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Bronx Bob & Kiwi Annie


I spent my first forty eight years, “In the Land of the Long White Cloud” (aka Aotearoa) New Zealand. During my youth, I performed in a couple of stage plays. One fine day, some years later, while on an internet free-lance writer’s forum, a fellow member, (a New Yorker) and I sparked up a lively discussion. Several months later, life-as-I-knew-it went into a tailspin after New Zealand and New York became a team. We spent the ensuing dozen years traveling the highways and byways of America in our motor-home, living a life some might only dream of. New places, new faces, new experiences and horizons. What a life! ….. And then, the Universe directed us to Grass Valley. Four times. The last time, we stayed. For those who feel the magic that surrounds, what further explanation is needed!

Bronx Bob: Before attending Art & Design in NYC in the early '60's, I was the electric keyboard member of a neighborhood band named "The Ebbs." After leaving the band, I cut a vinyl 45 rpm single called "Cherokee". The instrumental made its way to Florida, then died off. Some years later, as a guest aboard a US Navy minesweeper, I cruised the tropical waters off the coast of a country named 'Vietnam' in search of lurking mines.

After a short career in commercial art, but missing the 'action', I chose a carrier in law enforcement in New York. Near the end of 1999, sensing it was time to slow things down, I purchased a large RV, and hit the road with my co-pilot Annabelle. Twelve years and 100,000 miles later, with KVMR FM the only radio station within 'earshot' at the time, it wasn't too long afterward when I heard the 'calling' to start volunteering at the station.

Bronx Bob & Kiwi Annie

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