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Hex Enduction Hours

Jan 27, 2022 10:00 PM â€“ 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock from the US/UK and beyond!

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Hex Enduction Hours
9:59 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
10:00 PM
The Kinks - Australia
The Kinks Australia
Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) Sanctuary Midline 1969

As promised last week, opening tonight's all-Australian punk/post-punk/noise-rock show with this ditty. Yes, I know they're not Australian, but I love this album and "Australia" is the title of the cut so...

10:09 PM
The Victims - Television Addict
The Victims Television Addict
Television Addict 7" The Victims 1977

The Victims hailed from Perth and released one of the most well-known and recognized Australian punk singles from that initial punk explosion of 1977. This cut is routinely featured on Australian punk compilations, so if you've heard it before, that's probably how!

10:12 PM
Radio Birdman - Non-Stop Girls
Radio Birdman Non-Stop Girls
Radios Appear Deluxe (White Version) Citadel Records 1978

From Sydney, Radio Birdman were HEAVILY influenced by The Stooges and classic surf rock. Two versions were released of this debut LP: a 1977 Australian release and a 1978 overseas release with an altered track listings and cuts. "Non-Stop Girls" appeared on the 1978 release, which did NOT include the cover of "T.V. Eye' by The Stooges (but played on this show before!).

10:15 PM
The Saints - Know Your Product
The Saints Know Your Product
Eternally Yours Parlophone UK 2009

From Brisbane, The Saints have the distinction of releasing one of the earliest punk singles with 1976's "I'm Stranded", title track from the band's 1977 debut LP. Eternally Yours was the 1978 follow-up, with "Know Your Product" being the second single off that album. This release inspired many Pacific Northwest grunge rockers. Kurt Cobain and Mark Lanegan cite this release as an influence.

10:18 PM
The Boys Next Door - Friends of My World
The Boys Next Door Friends of My World
Door, Door WM Australia 1979

First of several Nick Cave appearances on tonight's show. In a way, Nick Cave, due to his prolific recording, overshadows the Australian music scene. The band would later change its name to The Birthday Party and establish a darker sound...

10:25 PM
Primitive Calculators - I Can't Stop It (Single Version)
Primitive Calculators I Can't Stop It (Single Version)
And Friends 1979-82 Chapter Music 2007

1979 single from this experimental Springvale-based band. Distinct sound unlike Australian contemporaries more in line with the late 70s NYC No Wave scene. Can easily imagine this band fitting in between Mars and Teenage Jesus on Brian Eno's No New York compilation.

10:27 PM
XL Capris - Police Exhibit
XL Capris Police Exhibit
Almost Everything Ozmo Music 2009

Post-punk band from Sydney. This cut was recorded and included on the band's 1981 debut LP Where Is Hank?. Only Australian band included in late BBC DJ/programmer John Peel's box of favorite singles, release posthumously and highlighted on BBC.

10:32 PM
The Birthday Party - Dead Joe
The Birthday Party Dead Joe
Junkyard Bloodlines 1982

Third studio LP from The Birthday Party, the band formed by Nick Cave and company following the change from Boys Next Door. Mick Harvey and Rowland S. Howard were key members of both bands and will feature later on this themed show...

10:35 PM
The Scientists - Set It On Fire
The Scientists Set It On Fire
Blood Red River - EP Numero Group 1983

Swampy punk rock fronted by Kim Salmon. Have musical connections to The Victims, with this EP frequently appearing on many lists highlighting best rock releases from Australia.

10:38 PM
The Celibate Rifles - Tick Tock
The Celibate Rifles Tick Tock
Sideroxylon Laneway Music 2015

1983 debut LP from this Sydney-based punk band. Fun fact: the eucalyptus tree is part of the sideroxylon tree family, if you were wondering what the LP title means.

10:44 PM
Lime Spiders - 25th Hour
Lime Spiders 25th Hour
Slave Girl - EP Laneway Music 1984

More Sydney-based punk! Better known for the chart-topping minor hit "Weirdo Libido" which was also featured on the 1988 Australian comedy film Young Einstein.

10:48 PM
X - At Home with You
X At Home with You
At Home with You Laneway Music 1985

Also from Sydney. Not to be confused with the Los Angeles punk band X. X were a light-hearted, boozy punk band, with this LP recorded in only five days.

