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The Video Game Music Show

Jul 21, 2019 5:00 PM β€“ 7:00 PM


With SysOp

Video Game Music Show with your host, SysOp.

The Video Game Music Show
5:02 PM
na - Salmon Run Medley
na Salmon Run Medley na
Splatoon 2 na
5:04 PM
The Megas - Gamma Unchained
The Megas Gamma Unchained na
na na
5:14 PM
na - Overture
na Overture na
Castlevania_ Portrait of Ruin na
5:16 PM
na - Ghost Ship theme
na Ghost Ship theme na
Blade PS1 na
5:24 PM
na - Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow
na Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow na
Splatoon 2 na
5:27 PM
na - The Battle for Everyone-s Souls
na The Battle for Everyone-s Souls na
Most Wondrous Battle Music Ever na
5:32 PM
na - Devils Never Cry
na Devils Never Cry na
Devil May Cry 3 na
5:38 PM
na - Kiss Me Sunlights (Opening)
na Kiss Me Sunlights (Opening) na
Zone Of The Enders na
5:43 PM
na - Tomato Convenience Store
na Tomato Convenience Store na
Shenmue na
5:45 PM
na - Tropical Island (Yoshi-s Board)
na Tropical Island (Yoshi-s Board) na
Mario Party 1 na
5:47 PM
na - Eversummer Island
na Eversummer Island na
とこγͺ぀をむランド na
5:53 PM
NES - retro block
NES retro block na
Super Mario Bros 2 na
6:00 PM
na - Candy Chateau
na Candy Chateau na
Rayman na
6:02 PM
na - Monkey Pink Boss Music
na Monkey Pink Boss Music na
Ape Escape 3 na
6:05 PM
na - Castles of Cake
na Castles of Cake na
Kirby-s Dream Course na
6:06 PM
na - Legend of Zelda underworld remix
na Legend of Zelda underworld remix na
The Icarus Kid na
6:13 PM
na - Fly Me To The Moon (Climax)
na Fly Me To The Moon (Climax) na
Bayonetta na
6:24 PM
NES - retro block
NES retro block na
Kirby's Adventure na
6:37 PM
na - Ocean View
na Ocean View na
Team Sonic Racing na
6:41 PM
na - Color Pulse (Off the Hook)
na Color Pulse (Off the Hook) na
Splatoon 2 na
6:45 PM
na - Dire, Dire Docks
na Dire, Dire Docks na
Super Mario 64 na
6:48 PM
na - Zelda's Lullaby
na Zelda's Lullaby na
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword na
6:51 PM
na - Circle of Life
na Circle of Life na
The Lion King (SNES) na
6:55 PM
na - Floral Fury
na Floral Fury na
Cuphead na
Chat is archived.
SysOp (host) 4:46:24 PM
Dman 5:02:57 PM
Bardock 5:03:28 PM
Hey diddly ho, neighborino
Dman 5:03:35 PM
it might be light in the chatting today due to pokemon community day/event. and comic con!!!
Dman 5:03:59 PM
any major comic con news?? in free pc game news, get Limbo free on epic game store now and a couple other goodies next week
Bardock 5:06:30 PM
female thor.
Dman 5:07:30 PM
oh yeah female thor
SysOp (host) 5:08:09 PM
no peeks tonight? her and indy catching pokemons
Dman 5:08:13 PM
yeah the phase 4 was revealed I suppose
Bardock 5:08:32 PM
Yea, gotta catch 'em all.
PlaystaSean 5:09:30 PM
SysOp (host) 5:10:01 PM
Dman 5:10:03 PM
woo hoo megas!
Dman 5:10:07 PM
hey sean!
SysOp (host) 5:10:16 PM
blast from the past!!
PlaystaSean 5:11:05 PM
What up DMan.
SysOp (host) 5:11:15 PM
whats up playstasean holding up a dreamcast in his pic lol
Dman 5:12:08 PM
the dreamcast was ahead of its time
Dman 5:13:19 PM
I did see sysop got a ton of requests today. this should be a great show. but I gotta turn up the music to get over the noise of all the fans I got pointed at me haha
Bardock 5:13:35 PM
lol, yeah, it is hot.
SysOp (host) 5:14:03 PM
10 of which come from ROM lol
PlaystaSean 5:15:25 PM
Hell yeah. You know I love the DC. That pic is old. My beard is almost non-existent.
Dman 5:17:46 PM
portrait of ruin I have that game actually. the ds castlevanias are worth something as I mentioned that I recently discovered
SysOp (host) 5:18:10 PM
sean, hows everything going with you?
