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KTUH is a non-commercial, student-run, listener-supported station in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was Hawaii's first non-commercial FM station, and signed on the air July 7, 1969. Programming originates from the studios located on the campus of the Univer

KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

The Friday Dub Crawl

Oct 15, 2021 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Sejika

The Friday Dub Crawl will take you to different genres of sound throughout the evening.

Each sound is specific, but delivers the same feel-good vibes to get you ready for the weekend!

Stop off at the Dub Reggae Hall for cool, refreshing versions… then stumble over to the Bass Music Lounge for heavy shots to your bass-face… and finally weave your way towards the Jungle Massive for roof-smashing drum & bass!

The Friday Dub Crawl
3:04 PM
Sub Focus - Follow the Light [Pola & Bryson Remix]
Sub Focus Follow the Light [Pola & Bryson Remix]
Reworks 1 MERLIN - RAM Records 2021 GB5KW2102871
3:08 PM
Echomatics - Fall for You
Echomatics Fall for You
Little Vibe C Recordings 2021 DEAR42198789
3:11 PM
Critical Event, Askel and Elere - Endling
Critical Event, Askel and Elere Endling
Inveigle / Endling Fokuz Recordings 2020 NLCK41070252
3:15 PM
Mystific - Emmanuelle
Mystific Emmanuelle
Unbalance My Fate EP Fokuz Recordings 2021 NLCK41088583
3:18 PM
HEFT - Fly To Me
HEFT Fly To Me
About Me / Fly To Me Yumi Recordings 2021 GB8KE2152567
3:18 PM
Sustance - Rumours
Sustance Rumours Oscar Harding
Rumours BELIEVE - Shogun Audio 2021 GBPWR2100090
3:21 PM
Winslow - Mad Flavours
Winslow Mad Flavours
Mad Flavours Soulvent Records 2021 GB6TC2182001
3:25 PM
360 joYnt - Magnetic Forces
360 joYnt Magnetic Forces
Plush Recordings #BeatportDecade Drum & Bass Plush Recordings 2014 Electronic QMRZS1200346
3:32 PM
JUICEB☮X;WES WAX - Bali Speed Chase (Acapella)
JUICEB☮X;WES WAX Bali Speed Chase (Acapella)
Bali Speed Chase / Earth Day WAXBOX 2019 TCAEM1938670
3:38 PM
Vibes - Mystline (tribute to Nujabes)
Vibes Mystline (tribute to Nujabes)
3:41 PM
Makoto;Whiney - Transparent
Makoto;Whiney Transparent
Tomodachi Sessions Hospital Records 2019 GBCJY1900163
3:42 PM
Little Dragon - Twice (LSB Bootleg)
Little Dragon Twice (LSB Bootleg)
3:50 PM
Billie Eilish - I don't wanna... (Shire Bootleg)
Billie Eilish I don't wanna... (Shire Bootleg)
3:54 PM
in:most - Pieces (prspktv remix)
in:most Pieces (prspktv remix)
3:54 PM
Alix Perez - Floating
Alix Perez Floating Alix Depauw
Floating © 2016 1985 Music 2016 UKEWB1600020
4:00 PM
groovelove - viva la cuba
groovelove viva la cuba
4:02 PM
Caribou - Can't Do Without You
Caribou Can't Do Without You Dan Snaith
Can't Do Without You Universal Music 2014 Electronic DED621401192
4:03 PM
Nu:Logic - Our Nights
Nu:Logic Our Nights
Somewhere Between the Light Hospital Records 2017 Electronic GBCJY1700090
4:07 PM
Urbandawn - OK
Urbandawn OK
Gothenburg Cluster Hospital Records 2016 GBCJY1600225
4:09 PM
Sweetpea - Closer
Sweetpea Closer
New Blood 018 Medschool 2018 GBCJY1800046
4:12 PM
Document One - Vibration
Document One Vibration Matthew John King, Joseph James Alfred Froud
Vibration BELIEVE - Shogun Audio 2019 GBPWR1900096
4:16 PM
Ranking Joe - Baddest Selecta feat. Dubsworth
Ranking Joe Baddest Selecta feat. Dubsworth
Conscious Mixology Avocaudio 2018 USA2P1831048
4:21 PM
Serum - Don't Know Why (Original Mix)
Serum Don't Know Why (Original Mix) Various Artists
