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The Cosmic Shrug

Aug 6, 2019 8:00 PM â€“ 10:00 PM


With Dusty Clouds

The Cosmic Shrug
8:03 PM
Palm - Shadow Expert
Palm Shadow Expert
Shadow Expert - EP Carpark Records 2017 Alternative
8:06 PM
black midi - Near DT, MI
black midi Near DT, MI N
Schlagenheim Rough Trade 2019 Alternative
8:09 PM
Gonjasufi - Nickles and Dimes
Gonjasufi Nickles and Dimes
Muzzle WARP
8:11 PM
TOBACCO - Six Royal Vipers
TOBACCO Six Royal Vipers
Maniac Meat Rad Cult 2010 Electronic
8:14 PM
C.Kostra - Paranormal Pentagram
C.Kostra Paranormal Pentagram N
Parallel Murderverse - EP Pytch Records 2018 Alternative
8:19 PM
Suicide - Dominic Christ
Suicide Dominic Christ
A Way of Life Cherry Red Records 2012 Indie Rock
8:28 PM
Shlomo - The End
Shlomo The End
The End Friends Of Friends
8:32 PM
U.S. Girls - Poem
U.S. Girls Poem
In a Poem Unlimited 4AD 2018 Alternative
8:44 PM
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Regiment
Brian Eno & David Byrne Regiment
My Life In the Bush of Ghosts Nonesuch/Warner Records 2006
8:44 PM
Fever Ray - IDK About You
Fever Ray IDK About You
Plunge Mute 2017 Alternative
8:44 PM
The I.L.Y's - The Treatment
The I.L.Y's The Treatment
Bodyguard The I.L.Y's 2017
8:49 PM
Björk - Army of Me
Björk Army of Me
Post One Little Indian 1995
8:53 PM
Twin Shadow - Castles in the Snow
Twin Shadow Castles in the Snow
Forget Terrible Records 2010 Alternative
8:56 PM
Panda Bear - Dolphin
Panda Bear Dolphin N
Buoys Domino Recording Co 2019 Alternative
9:08 PM
Silver Apples - Walkin'
Silver Apples Walkin'
The Garden ChickenCoop Recordings 2016 Alternative
9:08 PM
The Make-Up - (I've Heard About) Saturday Nite
The Make-Up (I've Heard About) Saturday Nite
In Mass Mind Dischord 1998 Alternative
9:10 PM
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Round and Round
Before Today 4AD 2010 Alternative
9:14 PM
Toro y Moi - Go With You
Toro y Moi Go With You
Underneath the Pine Carpark Records 2011 Alternative
9:21 PM
Megapuss - Surfing
Megapuss Surfing
Surfing Vapor Records 2008 Alternative
9:28 PM
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. - Digah's Stomp
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. Digah's Stomp
Eraserhead OST IRS Soundtrack
9:31 PM
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. - Lenox Avenue Blues
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. Lenox Avenue Blues
Eraserhead OST IRS
9:38 PM
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. - Stompin the bug
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. Stompin the bug
Eraserhead OST IRS
9:38 PM
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. - Messin' Around with the Blues
Lynch, David & Splet, Alan R. Messin' Around with the Blues
Eraserhead OST IRS
9:50 PM
Ho99o9 - Day of Vengeance
Ho99o9 Day of Vengeance
Horrors of 1999 - EP FAMILY 2015 Alternative
9:53 PM
The Locust - #99
The Locust #99
Molecular Genetics from the Gold Standard Labs Anti/Epitaph 2012 Alternative
9:55 PM
Wolf Eyes - Village Oblivia
Wolf Eyes Village Oblivia
Burned Mind Sub Pop 2004 Alternative
Chat is archived.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:03:38 PM
Hey. Alright.
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:04:06 PM
hey, alright, indeed
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:05:33 PM
there will be music on tonight's show
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:06:06 PM
I will be chatting in here tonight
gmed 8:10:12 PM
So will I
gmed 8:11:12 PM
But first I need to get some ice cream from the fridge
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:11:58 PM
Never pass on ice cream
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:12:15 PM
yeah not during ice cream season
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:12:39 PM
Deets on this ice cream
gmed 8:13:48 PM
Yeah u guys are absolutely right.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:13:50 PM
good musics on the start of tonight's show
gmed 8:14:44 PM
I’m digging this jam. TO THE MAX !
gmed 8:16:24 PM
Now I’m digging into the ice cream. It needs to rest and thaw out a bit.
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:16:34 PM
thanks mrm
Skatervan91 8:16:52 PM
Mmmm ice cream
Skatervan91 8:17:11 PM
Hey everybody
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:17:50 PM
Yo Skatervans91
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:18:05 PM
yo yo
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:19:16 PM
gmed 8:21:01 PM
Hey Svans!
gmed 8:21:25 PM
Well it’s cookies n cream
gmed 8:21:39 PM
Is this the album that has “I surrender” on it ?
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:21:51 PM
Robert Z 8:21:59 PM
Like, I got no ice cream meself
Robert Z 8:22:17 PM
but I did just finish a package of Cherry-Pineapple popsicles
Robert Z 8:22:25 PM
is that close enough?
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:22:32 PM
works for me robZ
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:22:36 PM
Robert Z 8:22:46 PM
1 outta 2
Robert Z 8:23:11 PM
and MrM was the naysayer...I did not see that coming
Robert Z 8:23:26 PM
gmed 8:26:28 PM
U need some ice cream.
gmed 8:26:39 PM
The ice cream truck sells popsicles
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:27:12 PM
i certainly do
gmed 8:29:58 PM
whats everyone up to Wednesday ?
gmed 8:30:06 PM
I’ll be at the dodger game
gmed 8:31:14 PM
And I’ll have a chocolate malt in a cup. That counts as ice cream. Right?
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:32:03 PM
