KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

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KTUH is a non-commercial, student-run, listener-supported station in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was Hawaii's first non-commercial FM station, and signed on the air July 7, 1969. Programming originates at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

KTUH 90.1FM Honolulu

The Friday Dub Crawl

May 3, 2024 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM


With Sejika

The Friday Dub Crawl will take you to different genres of sound throughout the evening.

Each sound is specific, but delivers the same feel-good vibes to get you ready for the weekend!

Stop off at the Dub Reggae Hall for cool, refreshing versions… then stumble over to the Bass Music Lounge for heavy shots to your bass-face… and finally weave your way towards the Jungle Massive for roof-smashing drum & bass!

The Friday Dub Crawl
3:02 PM
The Doobie Brothers - Listen To The Music
The Doobie Brothers Listen To The Music Tom Johnston
Born To Rock - 60 Tracks of Classic Rock WM UK 2012 Rock USWB11202748
3:05 PM
Stacey Kent - Happy Talk
Stacey Kent Happy Talk Richard Rodgers
Summer Me, Winter Me Naive 2023 Jazz GBKRR2301106
3:06 PM
Bcee - Switchfoot
Bcee Switchfoot Steve Jefroy, Nick Hill
Beat the System Spearhead Records 2012 GBQZQ1102205
3:09 PM
Total Science - Soul Patrol - Lenzman Deep in Your Soul Remix
Total Science Soul Patrol - Lenzman Deep in Your Soul Remix
Select Files 4 Computer Integrated Audio 2009 GBHYE0900334
3:15 PM
Goldie - Inner City Life - Radio Edit
Goldie Inner City Life - Radio Edit D.Charlemagne, Goldie, Rob Playford
Inner City Life LMS Ltd. 1994 GBANR9400068
3:18 PM
Wez Walker/Aethra - Northern Lights
Wez Walker/Aethra Northern Lights
Northern Lights EP Celsius Recordings 2024 NLCK42403347
3:22 PM
Destiny - Lose My Breath
Destiny Lose My Breath Martin Lane
Lose My Breath Balearic Breaks 2024 GB8KE2407442
3:30 PM
Mystific - The New Order
Mystific The New Order
Breathe The Words EP Fokuz Recordings 2021 NLCK41086787
3:35 PM
Flowrian - Whenever
Flowrian Whenever
L.A. / Whenever Jazzsticks Recordings 2021 Electronic NLCK41093935
3:39 PM
Dis:turbed - Words Over Weapons
Dis:turbed Words Over Weapons
Oversensitive EP Identity Records UK 2021 GB8KE2158183
3:44 PM
Tenkei - Maho
Tenkei Maho
Transmissions Pt.2 - EP Evolution Chamber 2024 GB8KE2407088
3:47 PM
barking continues - free - KYPT Remix
barking continues free - KYPT Remix Johannes Schlump
free (Remixes) bitbird 2024 Electronic NLRD52339972
3:50 PM
Healian - WDID
Healian WDID
Maelstrom EP Transparent Audio 2024 UKXM32000195
4:06 PM
Mollie Collins - The Weekend (feat. Ruth Royall)
Mollie Collins The Weekend (feat. Ruth Royall) Jamezy, Mila Falls, Mollie Collins, Reece Pullinger, Ruth Royall
The Weekend (feat. Ruth Royall) Spinnin' Records (Distribution) 2024 NLZ542400316
4:08 PM
DJ Noriken - Tidal Current
DJ Noriken Tidal Current
Shinonome HYPRFLVX 2024 TCJPA2418377
4:09 PM
Friction - Remember
Friction Remember Luke Fitton, Paul Harris, Edward Keeley
