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The Cosmic Shrug

Aug 13, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Dusty Clouds

The Cosmic Shrug
8:03 PM
Cluster - Hollywood
Cluster Hollywood
Zuckerzeit Brain Records
8:08 PM
Steve Hauschildt - Alienself
Steve Hauschildt Alienself N
Dissolvi Ghostly International 2018 Electronic
8:14 PM
Neu! - Hallogallo
Neu! Hallogallo
Neu! Groenland Records 2001 Electronic
8:28 PM
Tangerine Dream - Monolight (Live)
Tangerine Dream Monolight (Live)
Encore: Tangerine Dream Live Virgin Records 1995 Electronic
8:37 PM
Apprentice Destroyer - Glass Ceiling Universe
Apprentice Destroyer Glass Ceiling Universe
Glass Ceiling Universe Castle Face 2015 Alternative
8:42 PM
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Robert Fripp Exposure
Exposure Polydor
8:50 PM
Can - Spoon (2004 Remaster)
Can Spoon (2004 Remaster)
Ege Bamyasi (Remastered) Mute 2011
8:53 PM
Embryo - A Place to Go
Embryo A Place to Go
Rocksession Brain 1973
8:59 PM
Popol Vu - Aguirre I
Popol Vu Aguirre I
8:59 PM
Ruphus Zuphall - Spanferkel
Ruphus Zuphall Spanferkel
9:06 PM
William S. Burroughs - Curse Go Back
William S. Burroughs Curse Go Back
Break Through In Grey Room William Burroughs Communications 2015 Spoken Word
9:08 PM
Laurie Anderson - Language Is a Virus
Laurie Anderson Language Is a Virus Laurie Anderson
Home of the Brave (Live) Warner Records 1986 LP Electronic
9:12 PM
Suicide - Rain of Ruin
Suicide Rain of Ruin
A Way of Life Cherry Red Records 2012 Indie Rock
9:17 PM
C.Kostra - Barely See Me at All
C.Kostra Barely See Me at All N
Parallel Murderverse - EP Pytch Records 2018 Alternative
9:20 PM
The Breeders - MetaGoth
The Breeders MetaGoth
All Nerve 4AD 2018 Alternative
9:28 PM
Shlomo - Hopeless
Shlomo Hopeless N
The End Friends of Friends
9:33 PM
TV on the Radio - The Wrong Way
TV on the Radio The Wrong Way
Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes Touch and Go Records 2004 Alternative
9:40 PM
Faust - Why Don't You Eat Carrots / Meadow Meal
Faust Why Don't You Eat Carrots / Meadow Meal
Faust Spectrum
9:56 PM
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet - In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)
Eraserhead Sacred Bones Records 2012 Alternative
Chat is archived.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:04:18 PM
gmed 8:04:55 PM
The cookies and cream is out and is thawing as we chat
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:05:31 PM
Fosselman's or I don't care
DanS 8:05:48 PM
Whew! I was caught in the alternate universe chatroom again.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:06:41 PM
DanS! U funny
DanS 8:06:49 PM
Kraut rock, huh? Now I'm hungry. Need a hot dog with some kraut and mustard.
DanS 8:07:26 PM
No joke. I was caught in the chat vortex.
gmed 8:07:55 PM
It’s actually from Baskin Robbins I’m sore Get mrM
gmed 8:08:05 PM
What’s up DanS ?!
DanS 8:08:15 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:10:52 PM
Oh, Baskin Robbins is guud
gmed 8:11:45 PM
I had a few tacos earlier but I kept it real. Didn’t over indulge
DanS 8:11:53 PM
The weather is clear and 78 degrees here in Monrovia.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:11:54 PM
Not as guud as these tunes tho yo! Hi Dusty Clouds!!
DanS 8:12:47 PM
That's good to hear, gmed. You gotta pace yourself. Eating is a marathon not a sprint.
DanS 8:13:41 PM
Groovy music, man.
DanS 8:14:01 PM
Hey MrM!!!!!
DanS 8:14:29 PM
Hello Senor Clouds.
gmed 8:15:01 PM
Good ol’ Monrovia. My stomping grounds back during 2013....
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:15:31 PM
howdy danS
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:15:44 PM
howdy all!
gmed 8:17:28 PM
The d dawg !!
DanS 8:18:36 PM
I think I found my chakra.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:19:07 PM
Has BH90210 been cancelled yet???
gmed 8:19:15 PM
There should be a place that aligns the chakras & tires
gmed 8:19:38 PM
I honestly haven’t seen the new episodes... have no idea how it is
DanS 8:21:53 PM
I agree, gmed. Change your oil and change your life.
DanS 8:22:20 PM
There's a show called BH90210?
gmed 8:23:39 PM
Hahahah I need to get my brake lights fixed
gmed 8:25:15 PM
What did everyone eat for dinner ?
DanS 8:25:18 PM
I like that Neu! song. Who kneu?
DanS 8:25:50 PM
Pork dumplings and broccoli.
