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Hex Enduction Hours

Oct 7, 2021 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock from the US/UK and beyond!

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Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
10:03 PM
Social Distortion - Let It Be Me
Social Distortion Let It Be Me
Social Distortion Epic 1990
Second single from the Los Angeles punk band, of the band's third studio LP and most successful selling release. Produced by Dave Jerden, responsible for early Jane's Addiction releases and "Dirt" by Alice In Chains.
10:07 PM
The Flesh Eaters - Tomorrow Never Comes
The Flesh Eaters Tomorrow Never Comes
Dragstrip Riot SST Records 1991
Aside from his musical work with The Flesh Eaters, singer/songwriter Chris D. is also a published poet/writer and actor/film director.
10:12 PM
Laughing Hyenas - Hell's Kitchen
Laughing Hyenas Hell's Kitchen
Merry Go Round Touch and Go Records 1995

Post-Negative Approach bluesy punk band formed by vocalist John Brannon. He'd go on to reform Negative Approach and has stopped through Tucson with that band on occasion.

10:15 PM
The Birthday Party - Nick the Stripper
The Birthday Party Nick the Stripper
Prayers On Fire Bloodlines 1981

Debut LP from this Australian post-punk band. Yes, that is Nick Cave on vocals. Band name was originally Boys Next Door.

10:24 PM
Flipper - First the Heart
Flipper First the Heart
Gone Fishin' Public Flipper Limited LLC 1984

Sludge punk from San Francisco, with major output released throughout the early to mid 80s. This album sits on the KXCI vinyl wall. The front LP artwork is a cutout of the band's tour van. The back contains stage, band members, and instrument cutouts. Make your own Flipper show at home!

10:29 PM
Iggy Pop - Tiny Girls
Iggy Pop Tiny Girls
The Idiot Virgin Records 1977

Debut solo LP from The Stooges front man and godfather of punk. Written and recorded in France in collaboration with David Bowie around the time Bowie was also recording "Low". As such, you can consider this album a cousin of David Bowie's Berlin trilogy.

10:32 PM
Massive Attack - Pray for Rain
Massive Attack Pray for Rain
Heligoland Virgin Records 2010

Fifth studio LP from this experimental electronic-focused English act. Vocal contributions throughout this LP from members of Blur, Mazzy Star, Elbow, TV On the Radio, plus reggae artist Horace Andy. David Bowie was to be a vocal contributor but that did not happen.

10:39 PM
My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath
My Bloody Valentine Lose My Breath
Isn’t Anything Domino Recording Co 1988

Debut LP from the shoegaze legends. First of four songs on this album written by vocalist/guitarist Bilinda Butcher. The landmark LP "Loveless" would follow.

10:47 PM
A Place to Bury Strangers - Was It Electric
A Place to Bury Strangers Was It Electric
Pinned Dead Oceans 2018

NYC noise-rock band. Heavy Jesus and Mary Chain influence. Will be performing at 191 Toole in Tucson on February 19th, 2022.

10:51 PM
Interpol - My Desire
Interpol My Desire
El Pintor Matador 2014

Fifth studio LP and one of five singles released from this Manhattan band. Their 2002 debut LP "Turn On the Bright Lights" drew some (unfair) comparisons to Joy Division, though that release is now celebrated by fans and critics alike.

10:56 PM
Bob Mould - Low Season
Bob Mould Low Season
Beauty & Ruin Merge Records 2014

11th studio LP from the former Husker Du and Sugar band member. Fun Fact: Bob Mould was at one time a writer for World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

11:00 PM
Wire - Circumspect
Wire Circumspect
Object 47 P-Vine NonStop 2008

From the great English band formed in 1977. 11th studio LP. Title is a reference to the fact that this released marked the 47th recording made available by the band.

11:03 PM
The Flaming Lips - Oh My Pregnant Head
The Flaming Lips Oh My Pregnant Head
Transmissions from the Satellite Heart Warner Records 1993

The Flaming Lips saw some mainstream success with their sixth studio LP following the minor commercial radio hit "She Don't Use Jelly". Funny to think this would lead the band on a musical path that saw them collaborating with Miley Cyrus in 2015.

11:07 PM
Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Fare
Dinosaur Jr. Almost Fare
I Bet On Sky Play It Again Sam 2012

10th studio LP from the alt/noise-rock band. Rolled through Tucson in support of this album with a show at the Rialto. One of the loudest shows I've ever attended.

11:12 PM
The Gories - Detroit Breakdown
The Gories Detroit Breakdown
I Know You Be Houserockin' Crypt Records 1991
1989 debut LP from this Detroit garage punk band.
11:14 PM
The Gun Club - Bad Indian
The Gun Club Bad Indian
Miami (Remastered 2020) Blixa Sounds 1982

Second studio LP from the Los Angeles blues punk band. Debbie Harry of Blondie fame recorded backing vocals throughout and is credited as D.H. Laurence Jr..

11:17 PM
The Wasps - Something to Tell You
The Wasps Something to Tell You
Punkyronics Vespa Records 2020

English band formed in that initial 1977 punk explosion but fell on the wayside unlike other contemporaries, despite their musical bonafides.

11:26 PM
Toy Dolls - Dig That Groove Baby
Toy Dolls Dig That Groove Baby
Dig That Groove Baby Castle Communications 1983

1983 debut LP from this English punk band active since 1979. You may also recognize this cut from "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4", whose soundtrack also featured Iron Maiden, N.W.A., Gang Starr, and more.

11:29 PM
Alternative TV - Why Don't You Do Me Right
Alternative TV Why Don't You Do Me Right
The Image Has Cracked - The Alternative TV Collection Anagram Records 1994

More late 70s English punk. Early band recordings featured Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle on drums.

11:32 PM
The Clash - English Civil War
The Clash English Civil War
Give 'Em Enough Rope Sony Music UK 2013

Second CLash studio LP. Recorded from Sandy Pearlman of Blue Oyster Cult, probably to make this release and the band palatable to mainstream rock and/or roll listeners.

11:35 PM
New York Dolls - Vietnamese Baby
New York Dolls Vietnamese Baby
New York Dolls Mercury Records 1973

So much has been written about this album that I cannot contribute anything to that conversation. If you're not familiar with this release, you have some listening to do this weekend.

11:38 PM
Protex - Night Of Action
Protex Night Of Action
Strange Obsessions Rob's House Records 2010

Irish punk band directly inspired by The Clash, with this band's name taken from the Clash cut "Protex Blue". This compilation is really a collection of recordings intended to be the band's debut LP, which never materialized until 2010.

11:41 PM
Ramones - I Remember You
Ramones I Remember You
Leave Home Rhino/Warner Bros. 1977
First single from the band's second studio LP. Saw some shows opening for Blue Oyster Cult in support of this album.
11:48 PM
Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone
Violent Femmes Gone Daddy Gone
Violent Femmes Craft Recordings 2002

Gordon Gano wrote most of this album at the age of 18. I was probably sniffing glue at that age. Check out the xylophone solo!

11:51 PM
The Nightingales - Idiot Strength
The Nightingales Idiot Strength
Pissed & Potless: The Definitive Nightingales Collection Cherry Red Records 1981

Band formed from the ashes of experimental punk band The Prefects, but would first go on to support The Clash as part of the "White Riot" tour, THEN become The Nightingales.

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