Bardock 5:18:35 PM
I have dawn of sorrows, great game.
Dman 5:18:47 PM
yeah sean. cant wait for november im sure. !!! back to basics baby!! classic sc3
PlaystaSean 5:21:42 PM
I'm good man. Just working my life away.
PlaystaSean 5:22:07 PM
DMan. I can't wait. I love the backyard party.
Dman 5:23:43 PM
yeah I love that the weather by then wont be super hot, haha. and I always pick up something nice. ...they always have such nice things. haha
Dman 5:24:58 PM
we got a lot of splatoon 2 today
Dman 5:32:30 PM
oh don't forget next sunday… 5 star bar dt la we got kirbys dream band and 8 bit jazz and others playing at 7 pm 7/28
Bardock 5:33:52 PM
oh! Dmc!
Bardock 5:34:02 PM
Dman 5:40:11 PM
great tracks today!
Bardock 5:44:24 PM
Shenmue! πŸ€—
Dman 5:44:55 PM
oh nice. Shenmue has been on my list to play for awhile after oliver loves it
PooPwr^ 5:44:55 PM
Dman 5:45:01 PM
hey PP
Millie Kentner 5:45:03 PM
Got here just in time to hear my request!
Bardock 5:45:25 PM
Great game. Fighting is really good.
Millie Kentner 5:45:26 PM
Dman, you have to get on it! Shenmue is so awesome, and has a lot of retro charm.
Bardock 5:46:32 PM
collecting cassette tapes and driving a fork lift. Just like real life!
Dman 5:47:53 PM
hey millie! yeah I heard that fork lift section is tough. I do still occasionally buy and listen to cassette tapes tho actually haha
Bardock 5:48:36 PM
Lol, I still have a bunch of tapes from the '90's
Millie Kentner 5:48:58 PM
I absolutely hated the forklift thing at first. The controls are wonky and colliding with anything in your way will cause your forklift to completely stop, requiring you to reverse.
Millie Kentner 5:49:33 PM
Shenmue is cool because you get a glimpse at what city life in the 80s was (At least, their portrayal of it)
Bardock 5:49:35 PM
The entire game was difficult for me. lol
Dman 5:50:36 PM
I got a lot of 80s nostalgia from gta vice city on psp
Millie Kentner 5:50:58 PM
Bardock 5:51:02 PM
Yay, gta vice city stories.
Millie Kentner 5:51:45 PM
Yeah, Vice City is awesome! I didn't live in the 80s, but Vice City is what I'd imagine 80s city life to be haha
Dman 5:52:05 PM
i did live in the 80s haha but a bit too young to remember much of it :)
Dman 5:52:55 PM
i played a ton of vice city but there was one mission i couldnt pass. they shoot up the van you are trying to drive in 2 seconds!!! i think i took over all the clubhouses and got somewhat far
PooPwr^ 5:53:16 PM
PooPwr^ 5:53:30 PM
Good Request Pika
Dman 5:53:35 PM
Camille's request!!!!
Dman 5:54:12 PM
yeah i hopes pokemanz community day, and comic con. going well. anyone watch stranger things? i know 3 just came out and id never seen any of it. i watched the very first ep but seems a touch ... slow?
Bardock 5:54:45 PM
some good music, here. :)
dr.love 5:55:03 PM
hey sysop is it too late for a request? i got the perfect song to play after this retro block
Bardock 5:55:22 PM
is it commodore music?
dr.love 5:55:39 PM
it''s a super mario version of a streetlight manifesto song
dr.love 5:55:46 PM
Amy 5:56:00 PM
If it’s not to late to request music I would love to hear some music from Cuphead! Thanks!!
SysOp (host) 5:56:31 PM
cant decline cuphead music
Dman 5:56:44 PM
yeah cuphead is becoming a series i think too
PooPwr^ 5:56:52 PM
I'd like to request 2 carne asada taco with no cheese plz
SysOp (host) 5:57:09 PM
also got the streetlight request
Bardock 5:57:17 PM
I've been watching Black Summer on Netflix with my momma. Cool show.
Dman 5:57:33 PM
oh wow my wife likes The Orville but fox is sending it to Hulu exclusive next season. mustve been on the borderline between renew or cancel
Bardock 5:57:36 PM
mmmmm, carne asada.
dr.love 5:58:15 PM
you're the best sysop!
SysOp (host) 5:58:32 PM
thanks, doc!
Amy 5:59:38 PM
Hellz yeah! Thanks SysOp!!!
