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Global Rhythm Radio

Feb 3, 2022 6:00 PM – 7:55 PM


With Matt Moon

Matt Moon takes you on a trip around the world with the finest international music. Parisa takes over for the 4th Thursday of the month.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Global Rhythm Radio
6:03 PM
Yungchen Lhamo - Ranzen
Yungchen Lhamo Ranzen
Ama Real World Records 2006
6:09 PM
Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Offering Chant
Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel Offering Chant
Rain Of Blessings: Vajra Chants (Real World Gold) Real World Records 2000
6:15 PM
Wang Lien - Goat Herding in the Northern Wilderness
Wang Lien Goat Herding in the Northern Wilderness
On the Bank of Yili River Wind Records 1998
guzheng from China
6:20 PM
Wang Xu-dong - Gathering Qi
Wang Xu-dong Gathering Qi
Zhan-Zhuang Gong Music Wind Records 2001
6:31 PM
Liu Sola - The Broken Zither
Liu Sola The Broken Zither
Holding Up Half The Sky: Voices of Asian Women Shanachie 1999
6:34 PM
Thích Nhất Hạnh - The Heart Sutra
Thích Nhất Hạnh The Heart Sutra
Drops of Emptiness (with the Monks and Nuns of Plum Village) Sounds True 2000
6:39 PM
Yu Hong-mei & Zhao Yang-qin - Tending My Camels
Yu Hong-mei & Zhao Yang-qin Tending My Camels
String Glamour WIND MUSIC 1980
er-hu from China
6:45 PM
KODO - Sange
KODO Sange
Mondo Head Sony Music Labels Inc. 2001
Japan, USA, Brazil and more
6:51 PM
Yat-Kha - Chedei Tei (Seven Hills)
Yat-Kha Chedei Tei (Seven Hills)
Aldyn Dashka YAT KHA 2000
6:54 PM
Namgar - Orphan Camel Colt
Namgar Orphan Camel Colt
Nomad Namgar 2009
7:00 PM
Sha'aban Yahya - Searching and Yearning
Sha'aban Yahya Searching and Yearning
Return to Jogja Celestial Court 1992
7:10 PM
Euis Komariah - Lorlarang/Salang
Euis Komariah Lorlarang/Salang
Holding Up Half the Sky: Voices of Asian Women Shanachie 1999
7:19 PM
On Ensemble - Taiko Overtone Quartet
On Ensemble Taiko Overtone Quartet
Dust and Sand On Ensemble 2005
Japan and beyond
7:31 PM
Kelsang Chukie Tethong - Aku Pema
Kelsang Chukie Tethong Aku Pema
Voice from Tara Narada World 2004
7:36 PM
unknown - track 1
unknown track 1
Cambodia Rocks Parallel World 1989
Cambodian Rock 'N Roll from the late '60s and '70s
7:39 PM
Syamsudin - Sigumendar
Syamsudin Sigumendar
Folk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol 2 Sublime Frequencies 2019
7:42 PM
GST Sudarsana - Juru Pencar
GST Sudarsana Juru Pencar
Instrumental Degung Bali Bali Record 2002
7:48 PM
Assorted Artists - Chinese Canon
Assorted Artists Chinese Canon
Bliss Real World 2004
7:53 PM
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Ry Cooder - Isa Lei
Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Ry Cooder Isa Lei
Dead Man Walking: The Score Columbia 2002
slide guitar from India and USA
Chat is archived.
Sabir Said 6:49:54 PM
Request from Sabir Said for to play music from Indonesia and Malaysia
Sabir Said 6:53:15 PM
Surprise me with some cool eclectic sounds from these countries and am requesting to stay in Indonesia and Malaysia in that area on air for a while please!
Matt you are blowing my mind - this music all of it is so beautiful and only yesterday I was thinking of how sorry I am to have missed it for years. Thank you:)
Matt Moon (host) 6:55:12 PM
Sabir -- you got it!
Matt Moon (host) 6:56:32 PM
Thank you FUNNY SPACEGIRL! It's such an honor to share this music with the world...or whoever is listening.
I agree - I wish we could hear this stuff for an hour every week. It's drop dead gorgeous and takes me back to Asia.
Matt this takes all space girls back into a special galaxy where they float in tranquility.
How can I find out, not withstanding the fact I love all your music, when you will play exactly this mysterious exotic music again please?
Matt Moon (host) 7:01:42 PM
I never know what I'm going to play. I just follow divine inspiration. I'm more of a cosmic fulcrum than a DJ. So I wish I could tell you, but I don't even know. I guess that's why it's best to be in the moment, yeah?
Guess I will float off to Youtube for another dose then unless you can suggest an easy accessible source please?
Sabir Said 7:06:26 PM
Request: would like to hear some stuff from Sublime Frequencies label
Sabir Said 7:06:52 PM
So far enjoying what i am hearing!
Bama Dan 7:24:23 PM
Whoa...that sounded so much like a didgeridoo...?
John George 7:26:01 PM
...but it's a human voice!
Bama Dan 7:26:04 PM
"Overtones" is right. Wow.
Matt Moon (host) 7:26:05 PM
Bama -- right?!? Overtone singing is human didj without the digj.
John George 7:27:25 PM
First heard Tuvan throat-singing 30-odd years ago ("some of them very odd") when Hun Huur Tu visited Tucson.
Bama Dan 7:29:01 PM
But is this Tuvan?!? I know that Jim Blackwood is featuring them this week?
Bama Dan 7:29:15 PM
Ah...OK, thanks, Matt.
Bama Dan 7:31:15 PM
Love it.
Matt Moon (host) 7:31:56 PM
John -- I remember that Huun Huur Tu. I got to go backstage and hang with them. What a treat!
John George 7:33:01 PM
I did too!
Bama Dan 7:33:23 PM
"Them" = KHOOMEI BEAT. Ugh.
John George 7:34:03 PM
They gave some impromptu instruction on throat-singing. Something I'd still give my eye-teeth to be able to do.
John George 7:35:15 PM
Isn't there a Mongolian (or Tuvan?) group that's been making a name for themselves in Folk Metal circles?
John George 7:40:07 PM
The Hu?
Bama Dan 7:41:00 PM
And of course Tuvan Throat inging isn't the only style. Cheron has played Quantum Tangle from Canada that also does throat singing.
Bama Dan 7:41:14 PM
John George 7:42:01 PM
There's even a cowboy that did it...
Bama Dan 7:42:04 PM
Sorry, that first sentence was a train wreck, lol
Bama Dan 7:43:27 PM
Anyway, throat singing seems to be prevalent among many cultures, not just the Tuvan. :-D
Matt Moon (host) 7:45:15 PM
Yes, Tuvans may have perfected it. But it's a human thang closely associated with shamanic practices...you should try it.
Matt Moon (host) 7:45:37 PM
And the Tuvan metal band, or one of them, is Khoomei Beat.
John George 7:47:45 PM
I'm not sure but I think the very word "shaman" comes from Tengrism, the indigenous religion of the Mongols, Tuvans, Turkics, &c.
John George 7:48:21 PM
& thx Matt for "Khoomei Beat", shall look it up...
Matt Moon (host) 7:50:03 PM
Changys Baglash is their new CD. I just got it from the UK, reviewed it, and put it in the KXCI library. Really good stuff.
John George 7:50:19 PM
Perfect music for "steppin'" out of a Saturday night.
corbin frame 7:53:27 PM
Matt, thank you for another beautiful show... it makes me feel like everything is gonna be alright.
John George 7:55:57 PM
Hear, hear!