦋
Sam (host) 8:57:56 AM
Welcome Janet, thanks for listening!
Robert Z 8:59:43 AM
so anyway i know i've been admonished before on this, but are we going to hear anything hot pocket today?
Robert Z 8:59:55 AM
i'm asking for a friend (me)
Sam (host) 9:00:20 AM
Possible, but I gotta know first, what's Hot Pocket?
Robert Z 9:00:44 AM
any request I make, but I can't refer to it that way if it's a woman artist
Robert Z 9:00:51 AM
oh wait sry i just did
Robert Z 9:01:51 AM
oh hell yah i joined up at the exact right moment
Robert Z 9:01:56 AM
Sam (host) 9:02:23 AM
That's true Spaceman. What's your request?
Robert Z 9:02:46 AM
how about anything off the new Girlpool album
Sam (host) 9:03:24 AM
Easy Peazy, give me 20 minutes
Robert Z 9:05:07 AM
right on daddyo
Robert Z 9:06:56 AM
oh man "I got a name" is my favorite Croce tune...I'll have to play it too today
Robert Z 9:07:23 AM
those are some old CDs from his 50th Anniv. collection but i'll find em
Sam (host) 9:07:34 AM
Yeah, that's his best one, though he's got some dope tunes, I'll play another one shortly
Robert Z 9:07:44 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:15:16 AM
I like this
Sam (host) 9:16:07 AM
The whole thing is amazing, totally worth your time. The movements are fluid yet singular.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:24:53 AM
Is this from the station library?
Sam (host) 9:25:35 AM
Naw dawg, this is from the Aftermath Archives. Why do you ask?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:27:02 AM
So I can request it anytime
Sam (host) 9:27:26 AM
Only a week in advance with me.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:27:35 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:27:59 AM
I request more next week
Sam (host) 9:28:18 AM
Side 2 it is!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:29:03 AM
Aww yeah muther trucker!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:31:17 AM
RobertZ passed out again
Sam (host) 9:31:45 AM
Haha! Somebody get Rob out of the haze!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:31:54 AM
Sleep it off RobertZ!
Robert Z 9:35:42 AM
needed a shower and a nap b4 I showed up here...got em...it was bound to catch up w/me
Robert Z 9:35:49 AM
tmi i know
Robert Z 9:36:14 AM
anyhows thx for the new Girlpool--they changed their sounds so drastically it's really way out there but i like it
Sam (host) 9:36:53 AM
Yes they did, but great new sound nonetheless. Hope you caught it and enjoyed that paired with the Croce. Fine tuned tastes if you ask me.
Robert Z 9:37:18 AM
yes I heard.....had to come back and say thanks
Sam (host) 9:37:29 AM
Right on brother
Robert Z 9:37:56 AM
did u know I think they named themselves after a Kurt Vonnegut short story I read like a decade ago
Robert Z 9:38:12 AM
it's some of his early stuff that came out in a collection I had from the library
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:41:51 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:49:11 AM
Sam, where the twitter go??
Sam (host) 9:49:47 AM
Dead meat!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:50:12 AM
You get banned!?
Sam (host) 9:51:22 AM
No, bored.
Sam (host) 9:51:53 AM
And I hate lingering inactive web pages, especially ones I am responsible for.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:52:43 AM
DJs at kcrw know how to maintain the twitter
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:53:17 AM
this my jam
Sam (host) 9:53:27 AM
Yeah, but for the most part they also suck and play predictable stooge music. KSPC is where it's at.
Sam (host) 9:53:43 AM
I guess you're deeper than I given credit for
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:54:30 AM
no i ain't
Sam (host) 9:54:38 AM
DanS 9:57:24 AM
... and I'm back.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:59:25 AM
Sam (host) 9:59:59 AM
O T DanS S!
DanS 10:00:50 AM
Ready to relax with some Radio Free Aftermath.
DanS 10:03:10 AM
Oh, man! I had this song stuck in my head all week.
Sam (host) 10:03:52 AM
For real! That's awesome. I love Maloof for this!
DanS 10:04:28 AM
Was singing it all week.