Dman 6:01:12 PM
yeah good order PP. dman is reading all the massive list of marvel movies coming out the next couple years
Dman 6:03:25 PM
lol 65 movies over the next 8 years!! though that includes marvel, star wars, and disney live actions sounds like
Bardock 6:04:35 PM
That's too many movies to watch. lol
Dman 6:04:55 PM
black summer? zombie series? I had to look it up...
Bardock 6:05:18 PM
Yes, Zombies, lots, too.
Dman 6:08:51 PM
Zelda remix!!!
Dman 6:14:01 PM
oh nice I like this bayonetta track
Bardock 6:14:56 PM
Bayonetta was cool, just like dmc, but her chest was bigger than Dante's. ;)
Dman 6:16:09 PM
haha boom bardock
Bardock 6:16:20 PM
Dman 6:17:29 PM
her ass-ets were also pretty good haha
Bardock 6:18:17 PM
Lol, very good.
Dman 6:18:29 PM
no stranger things fans to tell me if it is worth a watch eh? well i will just have to settle for the 65,000 movies disney/marvel/pixar are going to release over the next however long until phase 5 haha
Bardock 6:19:52 PM
I thought I heard it was good, but idk. I don't really watch t.v.
Dman 6:20:32 PM
yeah I don't watch much either
Bardock 6:22:27 PM
Hey Camille.aka.Pikachu.
Dman 6:23:37 PM
doh prerecord next week ! but remember theres music next sunday night in dtla. glad sysop will be back after that
Bardock 6:24:29 PM
I don't mind the prerecord shows, just no chat room. :(
Dman 6:25:07 PM
nice. I played a lot of kirbys adventures on nes. i got the 2 gbas titles too and kirby star allies on switch actually. dont think i have any ds or 3ds kirbys
Dman 6:27:13 PM
oh yeah forgot to mention skatervans and his gf are at comic con!! and some of my fam is too!! they were going nuts for Star Trek picard
Dman 6:27:40 PM
tried to get into DS9 panel but it was way way overfull but at least the showrunner and actors who played jake and nog came out to high five the line
Bardock 6:29:52 PM
so many people go to comic con, nowadays. It's crazy!
Dman 6:34:43 PM
yeah the crowds are huge. did anyone play The Witcher? i loved it so will have to watch the series when that comes out
Bardock 6:35:33 PM
Oh yeah, I saw the trailer. Looks cool.
Dman 6:36:50 PM
yeah trailer looked decent
Dman 6:39:21 PM
yeah nice sonic racing track. so catchy
SysOp (host) 6:39:37 PM
im pretty excited about walking dead and star trek picard
Dman 6:43:03 PM
yeah good picks sysop. wow splatoon 2 is popular we got another one
SysOp (host) 6:44:13 PM
lots of splatoon and kirby requests tonight. im going to skip the rest of the kirby requests tonight
Dman 6:46:08 PM
yeah save it for the prerecord haha
Dman 6:46:55 PM
speaking of comic con, why wont someone announce a King of the Hill reboot??!?
Bardock 6:47:21 PM
lol, king of the hill.
Bardock 6:48:45 PM
Oh, this a good song.
Bardock 6:49:14 PM
puts me right to slee--zzzzzzzz
Dman 6:49:16 PM
last 10 minutes!! yeah great track but I never actually played skyward sword.
Dman 6:49:25 PM
haha nice one bardock
Bardock 6:49:38 PM
me neither, never got the wii u.
SysOp (host) 6:51:17 PM
i played it. thought twilight princess was better
Bardock 6:52:06 PM
I loved twilight princess, one of my favs.
SysOp (host) 6:52:43 PM
i like twilight princess better then breath of the wild
Dman 6:53:31 PM
I have a wii u so I should play these
Bardock 6:53:34 PM
Really? I'm not a fan of the art style of bow, but I still wana play it.
SysOp (host) 6:54:11 PM
both games were on the wii. TP had a HD remake for the wii u
SysOp (host) 6:54:56 PM
i wouldnt be surprised if SS got a HD remake for the switch
SysOp (host) 6:55:52 PM
last track
Bardock 6:56:01 PM
Dman 6:57:53 PM
great set tonight! miss you next week sysop
Dman 6:58:07 PM
th th th that's all folks
Bardock 6:58:12 PM
Yes, fun night!
Bardock 6:58:19 PM
Dman 6:59:18 PM
bye all
Dman 6:59:40 PM
do the Mario!
Bardock 6:59:59 PM
Im doing it!