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KSSU Sparky

The Anti-Flow

Sep 27, 2019 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM



Hello to anyone who was curious and decided to click here or however you got here. I am DJ JAE and I mainly play 90's and 2000's music. If you can give me a listen; I would greatly appreciate it. :D

The Anti-Flow
12:07 PM
Save Face - Bad
Save Face Bad
Merci Hot - Yes Epitaph Alternative
This was a pleasant opener song. Nice to slow down the tempo.
12:09 PM
PSA: D&D Floors
12:11 PM
Talk Segment: Intro to the show

This is where I give any updates about today's show.

12:12 PM
PSA: The Los Rios College Federation of Teachers
12:13 PM
Webster the Kat - Lost
Webster the Kat Lost
Lost - Single Hot - Yes 909086 Records DK Hip-Hop
This is probably the most I've like a rap song in a while.
12:16 PM
Jay Som - Devotion
Jay Som Devotion
Anak Ko Hot - Yes Polyvinyl Records Alternative
Nice song I can bob my head to.
12:20 PM
Close Talker - Wait
Close Talker Wait
How Do We Stay Here? Hot - Yes Slow Weather Alternative
I liked this song but two minutes later I completely forgot about it.
12:25 PM
Campus PSA: UNIQUE Programs
12:26 PM
Talk Segment: Rant Time!

This is where I complain about what's bothered me throughout the week. :D

12:38 PM
Oh, Rose - Be Kind to Me
Oh, Rose Be Kind to Me
While My Father Sleeps Hot - Yes Park The Van Alternative
This is a destresser song. Good for when you need to calm down.
12:42 PM
Origami Ghosts - Grumpiness Pill
Origami Ghosts Grumpiness Pill
Healthy Travel Potions Hot - Yes Origami Ghosts Alternative
Reminds me of Asian Kung-Fu Generation so its an automatic like.