Welcome To The Jungle (Continuous DJ Mix, Pt. 2) MERLIN - Jungle Cakes 2018 GBFG91800211
4:23 PM
Traumatize - Stereo Yout
Traumatize Stereo Yout
Stereo Yout Part 1 Biological Beats GBRD51800420
4:24 PM
Sam Binga, Rider Shafique - Highly Blessed
Sam Binga, Rider Shafique Highly Blessed
Champion EP Critical Music 2017 GBVPL1700077
4:25 PM
CONSPIRE - Whirlwind
CONSPIRE Whirlwind
Technique Summer 2017 (100% Drum & Bass) Technique Recordings 2017 GBMFG1700724
4:27 PM
Dr Meaker - Root, Leaf & Stem
Dr Meaker Root, Leaf & Stem Clive Meaker, Mapendla Daniel Moyo
Chronic Rollers, Vol. 4 MERLIN - Chronic 2020 GBCEQ1900107
4:30 PM
Dutta - Dragon Fist
Dutta Dragon Fist
The Wizard Souped Up Records 2021 UKK762136003
4:30 PM
Original Sin - Pimp, Dont Limp
Original Sin Pimp, Dont Limp
Grow Your Wings Playaz Recordings 2009 GBLSB0900204
4:31 PM
Serum - Wiretap
Serum Wiretap Mark Gaunt
Chronic Rollers, Vol. 3 MERLIN - Chronic 2017 GBCEQ1600102
4:36 PM
Levela - Brobots
Levela Brobots
-GENESIS- Multi Function Music 2017
4:38 PM
Izo FitzRoy - Red Line
Izo FitzRoy Red Line Izo FitzRoy, Matthew Waer
Red Line MERLIN - Jalapeno Records 2020 GBFBC2001897
4:40 PM
Disclosure - ENERGY
Disclosure ENERGY
ENERGY Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2020 GBUM72004601
4:42 PM
Dimension - Offender
Dimension Offender Hal Ritson, Robert Alexander Etheridge, Thomas Gandey
Offender WMG - Dimension 2020 UKFTL1600209
4:46 PM
Sub Focus - Airplane
Sub Focus Airplane
RAMiami Drum & Bass 2013 MERLIN - RAM Records 2013 GBBZH0606001
4:50 PM
The Caracal Project - Turbocharged
The Caracal Project Turbocharged Félix Clément Burnod, Rohaan Glenwright Grey
Turbocharged MERLIN - Pilot. 2021 Electronic GB2LD2110281
4:53 PM
Phace/Buunshin - IDLE
Phace/Buunshin IDLE
IDLE - Single Neosignal Recordings 2021 DEQ022113141
4:54 PM
Fred V, Millbrook - Poison
Fred V, Millbrook Poison
Poison Hospital Records 2021 GBCJY2100170
5:06 PM
Fracture - Soundboy Get Nervous
Fracture Soundboy Get Nervous Charlie Fieber
Soundboy Get Nervous Exit Records 2018 GBSZM1800533
5:07 PM
Zed Bias - Dissecting Frequencies
Zed Bias Dissecting Frequencies Dave Jones
Different Response Exit Records 2017 GBSZM1700487
5:09 PM
OAKK - Public Enemy
OAKK Public Enemy
Growing Unchained Recordings 2019 GB8KE1857819
5:17 PM
Dj Mellow - get down
Dj Mellow get down
5:23 PM
Walters - Saturn Bashment
Walters Saturn Bashment
Worst Behavior, Vol. 2 Worst Behavior Recs 2019 QZ5FN1919455
5:26 PM
BSN Posse - No Matter How Far
BSN Posse No Matter How Far BSN Posse
No Matter How Far Astrophonica 2018 GB3WZ1800014
5:26 PM
RudeManners - Dehydrated
RudeManners Dehydrated
Avant Garde Inner Ocean Records 2018 QM24S1816331
5:28 PM
Addison Groove - Redeye
Addison Groove Redeye
Redeye Astrophonica 2019 UKN6K1902520
5:31 PM
EAN - Burnt
EAN Burnt
Darknet EP Cosmic Bridge Records 2012 GB32M1100015
5:41 PM
6blocc - Footwork Maurauders Intro
6blocc Footwork Maurauders Intro
5:44 PM
A.Fruit - Echinoidea
A.Fruit Echinoidea
Hospitality On The Beach 2019 Hospital Records 2019 GBCJY1900115
5:46 PM
Machinedrum - Only One
Machinedrum Only One
Only One MERLIN - Ninja Tune 2021 Electronic GBCFB2100567
5:49 PM
Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv
Coco Bryce Ma Bae Be Luv
Ma Bae Be Luv Lobster Theremin 2020 UKN6K2000241
5:55 PM
Amber Mark - Foreign Things - High Contrast Remix
Amber Mark Foreign Things - High Contrast Remix
Foreign Things (High Contrast Remix) EMI 2021 GBUM72106033