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KVNF is grassroots, creative, volunteer-based, community-oriented public radio station serving Western Colorado since 1979.

KVNF  90.9/89.1 Paonia/Montrose, CO

Cookin' With Jazz

  • Every week on Fri at 7:00 PM


With The Hurricane, Geitz Romo, Capt. Clearwater, Lady Jae

Jazz from A to Z and beyond, with sounds that range from down-in-the-basement mellow to great vocalists to trans-galactic genius. Geitz Romo, up on the second and fourth Fridays, comes to the party armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of jazz, and always puts it down right on the money, often on precious vinyl. Holding down the first and third Fridays, The Hurricane - a fanatic for post-bop and straight ahead jazz - brings you shows that sparkle and flow with style and momentum. Two fine DJs, Captain Clearwater and Lady Jae, backstop Geitz and The Hurricane with their own unique, brilliant take on the music. Yeah, jazz, real jazz, and lots of it.

Cookin' With Jazz