Robert Z 10:13:00 AM
this is reminiscent of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Robert Z 10:13:12 AM
I thought it was a cover at first
Sam (host) 10:13:41 AM
Eddy Current was the best Aussie band since ever.
Robert Z 10:14:10 AM
good to know
DanS 10:22:41 AM
If you want a hot, steaming pile of Radio Free Aftermath you have to get it fresh. No rewind.
Robert Z 10:23:24 AM
Sam (host) 10:23:26 AM
Simultaneously true and offensive
Robert Z 10:23:34 AM
oh my
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:24:08 AM
No preRecord either.
DanS 10:24:20 AM
I meant it in the best way possible 😁
Sam (host) 10:24:35 AM
I know DanS, and yes no prerecord ever.
Robert Z 10:24:40 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:24:55 AM
Except for last week.
Robert Z 10:24:57 AM
I mean, wow. I've been a fan but yah...good
DanS 10:25:04 AM
We're all just having fun here
Robert Z 10:25:06 AM
Sam (host) 10:25:16 AM
the show, or the Helium track Robert?
Sam (host) 10:25:32 AM
Every time DanS,
Robert Z 10:25:35 AM
the show the show
Sam (host) 10:25:41 AM
Robert Z 10:26:43 AM
I had doubts when u said you were moving to Sunday mornings because I thought more people had to be listening at night, but that was just me being doubtful....it rocks and I usually catch it
Sam (host) 10:27:15 AM
Good deal Robert, thanks for the kind words!
diA 10:27:15 AM
Morning Sam! Checking to make sure you got PKG that I left for you
Robert Z 10:27:23 AM
np chief
Sam (host) 10:27:59 AM
Yes! I did. Sick choice, great outfits on the cover, btw.
diA 10:28:26 AM
Good! Do you already have that single?
Sam (host) 10:30:14 AM
No. I was totally stoked, great stickers, btw.
Sam (host) 10:30:29 AM
Nice tie-in with the Maloof song we've been playing too.
diA 10:31:18 AM
Yes!!! TTYL! :)
Sam (host) 10:31:57 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:33:18 AM
If only The Whippersnapper Show would start at 11am!!!
Sam (host) 10:33:45 AM
The Whippersnapper is but a memory Mal C, you only get the realness now.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:34:39 AM
I want both in mah life!
diA 10:35:21 AM
Whippersnapper RIP
DanS 10:36:21 AM
I miss Songs for the Whippersnapper Show too MrM!
Sam (host) 10:36:48 AM
What's better than your memories, Mal C?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:37:33 AM
diA! Once a year would be enough!!
DanS 10:41:29 AM
It was a rainbow of silliness in this dark world. I know diA has moved on but I do miss it.
Sam (host) 10:41:45 AM
I love rainbows Dan.
DanS 10:42:52 AM
🌈 me too!
diA 10:44:35 AM
If I have time, it miiiiight come back in the winter.
diA 10:44:54 AM
Gotta go! TURN IT UP! time!
Sam (host) 10:46:12 AM
Make it Happen Dia
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:48:01 AM
diA!!! 😀🤗❤️♥️
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:48:44 AM
Can it be winter already!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
Sam (host) 10:49:34 AM
Winter is coming.
DanS 10:50:18 AM
That would be great diA! ☺️
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:50:33 AM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:52:18 AM
Never stop believing in rainbows and chit like that, DanS! and erybody!! #Poet #DeepThinker
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:52:53 AM
Oh! Ahahahahahaha! Sam!
DanS 10:54:26 AM
Can't stop believing, MrM!🌈⛄🦄
DanS 10:55:36 AM
Gotta dust off my Hammer pants for this one. Yo!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:57:00 AM
DJ Sam, thanks for a very nice show! I had a good time! Kind regards to you and even JoJo!! Not Kyyl Bruzner.
DanS 10:57:06 AM
Thanks for the music and chat, peeps. Have a great weekend!
DanS 10:57:35 AM
Stay groovy, MrM!
Sam (host) 10:57:47 AM
Thanks Gents, great to have you along for the ride. See you next time.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:58:53 AM
Stay awesome, DanS!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 10:59:08 AM