10:51 PM
Massappeal - Beginning of a Hurt
Massappeal Beginning of a Hurt
Nobody Likes a Thinker Relapse Records 2007

1986 debut release from this Sydney-based hardcore punk band. Formed in 1985 and heavily influenced by early Black Flag. Toured in support of D.R.I.

10:54 PM
These Immortal Souls - 'Blood and Sand' She Said
These Immortal Souls 'Blood and Sand' She Said
Get Lost (Don't Lie!) Mute 2008

1987 debut LP from Rowland S. Howard, one of the key member of The Birthday Party. Most of the cuts on this release were written by Howard himself, with assistance from his brother and bandmate Harry.

11:03 PM
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Up Jumped the Devil (2010 Remaster)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Up Jumped the Devil (2010 Remaster)
Tender Prey (2010 - Remaster) Mute, a BMG Company 2010

It's Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. What more needs to be said. LP originally released in 1988/

11:07 PM
Lubricated Goat - All Too Sane
Lubricated Goat All Too Sane
Paddock of Love Amphetamine Reptile 1988

What a band name! From Sydney and specializing in noise rock, so fitting this second studio LP was released on AmRep.

11:11 PM
Cosmic Psychos - Rip 'N' Dig
Cosmic Psychos Rip 'N' Dig
Go the Hack GO THE HACK RECORDS 1989

Prolific Australian punk trio formed in 1982. Heavy Motorhead influence to their sound and achieved indie success in the US, opening for Nirvana, Helmet, and L7 in the 90s. Also opened for Motorhead at one point, so dreams can become real.

11:14 PM
feedtime - Highway
feedtime Highway
Suction Sub Pop Records 2012

From Sydney, don't be quick to classify feedtime as a noise-punk band. feedtime identified as a blues-punk band, mostly influenced by the blues as interpreted by The Rolling Stones. In fact, their third studio LP Copper-S is a covers album heavy on the Stones. Suction was released in 1989 and would be the band's final LP until 1996's Billy on Amphetamine Reptile.

11:17 PM
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Into the Labyrinth 4AD 1993

Established in Melbourne prior to relocating to England. For this 1993 release, the group's 6th studio LP, the band leaned heavily into its tribal influences which resulted in a hit for the band and label 4AD, charting in the Billboard 200.

11:28 PM
Foetus Inc - Wash
Foetus Inc Wash
Sink Self-Immolation 1995

Foetus is the long-standing industrial/experimental inspired musical project of musician/composer JG Thirlwell. This 1995 compilation includes rare cuts and outtakes from the 80s, recorded but never released until here.

11:32 PM
Mick Harvey - Slow-Motion-Movie-Star
Mick Harvey Slow-Motion-Movie-Star
Two of Diamonds Mute 2007

Fourth studio LP from the longstanding Nick Cave collaborator and renowned musician in his own right (has composed several films). "Slow-Motion-Movie-Star" was originally penned by a different Harvey: PJ Harvey, during the recordings for her fifth studio LP Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.

11:36 PM
Rowland S. Howard - Wayward Man
Rowland S. Howard Wayward Man
Pop Crimes Fat Possum 2009

Solo release from the Rowland S. Howard, with Mick Harvey in support on drums and organ.

11:42 PM
Grinderman - Heathen Child
Grinderman Heathen Child
Grinderman 2 Mute 2010

Another musical project by Nick Cave (& the Bad Seeds). Created mainly to allow the band to stretch their musical muscles without the weight of the Bad Seeds. Second and final LP released under the Grinderman moniker. This cut was the fourth single from this release.

11:47 PM
Total Control - The Hammer
Total Control The Hammer
Henge Beat Iron Lung Records 2011

Debut LP from this Melbourne-based post-punk band. Reviews of this LP cite a Joy Division influence on this track, but I don't hear it...

11:50 PM
Amyl and The Sniffers - Maggot
Amyl and The Sniffers Maggot N
Comfort To Me Rough Trade 2021

From the hottest Australian punk band going today! Thank you and hoped you enjoyed the themed show!

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Julio P. (host) 9:57:20 PM
They come from the land down under.
Julio P. (host) 11:02:35 PM
Kidding. Here's some Nick Cave first!