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KTUH is a non-commercial, student-run, listener-supported station in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was Hawaii's first non-commercial FM station, and signed on the air July 7, 1969. Programming originates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

The Friday Dub Crawl

Feb 3, 2023 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Sejika

The Friday Dub Crawl will take you to different genres of sound throughout the evening.

Each sound is specific, but delivers the same feel-good vibes to get you ready for the weekend!

Stop off at the Dub Reggae Hall for cool, refreshing versions… then stumble over to the Bass Music Lounge for heavy shots to your bass-face… and finally weave your way towards the Jungle Massive for roof-smashing drum & bass!

The Friday Dub Crawl
3:05 PM
Vibe Chemistry - Baddest
Vibe Chemistry Baddest
Baddest WMG - DnB Allstars Records 2022 ZZOPM2236782
3:09 PM
Alex Barton - Sub Concious (Original Mix)
Alex Barton Sub Concious (Original Mix)
Burning (Original Mix) MERLIN - Liquid Drops 2023 GBKQU2303149
3:12 PM
Millbrook - Inspire (feat. BRAVVN)
Millbrook Inspire (feat. BRAVVN)
Inspire (feat. BRAVVN) - Single 2023
3:14 PM
Changer - Chest On
Changer Chest On
Promises of Careful volume 1 FIVE ALLEY 2023 Electronic CA5KR2316327
3:17 PM
Gemma Rose/Henry - Blinded
Gemma Rose/Henry Blinded
Blinded Dnbb Digital 2023 DGA072236852
3:21 PM
Conspiracy - Moon
Conspiracy Moon
Forgotten Soul Deep Digital 2023 GBLV62216616
3:27 PM
DJ Marky & XRS - LK
DJ Marky & XRS LK
Kisstory 2014 Sony Music CG 2014 GBCEQ2001312
3:32 PM
SOLOMON - listen up (High Contrast Remix)
SOLOMON listen up (High Contrast Remix)
listen up (High Contrast Remix) SOLOMON NEWMAN-WHYTE 2023 GBAYE2300044
3:34 PM
Conspiracy - Forgotten
Conspiracy Forgotten
Forgotten Soul Deep Digital 2023 GBLV62216614
3:38 PM
DJ Koncept - Feel Good
DJ Koncept Feel Good
Feel Good (Villem Remix) Vinyl Combat 2022 Electronic SEYOK2237527
3:42 PM
Matt View - Tampa Sundown
Matt View Tampa Sundown
Echolocation EP
3:49 PM
Bop;Subwave - wait for me
Bop;Subwave wait for me
3:50 PM
Governmentfun - Lost Soul (Nookie Remix)
Governmentfun Lost Soul (Nookie Remix)
RESV001 feat. MC Conrad Resonance (DNB) 2022 Electronic NLCK42217021
3:59 PM
Flaco - Rollin' Dice
Flaco Rollin' Dice
Liquid V Club Sessions, Vol. 5 MERLIN - Liquid V 2013 GBCEQ1300085
4:00 PM
Marcus Intalex - Airbourne
Marcus Intalex Airbourne
4:03 PM
Booker T & The MG's - Time Is Tight
Booker T & The MG's Time Is Tight
Stax Volt Chartbusters Vol 4 Universal Music 2007 USFI86900094
4:03 PM
Tritonal - Metawave
Tritonal Metawave
Coalesce Enhanced Music 2022 GBKQU2255114
4:07 PM
Tritonal - Waterboiler (Tritonia 364) (Original Mix)
Tritonal Waterboiler (Tritonia 364) (Original Mix)
Magnolia (Tritonia 364) (Original Mix) MERLIN - Enhanced Music 2021 GBLV62130767
4:16 PM
Inner Sanctum 3500 - FIND YOUR INNER SANCTUM
4:17 PM
Jerro - Go Back Now
Jerro Go Back Now
Armada Electronic Elements 2021 Anjunadeep 2021 GBEWA2100110
4:22 PM
Jerro - The Fool
Jerro The Fool
The Fool This Never Happened 2019 FR2X41923397
4:26 PM
Nora En Pure - World of Rules
Nora En Pure World of Rules
Monsoon EP Enormous Tunes 2021 CH3131915603
4:33 PM
Matthew Anthony - Headlights
Matthew Anthony Headlights
2012-2020 Perfect Driver Music 2020 Electronic CA5KR1502585
4:43 PM
Apashe - I'm Fine - IMANU Remix
Apashe I'm Fine - IMANU Remix
I'm Fine (IMANU Remix) Kannibalen Records 2021 CA5KR2131903
4:47 PM
Skrillex - Xena
Skrillex Xena
Xena Atlantic P&D 2023 Electronic USAT22300340
4:54 PM
Mija - Paradise Circus (Mija Remix)
Mija Paradise Circus (Mija Remix)
Paradise Circus (Mija Remix) Self-Released 2016
4:58 PM
Kehlani - FWU
Kehlani FWU
FWU WMG - Atlantic Records 2015 USAT21503712
5:01 PM
中原麻衣 - めいあいへるぷゆー?
中原麻衣 めいあいへるぷゆー?
サーバント×サービス 1(完全生産限定版) Aniplex 2013
5:01 PM
Ralph Castelli - Good Morning
Ralph Castelli Good Morning
The Nights I'm Left Alone by Colby Brock ORCHARD - Heard Well 2018 Rock QM6N21889146
5:03 PM
Loxy - Havok
Loxy Havok
Havok / Polaris ThirtyOne Recordings 2023 GBA2A2000182
5:12 PM
Eprom - Shirow Softworks
Eprom Shirow Softworks
AIKON UMG - Deadbeats 2019 Electronic CAUM81900381
5:21 PM
5:56 PM
Haruomi Hosono - Paraiso (2019 Remastering)
Haruomi Hosono Paraiso (2019 Remastering)
Paraiso SME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 2019 JPAL01900290