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Hex Enduction Hours

Feb 24, 2022 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Keep warm with some crunchy noise.

Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985


10:04 PM
Death - Politicians In My Eyes
Death Politicians In My Eyes
...For the Whole World to See Drag City Records 2009

Detroit proto-punk band consisting of brothers David, Bobby, and Dannis Hackney. "Politicians In My Eyes - whose lyrical content is relevant especially today - was recorded in 1976 as the lead single to a 7-song EP funded by Clive Davis and Columbia Records. The band refused to change its name and tied artistic vision, so they were canned by Davis, with the proposed album shelved until 2009, where it was re-discovered and released in full by Drag City Records!

10:10 PM
Pure Hell - Courageous Cat
Pure Hell Courageous Cat
Noise Addiction Welfare Records 2016

Cited by members of the band and music historians as America's first black punk band. Unappreciated during its time, though they were a heavy influence on early Bad Brains. Pure Hell, like Death, had their only album shelved for close to three decades, with Henry Rollins "re-discovering" the band and releasing their only LP on his label.

10:14 PM
Bad Brains - Re-Ignition
Bad Brains Re-Ignition
I Against I Bad Brains Records 2019

Third studio LP from the Washington, D.C../NYC hardcore punk band, originally released on SST Records. On this LP, the band brought its reggae, dub, and metal influences to the forefront.

10:18 PM
Living Colour - Desperate People
Living Colour Desperate People
Vivid Epic 2002

Debut LP from this NYC band that - like Bad Brains - blended different genres into its metal influenced sound. Guest vocals on select tracks from members of Public Enemy. Plus Mike Jagger on harmonica!

10:28 PM
Screaming Trees - Standing on the Edge
Screaming Trees Standing on the Edge
Clairvoyance Hall of Records 2005

Two days ago, the musical world saw the passing of singer/songwriter Mark Lanegan. Born in 1964, Lanegan produced a prolific body of work going back to 1984. He fronted grunge band Screaming Trees, with this (the first of several LPs) released in 1986 and heavy on neo-psyschedlia.

10:34 PM
Queens of the Stone Age - In the Fade
Queens of the Stone Age In the Fade
Rated R Interscope 2007

Youngsters too young to remember grunge likely became acquainted with Mark Lanegan through his contributions to Queens of the Stone Age, whose gravely vocals served as a welcome contrast to Josh Homme's more dulcet tone.

10:38 PM
Mark Lanegan - Head
Mark Lanegan Head
Bubblegum Beggars Banquet 2004

Lanegan also released 12 studio albums. "Bubblegum" - his sixth, was his first solo album to hit several music charts. As he had done for other artists, this release included guest appearances by PJ Harvey, Wendy Rae Fowler, members of Guns N Roses, and many others. RIP Mark Lanegan.

10:44 PM
Napalm Death - Narcissus
Napalm Death Narcissus N
Resentment Is Always Seismic (A Final Throw of Throes) Century Media 2022

Latest EP from the English grindcore legends. True story: I played this for my five year-old in the car and he fell asleep!

10:47 PM
Melvins - Caddy Daddy
Melvins Caddy Daddy N
Working with God Ipecac Recordings 2021

One of two new releases by Melvins in the last year. The cuts on this LP feature works originally written or incompletely recorded dating to the 80s! According to Buzz Osborne, the lyrics reference a local they knew back then that drove a Cadillac.

10:52 PM
Slab! - Last Detail
Slab! Last Detail
Sanity Allergy Ink Records 1988

Third studio LP from this English industrial band. Napalm Death included a Slab! cover on its most recent EP.

10:55 PM
Author & Punisher - Drone Carrying Dread
Author & Punisher Drone Carrying Dread N
Krüller Relapse Records 2022

Author & Punisher is the stage name for artist Tristan Shone, blending heavy industrial and metal sounds to create a punishing barrage of noise. Newest release from A&P released in February.

11:06 PM
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - A Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind) [4521.0kHz 6730.0kHz 4109.09kHz] / Job’s Lament / First of the Last Glaciers / where we break how we shine [ROCKETS FOR MARY]
Godspeed You! Black Emperor A Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind) [4521.0kHz 6730.0kHz 4109.09kHz] / Job’s Lament / First of the Last Glaciers / where we break how we shine [ROCKETS FOR MARY] N
G_d's Pee AT STATE'S END! Constellation 2021

7th studio LP from the Canadian post-punk band, recorded at the height of the COVID pandemic. Probably finds the band at its most hopeful yet. Dedicated to all Ukrainians defending their homeland and those seeking refuge across Europe. May they still have a home when this ends.

11:28 PM
MY DISCO - Recede
Severe Temporary Residence Ltd. 2015

Experimental band from Australia, influenced by Big Black and its name taken directly from a title of a tune by said band.

11:37 PM
Gary Numan - The Gift
Gary Numan The Gift N
Intruder BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd 2021

Despite being better known for New Wave hits "Cars" and "Are Friends Electric?", English musician Gary Numan has released a prolific body of work. On here - his 21st studio LP - Numan continues his theme about the possibility of a bleak future with a concept album primarily told from the Earth's point-of-view, decrying the ills brought on by humanity.

