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Radio K - KUOM is the award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new.

Radio K - KUOM Minneapolis, MN

Tuesday 7 PM - 9 PM

Sep 20, 2022 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Variety Shift

With Brandon W

Tuesday 7 PM - 9 PM
7:04 PM
Triathalon - Infinity Mirror
Triathalon Infinity Mirror
Spin Lex Records
7:07 PM
Enumclaw - Jimmy Neutron
Enumclaw Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - Single Luminelle Recordings
7:12 PM
Coupons - I Can
Coupons I Can
Wasted Intimacy Counter Intuitive Records
7:19 PM
Dendrons - Vain Repeating
Dendrons Vain Repeating
5 - 3 - 8 Innovative Leisure
7:23 PM
Obongjayar - New Man
Obongjayar New Man
Some Nights I Dream of Doors September Recordings
7:27 PM
Company Inc - Song With Vitamins
Company Inc Song With Vitamins
Limited Liability
7:30 PM
killusonline - Any Means
killusonline Any Means
Any Means - Single Killusonline
7:38 PM
The Chats - 6L GTR
The Chats 6L GTR
6L GTR - Single The Chats
7:41 PM
Green Africa - mysterious travelor
Green Africa mysterious travelor
7:50 PM
Connan Mockasin - B'nD
Connan Mockasin B'nD
Jassbusters Mexican Summer
7:53 PM
WHY? - Women Eye, "No"
WHY? Women Eye, "No"
Oaklandazulasylum Waterlines
7:55 PM
Loveless Rhino/Warner Records
8:02 PM
Ramones - Go Mental
Ramones Go Mental
Road to Ruin (Deluxe Edition) Rhino/Warner Records
8:05 PM
RANCID - Time bomb
RANCID Time bomb
...And Out Come the Wolves Epitaph
8:07 PM
BLACK FLAG - Forever Time
BLACK FLAG Forever Time
My War SST Records
8:10 PM
Dehd - No Time
Dehd No Time
Flower of Devotion Fire Talk
8:16 PM
Unendings - In the Trees (Eyes)
Unendings In the Trees (Eyes)
K Local 11/01/21
8:18 PM
Husbands - Must Be a Cop
Husbands Must Be a Cop
Full-On Monet Cowboy 2.0
8:22 PM
Alwyn - Flowers
Alwyn Flowers
Slab - EP Alwyn
8:26 PM
Fancey - Bubblegum Pop (feat. Micae)
Fancey Bubblegum Pop (feat. Micae)
Star Dreams (feat. Micae) Stoner Disco Records
8:31 PM
Kraftwerk - The Model
Kraftwerk The Model
The Man-Machine (Remastered) Parlophone UK
8:35 PM
Swervedriver - For Seeking Heat
Swervedriver For Seeking Heat
Mezcal Head A&M
8:49 PM
Technical Difficulties(Comedy show) - Ninth Episode
Technical Difficulties(Comedy show) Ninth Episode
June 2nd 2022