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Hex Enduction Hours

Mar 3, 2022 10:00 PM â€“ 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

Do You Remember College Radio?

Going for that aEsThEtIc tonight.

Hex Enduction Hours
9:59 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985

Hello again or

10:02 PM
Cloakroom - Lost Meaning
Cloakroom Lost Meaning N
Dissolution Wave Relapse Records 2022

Opening cut to the newest LP from the Northwest Indiana shoegaze inspired trio. A concept album of sorts (when incorporating the insert/cover/back) focused on a future wiped out from a tragic physics accident.

10:06 PM
My Bloody Valentine - Only Tomorrow
My Bloody Valentine Only Tomorrow
m b v Domino Recording Co 2013

Following an over two decade hiatus, shoegaze legends My Bloody Valentine released their third studio LP in 2013, though Kevin Shields had been working on initial compositions that would make up most of this release since 2006. Much mellower sound than previous recordings.

10:13 PM
Boris - The Fallen
Boris The Fallen N
W Sacred Bones Records 2022

Latest 27th release (or so) from the experimental Japanese noise rock legends. Much more contemplative side of the band, the work itself a reflection on the state of the world making its way through this pandemic.

10:17 PM
Creative Adult - Control My Eyes
Creative Adult Control My Eyes
Psychic Mess Run For Cover Records 2014

From Northern California, Creative Adult delivered a vlast of Sonic Youth inspired noisy post-punk on this LP, produced by Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

10:25 PM
Sonic Youth - 100%
Sonic Youth 100%
Dirty Geffen 2015

Speak of the devil...

10:27 PM
Nicfit - Human Inane
Nicfit Human Inane N
Fuse Upset The Rhythm 2022

Debut LP from this Japanese art-punk band. Nicfit has been active for close to a decade but didn't release its first LP until early 2022!

10:31 PM
Flood Twin - Control
Flood Twin Control N
Flood Twin Flood Twin 2021

Debut LP from this Atlanta-based post-punk trio, drawing from such 80s post-punk influences as Gang of Four, Public Image Ltd., Wire, and Killing Joke. My sleeper record of 2021. Highly recommended!

10:34 PM
The Jesus Lizard - Nub
The Jesus Lizard Nub
Goat (Remaster / Reissue) Touch and Go Records 2009

Influential release from this Chicago0based noise-rock band. The lyrics tell the story of a boy who stuck his hand out a school bus window and lost his arm. So don't stick your hands out of moving vehicles!

10:37 PM
Gang of Four - To Hell With Poverty
Gang of Four To Hell With Poverty
Solid Gold EMI 1981

Sophomore release the English post-punk band that probably inspired you to start a band (like The Velvet Underground did years before). Lyrics much more politically charged compared to the debut Entertainment!.

10:45 PM
Collate - Who Cares About Tradition?
Collate Who Cares About Tradition?
Liminal Concerns Collate 2018

Debut LP from this Portland, OR, post-punk band. Its got that bouncy post-punk vibe I love so much.

10:47 PM
Liars - Mr You're On Fire Mr
Liars Mr You're On Fire Mr
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top Mute 2002

Debut LP from this (at the time) Boorklyn-based arty post-punk revival band. Remember that post-punk dance-punk revival that exploded in the early aughts. Wild times.

10:50 PM
The Fall - Return (SINCD8 Single)
The Fall Return (SINCD8 Single)
Code: Selfish UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 2007

14th studio LP from Mark E. Smith and company, originally released in 1992, then re-released and re-mastered with bonus cuts and extensive liner notes in 2007.

10:54 PM
Stranded - Crossed Lines
Stranded Crossed Lines N
Midnight Sun Double Phantom 2021

Solo project from Atlanta-based musician David Mansfield. Do I hear some Krautrock influence throughout?

10:57 PM
XL Capris - World War
XL Capris World War
Where Is Hank? Axle 1981

Early 80s post-punk from Australia. Song title totally not selected because of ongoing current events in Eastern Europe. I pinky swear.

11:04 PM
Broken Baby - Hand Heat
Broken Baby Hand Heat N
Late Stage Optimism Poor Man Records 2021

Los Angeles based punk band Broken Baby is actress/singer Amber Bollinger and musician/producer Alex Dezen. Dezen fronted indie band The Damnwells and has written material for Justin Beiber, Robin Thicke, and others.

11:07 PM
Pixies - I Bleed
Pixies I Bleed
Doolittle 4AD 1989

Pixies will be playing at the Rialto Theatre Tuesday, March 15th!

11:10 PM
Protomartyr - Machinist Man
Protomartyr Machinist Man
No Passion All Technique Domino Recording Co 2019

Debut LP from this Detroit post-pun outfit, originally released in 2012. Heavily influenced by The Fall. The original LP pressing was released in limited quantities and increased in price to just over triple digits on the secondary market. Domino re-released the album in 2019. Hope you didn't buy the original at over $100!

