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Touch of Evil

Nov 8, 2019 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Taylor

A morbid menagerie of past and future metal classics melded into a chaotic cacophony of sinister sounds for bleeding ears. Death is no escape here; in fact, it's where we begin our journey. This ride stops at Maiden, Mayhem, Melvins, Meshuggah, and all points in between. So climb aboard and put your horns, and the volume, way up.

Touch of Evil
10:01 PM
Death - Leprosy
Death Leprosy
Leprosy Combat 1988 CD Heavy Metal
10:08 PM
Gorefest - The Glorious Dead
Gorefest The Glorious Dead
False Nuclear Blast 1992 CD Heavy Metal
10:12 PM
The Black Dahlia Murder - In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me
The Black Dahlia Murder In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me
Everblack Metal Blade 2013 CD Heavy Metal
10:17 PM
Horna - Nostalgiaa
Horna Nostalgiaa
Pimeyden Hehku - EP Moribund Records 2008 CD
10:22 PM
Deranged - Coven Of Death
Deranged Coven Of Death
Obscenities In B-Flat Listenable CD
10:25 PM
Sisters of Suffocation - Humans Are Broken
Sisters of Suffocation Humans Are Broken
Humans Are Broken Napalm Records Handels GmbH 2018 CD Heavy Metal
10:28 PM
Diocletian - Black Dominion
Diocletian Black Dominion
War of All Against All Invictus Productions 2010 CD Heavy Metal
10:32 PM
Nuclear - Offender
Nuclear Offender
Formula for Anarchy Candlelight CD
10:38 PM
Car Bomb - Eyecide
Car Bomb Eyecide N
Mordial Car Bomb 2019 CD Heavy Metal
10:42 PM
Enslaved - The Beacon
Enslaved The Beacon
Axioma Ethica Odini Nuclear Blast 2010 CD Heavy Metal
10:47 PM
Dementor - To Taste Divinity
Dementor To Taste Divinity
God Defamer Osmose Productions CD
10:50 PM
Traktor - I'll Laugh Last
Traktor I'll Laugh Last
Fast And Loud Not On Label CD
10:54 PM
Cannibal Corpse - Dormant Bodies Bursting
Cannibal Corpse Dormant Bodies Bursting
Gore Obsessed Metal Blade Records 2002 CD Heavy Metal
10:57 PM
Behemoth - God = Dog
Behemoth God = Dog
I Loved You at Your Darkest EVP Recordings 2018 CD Heavy Metal
11:02 PM
Coffins - No Saviour
Coffins No Saviour
The Fleshland Relapse Records 2013 CD Heavy Metal
11:07 PM
Coffin Texts - Final Transformation
Coffin Texts Final Transformation
Tomb of Infinite Ritual 101 Distribution 2012 CD
11:12 PM
Coldblood - Hell Transcendental
Coldblood Hell Transcendental
Chronology of Satanic Events Metallic Media 2014 CD Heavy Metal
11:15 PM
Coldworker - The Glass Envelope
Coldworker The Glass Envelope
The Doomsayer's Call Listenable Records 2012 CD Heavy Metal
11:18 PM
Colonize the Rotting - Regurgitated Carrion
Colonize the Rotting Regurgitated Carrion
Composting the Masticated Sevared Records 2010 CD Heavy Metal
11:24 PM
Columns - Bottom Feeders
Columns Bottom Feeders
Please Explode Relapse Records 2014 CD Heavy Metal
11:25 PM
Comatose - Deniably So (The Edited Truth)
Comatose Deniably So (The Edited Truth)
Deep Sleep Nymphonic CD
11:28 PM
Commit Suicide - Bastard Creature / Harmonic Skepticism
Commit Suicide Bastard Creature / Harmonic Skepticism
Synthetics Willowtip 2000 CD Heavy Metal
11:31 PM
Conceived By Hate - Hypocritical Sense Of Ego
Conceived By Hate Hypocritical Sense Of Ego
Coalition Of Death V/A Morbid Skull CD
11:36 PM
Satyricon - The King of the Shadowthrone
