KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

The Sound

A 100% student-run radio station located at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA.

KUPS 90.1FM Tacoma

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10:00 AMServing Country (unset) with ,
11:00 AMDeMerritt Dissonance (unset) with Ella DeMerritt
12:00 PMMuppet Murder Hour (unset) with Rotunda
1:00 PMGenre Lasagne (unset) with , Captain Carson
2:00 PMMadness in the Thadosphere (unset) with Thaddeus Smith


11:00 PMkups week 666 (Music) with Maria Ortiz
6:00 PMAlt Essentials (unset) with Katie Eaton
5:00 PMBad Incel (unset) with Native New Yorker
4:00 PMUff-da Charts (Music) with DJ Williams
2:00 PMThe Gilded Palace of Sin (unset) with Johnny Staver