11:43 PM
Massive Attack - Splitting the Atom
Massive Attack Splitting the Atom
Heligoland Virgin Records 2010

Fifth studio LP from the experimental electronic English act. Guest vocals on this cut by Damon Albarn of Blur.

11:53 PM
ACTORS - Like Suicide
ACTORS Like Suicide N
Acts of Worship Artoffact Records 2021

Latest from this darkwave-inspired Canadian band.

Chat is archived.
Julio P. (host) 9:56:10 PM
Is this thing on?
Bama Dan 10:01:46 PM
Whah whah!
Julio P. (host) 10:01:56 PM
Whammy bar!
Norma Lipout 10:02:23 PM
Hex induction hours!!
Julio P. (host) 10:02:29 PM
Woo, hello all!
Norma Lipout 10:02:41 PM
Enduction, whoops!
Bama Dan 10:02:50 PM
Whoot Whoot!
Norma Lipout 10:03:49 PM
Going to make myself a nice warm cup of late night tea to go along with my late night rock
Julio P. (host) 10:04:46 PM
Bama Dan 10:04:49 PM
Yeah...great job by Amy Frost...wow!
Julio P. (host) 10:05:25 PM
No kidding. Awesome HatA tonight
Bama Dan 10:09:14 PM
Even back in the 80s, we all thought Clive Davis was a complete asshole.
Julio P. (host) 10:09:40 PM
Bama Dan 10:17:57 PM
Very cool cut from Pure Hell. They were in there during the crucial years. I confess I wasn't aware of them until tonight.
Norma Lipout 10:30:34 PM
I once read a study that claimed your music taste is formed in high school and remains relatively stable after that - if you liked country then, you would enjoy country and country like music for basically the rest of your life. I wonder if it was true, or got proven wrong?
Julio P. (host) 10:31:53 PM
That is interesting. I was big into nu-metal in high school. Wasn't until senior year where I started discovering non-commercial punk acts. I went through a huge Anti-Flag stage. Oof.
Julio P. (host) 10:32:42 PM
Though Rage Against the Machine was my favorite band throughout high school. Still listen to them, so that theory probably holds water.
Norma Lipout 10:34:39 PM
Bama Dan 10:34:43 PM
@Norma: I'm happy to say that while I still love what I listened to in high school, I have gravitated towards MANY other musical groups and artists since then!
Julio P. (host) 10:35:57 PM
Yes, Anti-Flag, some punk band from the East Coast. I echo Dan's sentiment. If I were to put together a Desert Island Top Ten, it may surprise you
Julio P. (host) 10:36:13 PM
Or maybe not
Bama Dan 10:37:17 PM
In fact, some of my high school buddies are still into the same stuff they were into back in the late 70s. Not me.
Bama Dan 10:37:34 PM
We're all different. We're all individuals.
Julio P. (host) 10:38:05 PM
Very true. No judgments here
Bama Dan 10:39:06 PM
And thanks, Julio, for this Mark Lanegan tribute.
Julio P. (host) 10:39:42 PM
Yer welcome
Norma Lipout 10:40:42 PM
I think this is my favorite of his songs that I have heard so far, I really like that industrial metallic sound background click
Julio P. (host) 10:45:08 PM
"Bubblegum" is a great record top to bottom. I recommend that as a good Lanegan starting point for anyone unfamiliar.
Norma Lipout 10:45:45 PM
Well, perfect for me then! Lanegan beginner (well, pretty much anything here beginner. I want to get more well versed in music)
Bama Dan 10:48:43 PM
Your five year old must get a variety of music! :-)
Julio P. (host) 10:50:08 PM
Hahaha, yes. Yes, he does. He appreciated "Follow the Leader" by Eric B. and Rakim when that was on heavy rotation on the way to kindergarten.
Norma Lipout 11:10:04 PM
Oh wow, creepy crawly. This reminds me of those really experimental composers, musique concrete stuff
Julio P. (host) 11:11:19 PM
Good call. Makes me think of Arnold Schoenberg now that you mention it.
Norma Lipout 11:46:19 PM
I'm really enjoying this song. I like that background beat
Julio P. (host) 11:46:41 PM
Yes, a nice respite from all the gloom that preceded it.
Julio P. (host) 11:47:02 PM
Next week's show will have a hoppy, college radio vibe!
Norma Lipout 11:49:54 PM
Exciting- I look forward to it! Do college radio stations have their own set of stereotypes for what they play?
Norma Lipout 11:52:52 PM
Ahh, last song of hex enduction hours
Julio P. (host) 11:53:01 PM
Haha, in a way. I remember college radio being formative in my musical discovery back in the early 2000s.
Julio P. (host) 11:53:38 PM
We'll do it again next week! Thanks for the company, everyone.
Norma Lipout 11:54:39 PM
Of course! I look forward to it.
Norma Lipout 11:56:14 PM
This is a nice song to end on