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Hex Enduction Hours

Mar 10, 2022 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

Back in the U.S.S.R.

Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC

Didn't get to bed last night

Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985


10:03 PM
Snapped Ankles - Barbecue in Brazil
Snapped Ankles Barbecue in Brazil N
Barbecue in Brazil - Single The Leaf Label 2022

Latest single from this London based arty post-punk band. Identities of the band members is a bit of a mystery. That happens when you perform on stage in Ghillie suits. Do you hear the heavy and obvious Fall influence here?

10:06 PM
The (International) Noise Conspiracy - Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
The (International) Noise Conspiracy Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
A New Morning, Changing Weather Burning Heart Records/Epitaph 2001

Swedish punk band that associated with experimental hardcore punk band Refused, as Dennis Lyxzén fronted both bands. Third studio LP. Appreciate the sax incorporated throughout.

10:10 PM
Squid - G.S.K.
Squid G.S.K. N
Bright Green Field Warp Records 2021

Debut LP from this English post-punk band. Included on many "Best of 2021" music lists.

10:13 PM
The Residents - Laughing Song
The Residents Laughing Song
Duck Stab CRYPTIC CORP 2016

Originally released in February of 1978 as an EP by the experimental American act. "Laughing Song" was the original opening cut before being move to the number 5 slot on the full-length Duck Stab/Buster & Glen release.

10:16 PM
Mike Watt - Big Train
Mike Watt Big Train
Ball-Hog or Tugboat? Columbia 1995

Debut solo LP from Minutemen and fIREHOSE bassist Mike Watt. "Big Train" was the first single released from this album and saw some rotation on MTV (you may remember it). Guest musical contributions throughout from Dave Grohl, J. Mascis, Nels Cline, Pat Smear, and more.

10:23 PM
Fugazi - Suggestion
Fugazi Suggestion
13 Songs Dischord 1989

About this song - whose lyrics are told from the point-of-view of a woman questioning bodily objectification - Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna said the following: “I have issues with Ian MacKaye—who I love—singing as if he was a woman. But that song changed my life, because it was the first time I ever heard a man singing about something that was predominantly a woman’s issue.”

10:27 PM
Devo - Working In the Coal Mine
Devo Working In the Coal Mine
New Traditionalists Warner Records 1981

Originally penned by Allen Toussaint and recorded by Lee Dorsey, later covered by Devo with their version included in the 1981 Heavy Metal soundtrack!

10:30 PM
Yello - No More Roger
Yello No More Roger
Claro Que Si (Deluxe Edition) Polydor 2005

Swiss electronic duo active since 1979. Yes, Yello had a major hit with "Oh Yeah" due to it being popularized by Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But don't sleep on this - the duo's second studio LP from 1981 - and other releases. Amazing sounds!

10:34 PM
Tuxedomoon - Loneliness
Tuxedomoon Loneliness
Half-Mute / Scream With a View Crammed Discs 1980

Experimental late 70s/early 80s post-punk from San Francisco, signed early on to The Residents' label Ralph Records. Half-Mute, from which this song was taken, was released in 1980 and marked Tuxedomoon's debut LP.

10:37 PM
Shopping - Discover
Shopping Discover
The Official Body FatCat Records 2017

Third studio LP from this London-based post-punk band. Heavy Gang of Four/Au Pairs influence and sound with this act.

10:44 PM
Pop. 1280 - Not Too Deep
Pop. 1280 Not Too Deep N
Museum On the Horizon Profound Lore 2021

Latest release from this Brooklyn synth-punk band. Name of the band taken directly from the title of a book by pulp fiction novelist Jim Thompson.

10:48 PM
A Place to Bury Strangers - Let's See Each Other
A Place to Bury Strangers Let's See Each Other N
See Through You Dedstrange 2022

Finally, the latest LP from this noisy NYC band! Will be playing at 191 Toole on May 16th as part of their "Let's See Each Other" tour.

10:52 PM
Liars - Dress Walker
Liars Dress Walker
MESS Mute 2014

Heavy electronica sounds on the 7th studio LP from this trio originally formed in Brooklyn. Final Liars LP to feature original remaining members aside from vocalist Angus Andrew, who has continued with Liars mostly on his own.