11:12 PM
Shame - Born in Luton
Shame Born in Luton N
Drunk Tank Pink Dead Oceans 2021

English post-punk band. Heralded on numerous Best Of lists as another top release from 2021.

11:21 PM
Interpol - My Blue Supreme
Interpol My Blue Supreme
El Pintor Soft Limit 2014

Interpol will be playing at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on April 28th. Slated to release a new album later this year.

11:24 PM
Pop. 1280 - Cyclotron
Pop. 1280 Cyclotron
The Horror Sacred Bones Records 2012

Debut LP from this NYC synth-punk band. We've heard (and will continue to hear) cuts from thier latest Museum On the Horizon. It all started here.

11:29 PM
Slug Guts - Chrome Crucifix
Slug Guts Chrome Crucifix
Howlin' Gang Sacred Bones Records 2011

From Australia, Slug Guts rightfully pull from the jangly post-punk sound molded by Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave, and other Birthday Party musicians.

11:32 PM
Age of Apocalypse - Grim Wisdom
Age of Apocalypse Grim Wisdom N
Grim Wisdom Closed Casket Activities 2022

Latest release from this NYC-based hardcore punk band.

11:36 PM
Cherubs - So Jellified
Cherubs So Jellified
2 Ynfynyty Brutal Panda Records 2015

Austin-noise rock band. Released this album after a two decade hiatus. One of my Top Ten releases from 2015. Read more about it (and the others) at https://kxci.org/2015/12/hex-enduction-hours-best-...

11:45 PM
Cows - Terrifique
Cows Terrifique
Cunning Stunts Amphetamine Reptile Records 1992

Minneapolis noise-rock band. The cover to this - the band's fifth studio LP - is their direct take on Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch! cover, that being a great slice of avant-garde jazz.

11:48 PM
Drain - Martyr's Road
Drain Martyr's Road
Pick Up Heaven Trance Syndicate 1992

Drain was the 90s noise-rock project of Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey, this being Drain's debut LP.

11:50 PM
Friction - Gapping
Friction Gapping

Experimental Japanese noise-rock band formed in 1971 (under a different name). Founding members Reck (bassist) and Chico Hige (saxophonist) would relocate to NYC in later years and form Teenage Jesus and the Jerks alongside Lydia lunch and James Chance before returning to Friction.

