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Halftime at the Apocalypse

Mar 17, 2022 8:00 PM β€“ 9:55 PM


With Jeff Rogers

Halftime explores global consciousness, politics, life in general and music for the millenium. Kevin Mathews takes over the 1st Thursday of the month.

Halftime at the Apocalypse
8:02 PM
Jackson Browne & David Lindley - The Crow On the Cradle
Jackson Browne & David Lindley The Crow On the Cradle
Love Is Strange (Con Tino Di Geraldo) [En Vivo] Inside Recordings 2010
8:08 PM
Emmylou Harris, Rufus Wainwright,Dick Gaughan, Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Wild Mountain Thyme
Emmylou Harris, Rufus Wainwright,Dick Gaughan, Kate & Anna McGarrigle Wild Mountain Thyme
Transatlantic Sessions - Series 1, Vol. 3 BBC 2009
8:13 PM
The Waterboys - Sweet Thing (2006 Remaster)
The Waterboys Sweet Thing (2006 Remaster)
Fisherman's Blues Chrysalis Records 2006
8:20 PM
Snow Patrol - Fallen Empires
Snow Patrol Fallen Empires
Fallen Empires Polydor Records 2011
8:29 PM
Van Morrison - Madame George
Van Morrison Madame George
Astral Weeks - 1999 Remaster Rhino/Warner Records 1968
8:38 PM
The Lost Brothers - Fugitive Moon
The Lost Brothers Fugitive Moon
After the Fire After the Rain Bird Dog Recordings 2019
8:46 PM
Bob Geldoff - Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things
Bob Geldoff Thinking Voyager 2 Type Things
The Vegetarians of Love Atlantic 1990
8:54 PM
Flogging Molly - The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)
Flogging Molly The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)
Drunken Lullabies SideOneDummy 2002
8:59 PM
The Bothy Band - Hector the Hero / The Laird of Drumblaire
The Bothy Band Hector the Hero / The Laird of Drumblaire R
1975 Compass Records Group 2008
9:05 PM
Hothouse Flowers - Isn't It Amazing
Hothouse Flowers Isn't It Amazing
Songs from the Rain London Music Stream/Because Music 1993
9:10 PM
U2 - Bad (Remastered)
U2 Bad (Remastered)
The Unforgettable Fire (Deluxe Version) [Remastered] Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2009
9:17 PM
Josh Ritter - Harrisburg (Live)
Josh Ritter Harrisburg (Live)
Live At the Iveagh Gardens Josh Ritter 2011
Recorded in Dublin
9:28 PM
The Pogues - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
The Pogues The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Rum Sodomy & the Lash Warner Strategic Marketing 1985
9:36 PM
The Frames - Dance the Devil Back Into His Hole
The Frames Dance the Devil Back Into His Hole
Dance the Devil… Salvo 1999
9:42 PM
Sinead O'Conner - Jerusalem
Sinead O'Conner Jerusalem
Lion and the Cobra Chrysallis 1987
9:49 PM
Great Lake Swimmers - Everything is Moving so Fast
Great Lake Swimmers Everything is Moving so Fast
Lost Channels Nettwerk 2009
9:53 PM
my bloody valentine - soon
my bloody valentine soon
Loveless Domino Recording Co 1991
Chat is archived.
John George 8:09:43 PM
Good evening sir.
John George 8:10:46 PM
Long as you're doing mournful & Celtic, how about "Hector the Hero" from the Bothy Band's eponymous first album?
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:10:49 PM
Good Evening Mr George!
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:12:16 PM
I'll have to look for that! I'm not familiar with them! Always happy to hear something new...to me at least! It won't all be mournful!!!
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:12:38 PM
In fact the next song is full of joy!!
John George 8:17:05 PM
The air in question is followed up by a very sprightly jig: :the Laird of Drumblaire"
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:25:25 PM
Stay tuned
Bud Mudd 8:33:49 PM
and you know you got to go- ride that train from Dublin down to Sandt row
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:41:37 PM
...and the loves to love to love the love....
HEY YOU 8:45:29 PM
Yup enjoying it you betcha Mr Rogers
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:47:07 PM
HEY YOU 8:47:51 PM
Mr Rogers I am trying to pick your accent of origin but I can't - whereabouts did you spend your early years if you don't mind telling please?
HEY YOU 8:49:03 PM
harhar ... Hey you too
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:51:43 PM
I grew up in Santa Monica. My father lived in Hawaii and I visited regularly. Spent a year in Rhode Island when I was 21/22. Been in Tucson since 1988
Bama Dan 8:52:12 PM
HEY YOU 8:52:55 PM
ok wld never have got it but you have a nice voice. 'm eating this humongous bowl of pasta while I listen to all this fab music... it's a great mix. Music for the soul -pasta for the brain chemical effect.
HEY YOU 8:54:47 PM
why was that particular origin amusing please bama dan? and where does the the moniker bama dan come from?
Bama Dan 8:55:57 PM
Sorry...it's just the notorious Santa Monica accent.