Remember (Circadian Remix) Elevate Records 2024 GBPWR2400035
4:12 PM
Changing Faces - Rave Machine
Changing Faces Rave Machine
Rave Machine NUFORM 2024 US38Y2402581
4:15 PM
Javeon - Find A Way
Javeon Find A Way Javeon McCarthy, Will Hine
Find A Way Shogun Audio 2024 GBPWR2400013
4:22 PM
Serum - Jet Ski
Serum Jet Ski Mark Gaunt
Good Morning Sunshine Souped Up Records 2024 UKK762450015
4:27 PM
Fox, L-Side & Sl8r - slammer
Fox, L-Side & Sl8r slammer
Slammer - Single The North Quarter 2024 NLM7H2400006
4:28 PM
LIGHTS OUT Bassrush Records 2024 NL8RL2405072
4:30 PM
Anaïs - Never Seen Never Heard
Anaïs Never Seen Never Heard Anais Jan, Amary Lorenzo
Never Seen Never Heard Hospital Records 2024 GBCJY2400541
4:34 PM
Ill Truth, ZeroZero & Creatures - Money & Power
Ill Truth, ZeroZero & Creatures Money & Power
Money & Power EP Truth Hertz 2024 Electronic CA5KR2436001
4:35 PM
Dapreme - Full Stop
Dapreme Full Stop Patrick Prem, Fabian Stoll
Gimmie That EP Phase Records DNB 2024 GB8KE2401885
4:38 PM
Mozey - Run (Part 2)
Mozey Run (Part 2) Michael Hitches, Sofia Neal
Run (Part 2) Rinse / KOOL 2024 GBQGW2400028
4:42 PM
BangaaBaby4x - Blink
BangaaBaby4x Blink
Stray Away!!! BangaaBaby4x 2021 GX3HH2146587
4:42 PM
Arcane & Jon1st - Waves
Arcane & Jon1st Waves Jonathan Furst, Michael Evans
Waves Defrostatica Records 2024 DEUX42401404
4:54 PM
BOONDOK - World (Original Mix)
BOONDOK World (Original Mix) Ali Bundakji, Tanner Munn, Eric Jaques, Sam Legget, Aidan Naughton, Sam Langley
Nothings' Real (Original Mix) Elastic Rhythms 2019 SEYOK1942055
5:02 PM
Blind Mic - No Lies
Blind Mic No Lies Michael Baines, Robert Smith, David Snaddon, Ruud Whiting
No Lies Precinct 2024 UKXZE2400057
5:05 PM
LARIGOLD - Grappled
Chronique Monique EP Celsius Recordings 2024 NLCK42403479
5:15 PM
Echomatics - Scuba Diving Coconut
Echomatics Scuba Diving Coconut
Scuba Diving Coconut - Single C Recordings 2024 DEAR42487245
5:17 PM
Monrroe - Nothing
Monrroe Nothing
Warsaw - EP Shogun Audio 2021 GBPWR2100033
5:22 PM
Unglued - Born In '94
Unglued Born In '94
Born In '94 (feat. MC Conrad) Hospital Records 2019 GBCJY1900082
5:26 PM
Halogenix - No Pressure
Halogenix No Pressure
Passions Gemini Gemini 2024 Electronic NLCK42404808
5:28 PM
Collette Warren - Rise Up - Ben Soundscape Remix
Collette Warren Rise Up - Ben Soundscape Remix
Rise Up (Ben Soundscape Remix) CW Music 2022 GX4LG2100267
5:32 PM
Vodkah/Dr Khan - I Gotta Know
Vodkah/Dr Khan I Gotta Know
Torch EP feat. Nathalie Maerten Fokuz Recordings 2024 NLCK42403850
5:36 PM
Nia Archives - Nightmares
Nia Archives Nightmares Nia Archives, Ethan P. Flynn
Silence Is Loud Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2024 Electronic GBUM72311061
5:42 PM
TMPZ - Hold You Close
TMPZ Hold You Close Cameron Robertson
Intuition Music Vol.1 Intuition Music 2024 GB8KE2406541
5:43 PM
Frank Lemon & Skyfade - Rising Tide
Frank Lemon & Skyfade Rising Tide
Rising Tide - Single 2024
5:46 PM
Surreal - Get Lost
Surreal Get Lost
Take Your Time EP Fokuz Recordings 2024 NLCK42403486
5:58 PM
MC Conrad - Golden Girl
MC Conrad Golden Girl
Golden Girl Good Looking Records 2005 Vinyl Electronic