I'll be drinking some iced tea probably (also counts as ice cream)
gmed 8:32:39 PM
I think you’re right !
gmed 8:33:08 PM
MrM, does a very cold big salad count as ice cream ?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:33:14 PM
I say nay on the naysayer. It's just facts that popsicles are not ice cream and neither is sherbet or sorbet or la michoacana bars or even frozen yogurt or chocolate malt. Ice cream is ice cream, baby.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:33:50 PM
I swear to ice cream making cows with all of you rn af
gmed 8:35:26 PM
This song is ice cream !
gmed 8:35:46 PM
Us girls 👍🏻👍🏻
gmed 8:36:15 PM
Damn fine set Dusty.
gmed 8:37:02 PM
My ice cream is Looking like a snack !!
gmed 8:37:34 PM
Would ice cream be considered a snack or is snack more reserved for like a pop tart or popcorn ?
gmed 8:38:12 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:38:57 PM
For me ice cream is breakfast so why don't you eat me
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:39:31 PM
Robert Z 8:40:22 PM
well I agree that popsicles are not ice cream
Robert Z 8:40:37 PM
just thought that they "might count"
Robert Z 8:40:47 PM
I'm not pushing for identity
Robert Z 8:40:59 PM
but at any rate enough outta me
gmed 8:41:09 PM
Under what section at a local supermarket or El Superior would a popsicle be found ?
gmed 8:41:57 PM
Won’t a popsicle and ice cream still melt if not frozen ?!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:42:14 PM
They're near the bags of frozen broccoli
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:42:45 PM
GMED ya brains done melted
gmed 8:43:37 PM
Do they not yell out “I am not an animal!” “I am a frozen product of diary and other high fructose syrups?!”
gmed 8:44:34 PM
Yeah man, it’s been a long day under the sun.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:46:39 PM
I like these tunes!
gmed 8:49:19 PM
😂😂😂 that’s a funny commercial
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:56:43 PM
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:57:14 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:58:14 PM
🐼 "🐬"
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:00:03 PM
First hour of the show was 🍦
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:03:27 PM
it was popscicles?
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:03:43 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:03:56 PM
Way better. It was 🍦🍦🍦
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:08:30 PM
🍨 this looks more like ice cream tho
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:12:56 PM
I want to show up and support you. Yet, I'm busy that day...
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:13:10 PM
oh i know you are
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:15:21 PM
wait... the refreshments are vintage too!?!
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:16:03 PM
yes, all expired
gmed 9:16:11 PM
12-4? I might be down.
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:16:20 PM
yeah man come through
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:16:25 PM
cool cool cool
gmed 9:16:56 PM
gmed 9:20:01 PM
Cats !
gmed 9:28:03 PM
I’ve put away the ice cream. I’m ready
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:34:44 PM
I just bought David Lynch vinyl of Polish Night Music 🎶
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:39:35 PM
Cheers to reissues!!
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:39:54 PM
i've never heard of that
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:40:01 PM
is it like his other albums?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:41:52 PM
Barren train stations, Polish factories at night, and silent hotels where lonely travelers meet. These are the images and suggested narratives that pervade the spirit of Polish Night Music, the musical collaboration between American filmmaker David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead) and Polish concert pianist and composer Marek Zebrowski.
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:42:29 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:46:07 PM
I haven't heard it (recently?) I'll report back later.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:48:14 PM
A few years ago I got the reissue of the Eraserhead soundtrack on cd.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:49:35 PM
Ahahaha @Dusty Clouds
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:50:26 PM
You like to cut people off when on the freeway. Maybe put the kspc frame on the front of your car.
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:51:13 PM
i mean, i dont LIKE to.. but it happens
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:55:12 PM
Imma enjoy the Rewind of all these tunes in the morning!!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:55:34 PM
Thank you to Dusty Clouds!!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:55:46 PM
Thank you to ice cream!
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:56:02 PM
damn forgot ice cream
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:56:22 PM
Say it over the track!!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:57:05 PM
I scream for ice cream and cake and eye cream and kate
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:57:24 PM
Ahahahahahaha!! Cheers!! Kindest regards to you Sir!!
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:57:31 PM
thanks yalls
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:57:35 PM