Satyricon The King of the Shadowthrone
The Shadowthrone Kaleiodoscope 1994 CD Heavy Metal
11:43 PM
Sotajumala - Syyttömien Veri
Sotajumala Syyttömien Veri
Death Metal Finland Sotajumala-Yhtiöt 2016 CD Heavy Metal
11:47 PM
Entrench - Dead End
Entrench Dead End
Through the Walls of Flesh I Hate Records 2017 CD Heavy Metal
11:51 PM
Deceased - Craving Illness
Deceased Craving Illness
As the Weird Travel On Thrash Corner 2005 CD Alternative
11:56 PM
Slayer - Gemini
Slayer Gemini
Undisputed Attitude American Recordings Catalog P&D 2015 CD Heavy Metal
12:02 AM
Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral
Mercyful Fate Black Funeral
Melissa Metal Blade Records 1983 CD Heavy Metal
12:05 AM
At the Gates - The Beautiful Wound
At the Gates The Beautiful Wound
Terminal Spirit Disease Peaceville Records 1994 CD
12:09 AM
Vio-Lence - Subterfuge
Vio-Lence Subterfuge
Torture Tactics Megaforce Records CD
12:14 AM
Disincarnate - Sea of Tears
Disincarnate Sea of Tears
Dreams of the Carrion Kind Roadrunner Records 1993 CD
12:19 AM
Revenant - Spawn
Revenant Spawn
Prophecies of a Dying World Nuclear Blast 1991 CD
12:24 AM
Repulsion - Six Feet Under
Repulsion Six Feet Under
Horrified Relapse Records 2003 CD Heavy Metal
12:25 AM
Darkthrone - Slottet I Det Fjerne
Darkthrone Slottet I Det Fjerne
Transilvanian Hunger Peaceville Records 1994 CD Heavy Metal
12:30 AM
Suicidal Tendencies - The Feeling's Back
Suicidal Tendencies The Feeling's Back
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today Epic 1988 CD
12:37 AM
Deicide - Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise
Deicide Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise
Once Upon the Cross Roadrunner Records 1995 CD
12:40 AM
Testament - Burnt Offerings
Testament Burnt Offerings
The Legacy Atlantic Records 1987 CD Heavy Metal
12:45 AM
Bathory - The Golden Walls of Heaven
Bathory The Golden Walls of Heaven
Blood Fire Death Black Mark 1988 CD
12:50 AM
Unleashed - Revenge
Unleashed Revenge
Victory Century Media 1995 CD Heavy Metal
12:53 AM
Bolt Thrower - Cenotaph
Bolt Thrower Cenotaph
War Master Earache Records Ltd 1990 CD Heavy Metal
1:00 AM
Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites
Morbid Angel Immortal Rites
Altars of Madness Earache Records 1989 CD Alternative
Chat is archived.
Christine 10:12:14 PM
Good evening!
Taylor (host) 10:13:38 PM
Good evening!
DJ Sinic 10:14:03 PM
Taylor, long time Lerker first chatter with you. Love the show.
Taylor (host) 10:14:20 PM
Thank you very much, Sinic. Cheers.
Christine 10:15:05 PM
The guitar solo in the Death song was in perfect time with the clock ticking on my wall. Nerdy, but I thought it was really cool.
Taylor (host) 10:15:20 PM
Ha. I planned that.
DJ Sinic 10:17:00 PM
Any chance on playing some gojira?
Taylor (host) 10:17:48 PM
Let me dig around and see if I brought any of their records with me. If I do, I'll definitely get them in.
DJ Sinic 10:19:46 PM
I appreciate it. The shows is super rad without it anyway.
Taylor (host) 10:21:34 PM
My pleasure! Thank you so much for your ears and the kind words. It's nice to hear from you.
Christine 10:25:47 PM
I’m working on a Christmassacre massterpiece now. I hope everyone will like it as much as I do. And I enjoy your show as well, Sinic.