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:55:58 PM
Enjoy your pasta and the musical accompaniment!!
Bama Dan 8:57:49 PM
I was raised on the west coast (Bay Area + LA) and now live in Alabama. And I'm in a mood. 😊
HEY YOU 8:58:36 PM
thk you jeff and mr bama its ok don't apologize, no need... I keep finding out I am hopeless at picking US accents. I am from the smallest continent with the nicest beaches and people who are very lucky what kind of mood? A good one I hope...?
Bama Dan 8:59:46 PM
I'm always in a good mood when listening to KXCI! And welcome: "Hey You"!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:00:47 PM
Where are you from Hey You?
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:02:41 PM
EnZed perchance?
HEY YOU 9:03:22 PM
and please educate me Bamarama. why is the santa monica acccent notorious? try not to be tactful if there's any question of tact here because Jeff isn't totally SM and he's cool anyway or sounds that way Jeff my real name is Mia and I am from Australia originally, but am American too now. It's tough because I am soonish to go there and I am gonna have trouble for various reasons to do with that.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:04:41 PM
Ahh...the lucky country! I've spent a heap of time in NZ due to familial connections via my daughter. Glad you're listening Mia!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:05:37 PM
Plus I just love it there!!
John George 9:05:41 PM
Thank you!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:06:35 PM
Your most welcome John! Thank you for the delightful request!
HEY YOU 9:07:41 PM
GOOD GUESS FROM JEFF ROGERS SMART PANTS... that's not termed a continent. it's two islands. Have you been either place? And if you don't know it (and this is truly nuts and might invite rabid responses) the New Zellandahs always get offended if asked if they are from my way place. It's nuts because we sre nrighbors and doubd very similar. I've never understood it. I do know it dsn't happen in reverse. I think it's something odd to fo with the country being smaller so maaybe they get asked
John George 9:07:41 PM
Loves me some Bothy/
HEY YOU 9:08:28 PM
so often it gets irritating... like being a chicken and nearly everybody asks if you sre a bunny all day.
John George 9:08:39 PM
With the Tannahill Weavers & Silly Wizard, they pretty much defined Celtic music for the pre-DKM generation.
Bama Dan 9:10:11 PM
@Hey You: I was trying to be funny, but not anymore. There are accents in the states that are prevalent: southern, northeastern, midwestern, etc. The western accent (including Santa Monica) is not one of them. Jeff's "accent" isn't really understood by most of us as an "accent". Either way, I welcome you to the KXCI community. Good to have you here. For real. 😊
HEY YOU 9:11:14 PM
OH COOL JEFF THAT'S fab... also having an isolated bunny approach I just LOVE IT when people know or have seen where I lived... it dsnt happen much. I met the only other Australian I have ever met here in the states just 2 weeks ago after fricking 30 years!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:11:39 PM
I've not been to OZ...yet...bu have family in NZ and been there 7 or 8 times...where they eat fush and chups!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:12:50 PM
I've not been to OZ yet but been to NZ 7 or 8 times...where they eat fush and chups! My youngest daughter's mum is from there.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:13:51 PM
THere it is!!! THought I lost a post so pardon the redundency!
HEY YOU 9:13:56 PM
Oh thank you Bama Boy that as so sweet of you. At least I think you're a boy... are we ever even allowed to check anymore my God... the world has gone crazy. Jeff wowee zoweee you are just about half nz yourself now
HEY YOU 9:14:48 PM
and drink mulk sex times a day
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:14:55 PM
John...fill me in. WHat's the DKM generation?
HEY YOU 9:15:26 PM
Damn Kinky Mamas
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:15:36 PM
Well there ya go!
HEY YOU 9:16:30 PM
So Jeff you know the noozellandahs better than I do did you pick up on that fu I'm not Australian thing?
Bud Mudd 9:16:37 PM
Hey Dan is that a Cottonwood tree in front of you?
Bama Dan 9:16:45 PM
@Hey You: Sure...I'm a "boy"...a 60 year old boy. LOL
HEY YOU 9:17:24 PM
HEY YOU 9:17:57 PM
Sorry if none of you know many Australians ate extremely silly
HEY YOU 9:18:07 PM
Bama Dan 9:18:14 PM
@Bud Mudd: That pic was taken in New Mexico, at the Valley of Rocks, between Deming and Silver City! I totally miss the West!
HEY YOU 9:20:27 PM
60 yr old boys are still cool... what was the mood expression earlier-what does that mean?
HEY YOU 9:20:53 PM
Bud Mudd is that your real name?
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:21:47 PM
And 64 year old boys??
HEY YOU 9:22:17 PM
Same deal babe 64 utterly cool
Bud Mudd 9:22:25 PM
No my real name is Mr. Padasso. First name is Stew
HEY YOU 9:23:24 PM
Where did you get Bud Mudd from?
Bama Dan 9:23:50 PM
@ Hey You: saying you're "in a mood" is really a southern expression. It can mean you're a little bit rowdy.
