KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

Radio For The People!

KTUH is a non-commercial, student-run, listener-supported station in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was Hawaii's first non-commercial FM station, and signed on the air July 7, 1969. Programming originates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

Renegade Radio

Mar 1, 2024 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


With Palms

Get your weekend started with a musical journey through the charts of house, techno, breakbeat, and electronic. Available on-air and online, Palms live mixes new releases with undiscovered talent from around the world. With a strong focus on local talent, bringing producers from the Hawaiian underground to the air waves, discussing their newest projects and events. Tune in to hear special guest mixes, interviews, unreleased tracks, along with the newest releases from your favorite record labels and stay up to date with the local underground electronic scene.

Renegade Radio
6:02 PM
Choopsie - Parallel
Choopsie Parallel Choopsie
Bloom - EP Faneca Music 2021 ES71G2131939
6:12 PM
Mauro Ghuess - Carnival (MG Deep Mix)
Mauro Ghuess Carnival (MG Deep Mix)
6:16 PM
Toomy Disco - Paralyzed
Toomy Disco Paralyzed
6:20 PM
Leon - Wake Up
Leon Wake Up
6:24 PM
Julien Fijma - Sweet Resonance (Rooley Remix)
Julien Fijma Sweet Resonance (Rooley Remix)
6:26 PM
Maryanne Ito - Don't Be Afraid (Uk Remix)
Maryanne Ito Don't Be Afraid (Uk Remix)
6:32 PM
Felipe Gordan - I Dont Wanna Try It
Felipe Gordan I Dont Wanna Try It
6:37 PM
Vesy - Jellyfish Jam
Vesy Jellyfish Jam
Jellyfish Jam Tzinah Records 2023 GBKQU2335663
6:41 PM
Dummy Splash - Claramente
Dummy Splash Claramente
Claramente - Single 2169216 Records DK 2021 QZES92128658
6:47 PM
Oscar P - All I Do is Think
Oscar P All I Do is Think
Open Bar Music 2023 QM4TW2351003
6:51 PM
DJ Seinfeld - StarGuard
DJ Seinfeld StarGuard
6:54 PM
Nick Monaco - River (Mija Remix)
Nick Monaco River (Mija Remix)
6:56 PM
Clubroot - Infatuated
Clubroot Infatuated Daniel Richmond
Surface Tension: II ORCHARD - LoDubs Records 2020 Electronic US3CS0900113
7:02 PM
Palms - Live From Denver
Palms Live From Denver
8:19 PM
Gastein - Warung
Gastein Warung
8:28 PM
DJ Fuckoff - fucktopia
DJ Fuckoff fucktopia
Fucktopia Body Language Berlin 2023 QZK6J2371008
8:31 PM
Bjarki - tears in berghain
Bjarki tears in berghain
Tears In Berghain - EP NIX 2023 QMDA72337130
8:33 PM
Ocirala - Day 37
Ocirala Day 37
8:48 PM
LSDXOXO - Green Inferno
LSDXOXO Green Inferno
Various Artists 2 - EP 5 Possession 2022 Electronic FRPZ92116840
8:50 PM
William Marques - Code00.66
William Marques Code00.66
9:00 PM
T78 - Child of the Universe
T78 Child of the Universe
Autektone Records 2022 ITB842200374