Gila Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM

A Voice and a Choice for Southwest New Mexico

Community radio broadcasting live from downtown Silver City, New Mexico. Blasting 10,000 Watts south from the northern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, and north from the southern end of the Gila National Forest.

Gila Mimbres Community Radio / KURU 89.1 FM
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Afrosonic Taxi

Jan 8, 2022 5:00 PM â€“ 6:00 PM

Pacifica/Syndicated Music

The Afrosonic Taxi connects cultures with music by taking listeners on a weekly journey featuring music with African roots worldwide.

Afrosonic Taxi
5:05 PM
Mariem Hassan - Addumua
Mariem Hassan Addumua Mariem Hassan
El AaiĂșn Egdat Nube Negra 2012 ES5890923705
5:09 PM
Khaira Arby - Tchini Tchini
Khaira Arby Tchini Tchini
Tchini Tchini Clermont Music 2012 QMPGD1200011
5:14 PM
BOMBINO - Tar Hani
BOMBINO Tar Hani Goumour Almoctar
Agadez Cumbancha 2011 USGFC1102002
5:25 PM
Hadja Kouyaté - Beleman
Hadja Kouyaté Beleman Hadja Kouyaté
Yilimalo Frikyiwa la musique des maquis 2003 FR6V80301406
5:31 PM
Nahawa Doumbia - Ndiagneko
Nahawa Doumbia Ndiagneko
Kanawa Awesome Tapes From Africa 2020 QMUGB2203903
5:36 PM
Minyeshu - My Wolayta
Minyeshu My Wolayta
Daa Dee ARC Music 2018 NLH7A1800008
5:40 PM
Badume's Band - Laliye Laliye
Badume's Band Laliye Laliye Antonin Volson, Rudy Blas, Olivier Guenego
Laliye Laliye BELIEVE - Innacor 2021 FRP1M2100010
5:43 PM
Rasha - Ash'ab
Rasha Ash'ab
Let Me Be Nubenegra 2000 ESAAI0127229
5:47 PM
Rachid Taha - Rock el Casbah
Rachid Taha Rock el Casbah Joe Strummer, Michael Jones, Paul Simonon, Nicholas Bowen Headon
Tekitoi MERLIN - Wrasse Records 2013 FRZ010401170
5:52 PM
Khaled - La Liberté
Khaled La Liberté
Liberté UMG - Wrasse Records (US) 2009 FRUM70803705
5:57 PM
John Coltrane - Bahia
John Coltrane Bahia Ary Barosso
Bahia Universal Music 1989 USFI86500185