Bama Dan 9:24:12 PM
Just a bit fun-loving.
Bama Dan 9:26:38 PM
So...commenting on the music right now...a couple of days ago I saw Khruangbin in Nashville. They were INCREDIBLE. But they did a version of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game. Awesome.
HEY YOU 9:27:03 PM
oh i like that then Bam Boy I am always a little bit rowdy (or a lot) then except I mean just my personality not to do with any extra added ingredients even though pasta has an effect but Jeff might get that if he knows how we antipodeans are... we have a very silly approach
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:29:25 PM
THis is for you Hey You!
HEY YOU 9:30:32 PM
Oh thank you sweet Jeff person and here's a link jeff - I can't get into facebook to check because I am effin social-media averse. It kinda makes me ill - being here yakking is HUGE for me.
HEY YOU 9:30:45 PM
Bama Dan 9:31:20 PM
Love this tune, Jeff. ❀️
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:32:11 PM
...only because of the references to OZ!
HEY YOU 9:32:17 PM
HEY YOU 9:33:57 PM
It's ok goddamn I hate it whrn I get hit in the gut by music hsppens incessantly not just with the homesick number just didn't see it coming there havent heard it for so long at first I didn't realize waltzing matilda would be in it damn...
HEY YOU 9:34:38 PM
I cried my gace about those poor Ukrainians last week it was so bad I was trying to stay tough
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:35:50 PM
One of the things music is good for is cracking open the edge of or defenses and helping us touch our emotional depths!
Bama Dan 9:37:27 PM
@Hey You: WORD. This Pogues tune hits me in the gut every time.
HEY YOU 9:39:04 PM
cried my face that was be nice if I could just spell prawporee lol OK SHES BACK UP AND SILLY AGAIN YOU ONLY GOT ME FOR THAT LONG JEFF. now I am really laughing gawd -remind me not to play the Australian anthem anytime soon - IT TAKES NOTHING FOR ME JEFF YOU CAN BE TOO PERMEABLE ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE EXCESSIVE BRAIN PLASTICITY FROM STUDYING CLASSICAL MUSIC (don't ya love it I'm yelling at you now but happily- this is so Mia) Did anyone know that? Yup it's true bigger fricking brain plasticine if
HEY YOU 9:42:07 PM
Oh that helped thank you Bama Boy but to finish lindon cab drivers have it too they get get really huge hippocampii - I thought I made up hippocampii but it appeared in spellcheck. It's sort of like Karfashii except who wants more Kardashi from Mars? They arrived here, multiplied and now we are totally inhabited by aliens who name their kids after compass directions
HEY YOU 9:44:36 PM
*LONDON cabdrivers I meant...sorry typing on the phone screen... anyway because of their can driving test thry have to use the right side of their brains more and it enlarges the hippocampus. It's like how I learned to drive. I never knew the compass direction I just memorized the map like they do.
HEY YOU 9:46:00 PM
plus we didn't have freeways and exits then we just had to know which street and what the pattern was if you know what I mean even if driving a whole 2 hr trip. I still can't drive here
Julio P. 9:46:30 PM
Sinead O'Conner is amazing.
HEY YOU 9:46:38 PM
Gish I think I anesthetized everybody WAKE UP GUYS COME BACK HERE!
Bama Dan 9:46:46 PM
I can't imagine being a cab driver in London, or New York.
HEY YOU 9:47:43 PM
I was an excellent driver in Manhattan streets surprisingly- and I think there's traffic here now what a joke
HEY YOU 9:48:21 PM
Jeff did you say plaza that way cuz you sound Australian? cuz it did
HEY YOU 9:48:38 PM
Say it again say it 3 times in a row
HEY YOU 9:48:49 PM
Julio P. 9:49:04 PM
Mike Plaaza, what a great slugger
HEY YOU 9:49:22 PM
Thank you Jeff from Bigmouth
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:50:15 PM
THe plaaaza was unintentional...or maybe subconsciously it wasn't!
John George 9:50:16 PM
I had a friend who learned to drive on the sidewalks of Manhattan...
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:50:30 PM
Bama Dan 9:50:49 PM
Listening to KXCI from the internet has a two minute delay, at least.
Bama Dan 9:51:43 PM
I get the jokes late, it what I mean. :-)
Bama Dan 9:52:10 PM
*is*, not it
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:54:44 PM
Thanks you all! Hard to keep up with the lively repartee and do a show but I had fun with you all! Cheers!
Julio P. 9:54:44 PM
Ahhh yeah, My Bloody Valentine!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:55:01 PM
Good lead in for you Julio!
Julio P. 9:55:13 PM
Much appreciated. Tip of the cap
Bama Dan 9:56:07 PM
Whoa! I LOVE this song! This was unexpected!
Bama Dan 9:56:34 PM
Again. Delay.
Julio P. 9:57:01 PM
Are we in the future? Are you in the past? What is time, even?
Bama Dan 9:57:28 PM
I'm a little confused myself, Julio.
Julio P. 9:57:59 PM
That is my usual state of being