Chat is archived.
Julio P. (host) 9:55:50 PM
So... we meet again.
Bama Dan 10:02:06 PM
Buenas noches!
Norma Lipout 10:02:09 PM
Hex Enduction hours! My favorite!
Julio P. (host) 10:02:25 PM
Hola friendos
Norma Lipout 10:04:07 PM
How's everyones nights going?
Bama Dan 10:04:28 PM
Hello Norma, good to see you!
Julio P. (host) 10:04:33 PM
I don't like this warm February night in the Old Pueblo. How are you?
Bama Dan 10:05:09 PM
Is it still February?!?
Julio P. (host) 10:06:06 PM
Oh. March. Right haha
Bama Dan 10:06:39 PM
Leslie Schmidt 10:08:42 PM
Hello Julio!
Julio P. (host) 10:09:20 PM
Hi, Leslie!
Norma Lipout 10:12:02 PM
Ah, good to see you to Dan. Hello Leslie!
Leslie Schmidt 10:12:40 PM
Julio, I start my Thursday at around 4:30 a.m. (because of my demanding cats, hahaha) & starting at 5:00 a.m. it is the BEST day for me on KXCI! I love Thursday!
Julio P. (host) 10:13:03 PM
Woohoo! I appreciate your tuning in. That goes for all of you.
Leslie Schmidt 10:13:14 PM
Thank you Julio!
Bama Dan 10:15:16 PM
Agree. There are certain KXCI shows I don't miss and this is one of them.
Julio P. (host) 10:15:42 PM
Ringing endorsement by way of Alabama. I like it!
Norma Lipout 10:16:12 PM
Oh, this is an interesting song. I am enjoying these heavy noises.
Julio P. (host) 10:16:42 PM
There some melody buried somewhere under the feedback.
Norma Lipout 10:17:16 PM
Hex Enduction hours are a must listen! Always looking forward to it, it's my midweek treat that gets me through the rest of it, ha!
Julio P. (host) 10:18:04 PM
Y'all are too sweet. Gonna make this boy blush.
Bama Dan 10:21:31 PM
I don't want to dwell in the past too much, but I'm a little perplexed about Cloakroom. This is brand new music, and this is the first I'm hearing it. So grateful that HEH is playing it, but why not on other KXCI mixes?
Bama Dan 10:22:44 PM
I thought it was very fresh!
Leslie Schmidt 10:24:54 PM
So funny you mentioned that about Sonic Youth because I was thinking that also & now really wanna hear some Sonic Youth!
Leslie Schmidt 10:25:47 PM
So great! You read my mind, Julio!
Julio P. (host) 10:26:13 PM
Dan: likely didn't get a CD from the label here at the studio. I went out and purchased it for my own collection.
Bama Dan 10:34:11 PM
Oh man, this 6/4 feel is definitely shades of Go4. NICE.
Julio P. (host) 10:35:55 PM
The Flood Twin cut? The whole album is fantastic.
Bama Dan 10:36:04 PM
Bama Dan 10:37:48 PM
Some great contemporary stuff in this show, Julio. Nice work in putting this together.
Julio P. (host) 10:38:54 PM
Thanks! There's a lot of great music coming out this month that I am excited about.
Bama Dan 10:39:27 PM
Love it, and thanks!
Bama Dan 10:40:51 PM
And...not to dangle this in front of you or anything, but in 9 days I'll see Gand of Four live in Nashville.
Julio P. (host) 10:41:16 PM
haha, not at all. Hope it is a fantastic show!
Bama Dan 10:41:48 PM
Thanks. Me, too. SO looking forward to it. After 40 years, this is the first time I'm seeing them.
Leslie Schmidt 10:52:01 PM
Bama Dan, so envious that you're going to see Gang of Four! I saw them at the U of A ballroom, back in 1980 something. They opened up for REM. Fabulous show! Probably one of the best shows that I have ever been to.
Leslie Schmidt 10:53:03 PM
Sorely missed, M.E.S!
Bama Dan 10:54:24 PM
Leslie...very nice! And envious on my end! Have seen REM a couple of times but never Go4. You saw them with the core members, too. Still, I'm looking forward to it!
Julio P. (host) 10:54:33 PM
For sure. There is a band out of the UK, Snapped Ankles, that is a dead-ringer for The Fall. Gonna see about playing their latest single next week.
Bama Dan 10:58:06 PM
Is there some middle ground between krautrock and Jim Morrison? :-D
Julio P. (host) 10:58:43 PM
Bama Dan 10:58:52 PM
Julio P. (host) 10:59:21 PM
Don't be. Always appreciate the laugh. I don't take this music stuff too seriously.
Leslie Schmidt 10:59:26 PM
Julio, you have definitely turned me on to some really great music. You've broadened my horizons, so to speak.
Julio P. (host) 10:59:30 PM
After all, I brought you Bertie Higgins
Julio P. (host) 10:59:43 PM
Musical LSD
Bama Dan 11:00:37 PM
LOL, that has truly been my high point of listening to KXCI. :-D
Julio P. (host) 11:04:18 PM
hahaha awesome
Bama Dan 11:12:43 PM
I really like this trend, Julio...you playing contemporary bands that illustrate the punk/post-punk feel you are trying to highlight each week on HEH. Too often, I think of "post punk" as occupying a certain time period. But that's just not true, and it shouldn't be. You prove that it lives across decades. Very cool.
Julio P. (host) 11:13:49 PM
Thanks! Yes, it's refreshing to hear these contemprorary bands expand on the post-punk sound established in the 80s. I try not to fall into the trap of getting stuck in the 80s.
Bama Dan 11:14:21 PM
I respect that. Big time.
Julio P. (host) 11:14:36 PM
Although sometimes I just want to listen to early Killing Joke and call it a game.
Bama Dan 11:15:12 PM
LOL, I know what you mean. Can we not just end everything with the DKs?
Norma Lipout 11:15:49 PM
So when was the big years of post punk? Are we in a resurgence of post punk now, or is it more that there's just music of all kinds nowadays?
Julio P. (host) 11:22:08 PM
I'm no music historian. For me, '79-'85 or so was the height of post-punk. Bands continue to build and re-interpret the sound. I'm also of the opinion that genre descriptors are subjective, so...
Norma Lipout 11:27:19 PM
Oh, I'm into this one, very heavy
Julio P. (host) 11:27:47 PM
Pop. 1280? One of my fave bands going today.
Bama Dan 11:43:45 PM
Have we been listening to Zappa for the last hour?
Julio P. (host) 11:44:54 PM
ha, help me out that reference is going over me head
Julio P. (host) 11:48:27 PM
Cause I am most definitely not in it for the money
Bama Dan 11:49:52 PM
I was kidding, Julio. Just thinking about "punk" and "post punk", and what they mean, without the dates tied with them. They definitely have sounds associated with them. But what are those sounds?
Julio P. (host) 11:50:34 PM
Gotcha, no worries! Like I said, all subjective, right?
Bama Dan 11:50:51 PM
Funny how these questions lead to more complex things, right?
Julio P. (host) 11:51:00 PM
Musical LSD
Bama Dan 11:51:10 PM
Bama Dan 11:51:19 PM
Norma Lipout 11:56:58 PM
Ahh, goodnight! As always, a pleasure
Julio P. (host) 11:57:14 PM
That's the show! Thanks as always for listening and dropping by on the chat. Catch you all next week!
Bama Dan 11:58:28 PM
Really loved the show! Thanks!