10:56 PM
The Legendary Pink Dots - Love Puppets
The Legendary Pink Dots Love Puppets
Curse Soleilmoon Recordings 1996

Opening cut from the experimental English band's 1983 LP. Good luck collecting the band's extensive output.

11:05 PM
Laurie Anderson - From the Air
Laurie Anderson From the Air
Big Science Nonesuch 2007

1982 debut LP from the experimental artist. Anderson's hit single "O Superman (for Massenet)" was from this release.

11:10 PM
The Fall - Victrola Time
The Fall Victrola Time
Re-Mit Esoteric / Antenna 2013

29th (!) studio LP from Mark E. Smith and company. In this case, "company" included musicians Peter Greenway, Keiron Melling, Elena Poulou, and David Spurr, together marking one of The Fall's most consistent musical line-up with Smith (known for sacking musicians throughout The Fall's history). Together recorded and released four Fall LPs.

11:14 PM
Executive Slacks - The Bus
Executive Slacks The Bus
Executive Slacks - EP Dark Entries Records 1983

Debut EP from this Philadelphian post-punk act. Art school kids, I tell ya.

11:17 PM
Abwärts - Fur Mutti
Abwärts Fur Mutti
Roboter In Der Nacht EP zickzack 1981

German post-punk band formed in the late 70s, with some members shortly going on to join Einstürzende Neubauten.in the early 80s.

11:26 PM
The B-52's - There's a Moon In the Sky (Called the Moon)
The B-52's There's a Moon In the Sky (Called the Moon)
The B-52's Reprise 1979

Do I need to tell you anything about this band?

11:31 PM
Soft Cell - Chips on My Shoulder
Soft Cell Chips on My Shoulder
Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret EMI 1981

Debut LP from this English synth-punk duo. Other cuts on this release get overlooked due to the inclusion of the chart-topping hit cover "Tainted Love". Soft Cell will be releasing a new album - Happiness Not Included - their first since 2002.

11:35 PM
Cold Comfort - Hunt With Us
Cold Comfort Hunt With Us
The Submerging - EP Worn Pop 2020

Ukrainian Cold Wave duo. Hoping for the best for all Ukrainians.

11:38 PM
Joy Division - Disorder (2019 Master)
Joy Division Disorder (2019 Master)
Unknown Pleasures (2019 Master) Rhino 1979

So much has been written and said about Joy Division's 1979 debut LP. So I won't.

11:42 PM
Ritual Howls - All I've Known
Ritual Howls All I've Known
Rendered Armor felte 2019

Latest release from this Detroit post-punk band, clearly influenced by Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy. Band describes its sound as "death jangle."

11:50 PM
The Soft Moon - Wasting
The Soft Moon Wasting
Deeper Captured Tracks 2015

The Soft Moon is the solo musical project of California-based singer-songwriter Luis Vasquez, steeped in heavy post-punk and industrial influence.