Taylor (host) 10:26:56 PM
Agh! I'm so excited. Do you think it will ready for the normal teasers and an unveiling on Black Friday? No pressure, if not.
Taylor (host) 10:30:36 PM
DJ Sinic, I didn't realize you do Zippity Doomsday! That's a fantastic show.
Christine 10:36:33 PM
Yes, it will be finished by then. The Black Friday unveiling has become a favorite tradition of mine. And Zippity Doomsday does rock.
Jason Coates 10:37:09 PM
I’d like to promote you in Oregon. Got any stickers for my new old Ford?
Taylor (host) 10:39:32 PM
I actually don't, dude. I've never made stickers for the show before. They're kind of pricy.
Jason Coates 10:40:49 PM
Take my money!
Taylor (host) 10:41:29 PM
Ha. Can't do that, sir. 100% non-profit.
Jason Coates 10:46:53 PM
Your show deserves it!!!
Taylor (host) 10:47:13 PM
Well, thank you. But the metal is it's own reward.
DJ Sinic 10:55:54 PM
Thank you Taylor. Been a fan awhile of yours. I always hype it when I can. And Christine...thank you
Taylor (host) 10:59:25 PM
Much appreciated, Sinic. Keep up the great work.
Christine 11:54:55 PM
Nice guitar!
Taylor (host) 11:58:26 PM
This song rules. Wait until the finale.
Frankie 12:10:05 AM
Good Evening, Taylor. Sorry I'm Late For The Playlist Chat.
Taylor (host) 12:11:08 AM
Good evening, Frankie. No problem at all. Glad you could join us.
Frankie 12:11:53 AM
Black Funeral By Mercyful Fate. I Haven't Heard That Song In A Very Long Time.
Taylor (host) 12:13:26 AM
Anything off that record is perfect to me.
Frankie 12:20:25 AM
Frankie 12:32:47 AM
I Don't Think I Ever Heard This Song By Suicidal Tendencies Before.
Taylor (host) 12:33:04 AM
I think this is the first time I've played it on the show.
Frankie 12:37:19 AM
Frankie 12:40:33 AM
Oh, By The Way, Campus Radio Station KXLU From Los Angeles Got Spinitron Now.
Taylor (host) 12:41:16 AM
Right on. It's become kind of the standard for a lot of stations.
Frankie 12:42:10 AM
Yeah But They Don't Have A Playlist Chat Yet.
Irene Liu 12:44:38 AM
Hey Taylor, I think it would be kinda cool if you posted some stats from the show (if you have access to that stuff on Spinitron) :)
Taylor (host) 12:46:13 AM
What stats were you looking for, Irene?
Irene Liu 12:47:50 AM
top albums, nothing crazy haha
Taylor (host) 12:49:15 AM
Ha. Like most played albums, etc.? I'd be kinda of curious to know those myself. I can tell you the band we play most is Slayer. They're the one band we play every single week, except for one show out of the year.
Taylor (host) 12:51:20 AM
I'll see if it's a possibility. I think there's a way to do top albums for the whole station, but none of mine would be on there since I'm the only one who plays them.
Irene Liu 12:51:35 AM
Yep! I thinking having one show without Slayer is okay, as long as we have Touch of Slayer
Taylor (host) 12:51:53 AM
Ha. Agreed. We make up for it that night.
Irene Liu 12:52:48 AM
okay, cool! Looking forward to see what you can find
Taylor (host) 12:53:22 AM
You got it. It's always awesome to know you're out there listening.
Bardock 12:53:55 AM
Taylor (host) 12:54:16 AM
Just got one more tune after this one, Bardock. I'll get them in next week for you, though.
Bardock 12:54:32 AM
Irene Liu 12:56:53 AM
Taylor got that super secret new album hookup, lmao
Taylor (host) 1:00:31 AM
Ha. I wish. I don't think those dudes are ever putting out a new one. I've been waiting forever.
Taylor (host) 1:00:41 AM
Good night, all!
Frankie 1:00:43 AM
Yes, I Enjoyed Tonight's Radio Show. Chat With You Again Next Friday. Good Night.