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What the Femme!?

Jul 18, 2023 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Former Program Director Montana's Special Birthday Episode

What the Femme!?
8:03 PM
Melt-Banana - A Hunter in the Rain to Cut the Neck Up in the Present Stage
Melt-Banana A Hunter in the Rain to Cut the Neck Up in the Present Stage
Cell-Scape Azap 2003 Classical US36X0400008
8:06 PM
Gel - Violent Closure
Gel Violent Closure
Violent Closure Atomic Action! Records 2021 Alternative QZFZ22100208
8:09 PM
Taqbir - Tfou 3Lik
Taqbir Tfou 3Lik
Taqbir - EP Taqbir 2021 Alternative GBSMU9521174
8:10 PM
Cerce - Fornication
Cerce Fornication
Cerce Record Union 2012 Alternative SEYOK1421546
8:14 PM
G.L.O.S.S. - Masculine Artifice
G.L.O.S.S. Masculine Artifice
Demo 2015 - EP Sabotage Records 2015 Alternative DEZ651373659
8:22 PM
Gouge Away - Uproar
Gouge Away Uproar
, Dies Eighty-Sixed Records 2016 Rock USHM81633804
8:24 PM
Fluoride - Degrade
Fluoride Degrade
Disentanglement 1318181 Records DK 2019 Punk QZFYX1967296
8:28 PM
Divide And Dissolve - Oblique
Divide And Dissolve Oblique
Gas Lit INVADA Records 2020 Rock UKFGV2000202
8:32 PM
Body Void - Drown
Body Void Drown Body Void
Burn the Homes of Those Who Seek To Control Our Bodies - Single 3503734 Records DK 2022 Rock QZMER2212365
8:40 PM
Big Brave - Muted Shifting of Space
Big Brave Muted Shifting of Space
A Gaze Among Them (RED) Southern Lord 2019 Rock USZPA0901737
8:49 PM
King Woman - Morning Star
King Woman Morning Star
Celestial Blues Relapse Records 2021 Rock US2642145602
8:54 PM
Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers
Chelsea Wolfe Carrion Flowers
Abyss Sargent House 2015 Electronic QMLD61400124
8:58 PM
Squeeze Domino Recording Co 2022 Alternative GBCEL2100431
9:11 PM
Punch - Making Room
Punch Making Room
They Don't Have to Believe Deathwish Inc. 2014 Alternative QMFMG1466268
9:13 PM
Sailing Camp - Notre Dam
Sailing Camp Notre Dam
Entertainment for Women 1442002 Records DK 2019 Alternative QZHN41931851
9:13 PM
Punitive Damage - Leech III
Punitive Damage Leech III
This is the Blackout Atomic Action! 2022 Alternative QMDA62242635
9:15 PM
The Armed - Fortune's Daughter
The Armed Fortune's Daughter
Only Love No Rest Until Ruin 2018 Alternative QMDA61896208
9:18 PM
Mortality Rate - Rosemary
Mortality Rate Rosemary
Rosemary / Salt Water - Single Wild Rose Records 2022 Alternative QZMEP2215545
9:23 PM
Tørsò - Reflections on a Damaged Life
Tørsò Reflections on a Damaged Life
Sono Pronta a Morire Sorry State Records 2017 Punk QZAPG1749771
9:23 PM
Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Mika Says
Elizabeth Colour Wheel Mika Says
Queen Tired - EP Midnight Werewolf Records 2018 Rock SEYOK1830681
9:25 PM
Mrs. P*** - Knelt
Mrs. P*** Knelt
Self-Surgery Sargent House 2020 Rock USA2P1950658
9:35 PM
Mannequin P***** - Hey, Steven
Mannequin P***** Hey, Steven
Romantic Mannequin P**** and Many Hats Distribution 2016 Alternative QMZPB1600106
9:37 PM
Otoboke Beaver - S'il Vous Plaît
Otoboke Beaver S'il Vous Plaît
Itekoma Hits Damnably 2019 Punk GBH3Q1908003
9:39 PM
Clt Drp - I Don't Want to Go to the Gym
Clt Drp I Don't Want to Go to the Gym
Without the Eyes Small Pond 2020 Alternative GB9TP2000062
9:42 PM
Midori - Yukikosan
Midori Yukikosan
Aratamemashite Hajimemashite Midori Desu Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 2008 Rock JPN300800362
9:50 PM
Nine of Swords - Judith
Nine of Swords Judith
Nine of Swords Lauren Records 2013 Alternative USQY51792215
9:52 PM
Cloud Rat - Porcelain Boat
Cloud Rat Porcelain Boat
Threshold Artoffact Records 2022 Rock QM4TW2284222
9:54 PM
Itchy Kitty - Hairballs Regurgitated
Itchy Kitty Hairballs Regurgitated
Mr. Universe Corporat Records 2018 Rock USL4Q1847704
9:58 PM
Denial of Life - Labyrinth
Denial of Life Labyrinth
No Reason Denial of Life 2022 Alternative QZMEQ2247695