Chat is archived.
Julio P. (host) 9:59:39 PM
Here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I've ever known.
Norma Lipout 10:00:56 PM
Hex Enduction hours!
Julio P. (host) 10:01:05 PM
Hola Norma!
Norma Lipout 10:01:24 PM
Hey Julio! How's the night going?
Julio P. (host) 10:01:47 PM
Just getting started. How've ya been?
Norma Lipout 10:04:27 PM
Pretty good, visited family, and just relaxing with some late night radio after dinner
Julio P. (host) 10:05:08 PM
Nice. Glad you're able to tune in!
Bama Dan 10:06:12 PM
Hey kids! I have to confess I did not know what a Ghillie suit was. 😕
Julio P. (host) 10:07:34 PM
I knew of it, having seen one before. But didn't know it has a name until I researched the band.
Julio P. (host) 10:07:39 PM
and hello!
Norma Lipout 10:11:04 PM
Hi Dan!
Bama Dan 10:12:38 PM
Hi Norma! Good plan for you tonight...after-dinner late night radio!
Bama Dan 10:15:13 PM
I have loved everything I've heard by Squid.
Julio P. (host) 10:15:54 PM
Good stuff, yes
Bama Dan 10:16:45 PM
Didn't know about the song order change on Duck Stab, Julio. I thought the lead tune was always Constantinople.
Julio P. (host) 10:17:43 PM
Heck, I didn't know it was originally an EP. I have the LP with "Constantinople" opening. Learn something new every day
Bama Dan 10:18:17 PM
Yeah, interesting bit of trivia!
Norma Lipout 10:30:59 PM
I am enjoying this cut... the transition was so sudden that it had me checking if something was wrong with my player!
Julio P. (host) 10:31:14 PM
hahaha sorry!
Bama Dan 10:34:50 PM
And I'll just throw in there that the original 1981 version of Claro Que Si was on Ralph Records. :-)
Julio P. (host) 10:35:18 PM
Bama Dan 10:36:34 PM
Speak of the devil...
Julio P. (host) 10:36:51 PM
hahaha it just worked out that way
Izzy K 10:39:46 PM
that synth bass has my heart
Julio P. (host) 10:44:25 PM
Delicious bass
Norma Lipout 10:45:25 PM
Hey Isidora!
Izzy K 10:45:41 PM
hi hello
Julio P. (host) 10:46:00 PM
Norma Lipout 10:50:16 PM
I am enjoying this guitar(?) , very nice
Julio P. (host) 10:52:00 PM
Crunchy guitar
Bama Dan 10:52:14 PM
Very cool that they will be playing in Tucson in May!
Julio P. (host) 10:53:34 PM
Yes! Hope I remember...
Norma Lipout 11:05:05 PM
Oh, I can tell that's going to be one of those songs that gets stuck in my head
Julio P. (host) 11:06:24 PM
yeah, that Legendary Pink Dots cut gives me "something is slightly amiss" feelings
Bama Dan 11:07:45 PM
"There is...no pilot..."
Norma Lipout 11:08:56 PM
Going for some very eerie songs tonight, I'm liking it
Bama Dan 11:09:16 PM
Me too!
Julio P. (host) 11:09:24 PM
It will perk up! And then it won't.
Norma Lipout 11:09:41 PM
This one is a mini-horror story in and of itself, it's great
Julio P. (host) 11:09:45 PM
Either way, thanks for joining me on my hare-brained musical journey
Bama Dan 11:10:45 PM
Why no, thank YOU, Julio. 😁
Izzy K 11:22:49 PM
those are some interesting sounds coming from them, are they all right?
Bama Dan 11:23:33 PM
Gotta love the bass line. Sounds like they're playing a chord on 3...
Norma Lipout 11:25:32 PM
ahaha, you had me worried
Izzy K 11:26:27 PM
hate to find out about laurie anderson this way. thank you julio for being the first to report on this
Julio P. (host) 11:26:50 PM
Izzy K 11:27:04 PM
Julio P. (host) 11:27:12 PM
Julio P. (host) 11:27:29 PM
Bama Dan 11:28:13 PM
Ha ha ha!
Richie Cortez 11:29:01 PM
I do gotta say, I wish this block was a lot longer than two hours. This has been a pretty great list and I find myself saying both things every Thursday.
Julio P. (host) 11:29:58 PM
Thank you for the kind words, Richie. Glad you're able to tune in. Maybe more hours for the show in the future. Who knows!
Norma Lipout 11:30:45 PM
Scientists remain divided on Anderson's death.
Julio P. (host) 11:30:58 PM
never gonna live this one down hahaha
Bama Dan 11:31:16 PM
@Norma: lol
Richie Cortez 11:33:17 PM
Would be great. For sure glad this is up. Kept searching a totally different word for the Let’s See Each Other song.
Bama Dan 11:39:04 PM
Julio, did you see DJ El Toro's Zoom presentation early last year about Soft Cell? It was very cool, but unfortunately it never got recorded.
Julio P. (host) 11:39:29 PM
No! What was the gist?
Bama Dan 11:40:06 PM
It wwas part of the joint KXCI/UofA series on LGBTQ+ musicians.
Julio P. (host) 11:40:44 PM
Oooooooooooh. That rings a bell.
Bama Dan 11:41:18 PM
The other 3 presentations were archived, but unfortunately not that one.
Julio P. (host) 11:41:37 PM
That's unfortunate.
Julio P. (host) 11:53:25 PM
Thank you all for listening and partaking in the chat. Tune in next week! Gonna open with a Dead Kennedys and Iron Maiden 1-2 blast. Don't miss it.
Bama Dan 11:53:58 PM
Thanks Julio!
Norma Lipout 11:55:23 PM
Ahh, thank you Julio. Nice track to send us out on. See you next week.
Julio P. (host) 11:55:45 PM
My pleasure.