DanS 8:26:33 PM
Oh, man. I hate having squeaky shoes.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:26:45 PM
big tofu spring rolls
gmed 8:26:52 PM
Hahaha dude my converse have been squeaky too. It’s been since late March
gmed 8:27:24 PM
This is a serious problem. We might need a PSA regarding squeaky shoes. Maybe raise awareness
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:27:47 PM
gmed knows
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:28:12 PM
he kneu and he knows
gmed 8:28:17 PM
I knew i had a real problem when my niece told me in the dodger stadium parking lot that my shoes were squeaking.
gmed 8:28:30 PM
I wanted to break down and cry.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:28:43 PM
she's a bully
gmed 8:28:50 PM
Some days are easier than others hahah
DanS 8:29:04 PM
There's no crying in the Dodger Stadium parking lot!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:29:12 PM
Did you drive off and leave in the lot?!?
gmed 8:29:24 PM
Yeah she gouged me last week for a build a Bear. She got a simba !
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:29:35 PM
lol dans
gmed 8:29:39 PM
Hahahaha @dans
gmed 8:30:05 PM
I need to try baby powder in the shoes.
gmed 8:30:21 PM
I didn’t drive @mrm 🤷🏼‍♂️
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:32:04 PM
tell her to get her own uber
gmed 8:32:30 PM
Dodgers win 15-1
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:32:34 PM
ride the rails bully 😭
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 8:32:47 PM
I'm gruesome
DanS 8:33:09 PM
Stay gruesome, MrM.
gmed 8:34:15 PM
MrM 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
DanS 8:34:21 PM
I think this song has opened my third eye.
gmed 8:34:31 PM
Man this episode of maimi Vice sucks
gmed 8:34:53 PM
This ice cream might do that... but it wouldn’t be goood
gmed 8:35:12 PM
Yeah the tune got a good kick right now
gmed 8:41:19 PM
Man I feel all sorts of things
gmed 8:42:37 PM
This is a killer tune
DanS 8:47:03 PM
Did they call in a screaming specialist for that last tune?
gmed 8:50:14 PM
The squeaky shoes
Dusty Clouds (host) 8:50:46 PM
oh yeah, comin up gmed
DanS 8:52:04 PM
Live mix with the squeaky shoes and Can.
gmed 9:03:47 PM
Oh boi
gmed 9:03:54 PM
Oh boi
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:04:04 PM
That's embarrassing
gmed 9:04:08 PM
DanS 9:04:14 PM
Oh, yeah. Those are definitely squeaky.
DanS 9:04:33 PM
Sounds like a wet suit.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:04:37 PM
Throw them kicks out
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:04:47 PM
Walk in socks
gmed 9:04:55 PM
We need to write a strong worded letter to the shoe manufacturers.
DanS 9:04:57 PM
Kick those kicks to the curb.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:04:59 PM
Quiet it down
DanS 9:05:12 PM
Fill them with oil.
gmed 9:05:29 PM
Hahahha with oil and then set a match to them
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:06:13 PM
haha gmed
DanS 9:07:56 PM
Yeah, buster!
gmed 9:10:21 PM
I think WS Burroughs knows how to stop the squeakz
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:12:10 PM
Put yer socks on the outside of the shoes. Boom. Solved it.
gmed 9:16:08 PM
gmed 9:17:00 PM
Feeling this jam
DanS 9:18:02 PM
You're a problem solver, MrM.
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:23:37 PM
Best idea: ¡Velvet Chancletas!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:24:12 PM
Oh my gawd. Alec Baldwin is your intern!?!
gmed 9:24:16 PM
Wow Alec !! I have a question.
gmed 9:24:26 PM
Did Alec leave?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:25:57 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:26:18 PM
Read it and include last week's playlist
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:26:38 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:26:49 PM
gmed 9:27:03 PM
gmed 9:30:15 PM
Good track !
gmed 9:30:31 PM
My eyes r getting heavy
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:31:51 PM
GMED get up! Dance! One two three four five six seven eight!!!
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:36:38 PM
gmed 9:40:12 PM
Ok I woke up
gmed 9:40:20 PM
Had a wild dream
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:41:53 PM
🥕 🥕 🥕
gmed 9:45:05 PM
Man this tracks r wild
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:51:10 PM
Dusty Clouds! Get on the Fall Schedule!! RN AF
gmed 9:51:42 PM
Time to sleeep. Good evening t feuebds
gmed 9:52:16 PM
Good evening my friends. Good nite. Thank u all
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:52:24 PM
later gmed
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:52:28 PM
Don't text whilst sleepy
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:52:48 PM
i dont think i could handle it in fall.. hard enough this summer for me as it is
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:53:03 PM
could be the time slot i dunno
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:53:28 PM
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:55:24 PM
On Tuesday?
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:57:28 PM
You're the BEST Dusty Clouds!!
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:57:33 PM
i dunnooo ??? we'll see.. everyone takes the 10pm slots
Dusty Clouds (host) 9:57:44 PM
goodnight guys thanks for listening
ᎷяМаᏓсהםᏖеתᎿ 9:58:37 PM
Kindest regards to you Sir!!