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The Home Stretch

Sep 29, 2022 3:00 PM – 5:55 PM


With Hannah

The Home Stretch
3:02 PM
Gene Autry - Back In the Saddle Again
Gene Autry Back In the Saddle Again
The Essential Gene Autry Columbia/Legacy 2005
Born on this day in 1907: Gene Autry, America's singing cowboy. During his career Autry scored 25 successive Top 10 Country hits. He died on 2nd October 1998 aged 91.
3:04 PM
Mick Harvey - Hank Williams Said It Best
Mick Harvey Hank Williams Said It Best
One Man's Treasure Mute 2005
Born on this day in 1958: Mick Harvey, from Australian rock band Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds who have released over 15 studio albums including the 2013 Australian No.1 Push the Sky Away. Also played with and produced several PJ Harvey releases, collaborated with Anita Lane, and many solo releases.
3:08 PM
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - From Her to Eternity (2009 Remastered Edition)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds From Her to Eternity (2009 Remastered Edition)
From Her to Eternity (2009 Remastered Version) Mute, a BMG Company 1984
Harvey and Cave formed Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in 1983. Harvey was principally the drummer on the first 2 albums before line-up changes saw him move to the bass until the arrival of Martyn P. Casey in 1990 when he moved back to guitar, his original instrument.
3:14 PM
Anita Lane - Blume
Anita Lane Blume
Dirty Pearl Mute 1993
Most of the original tracks on this album were co-written by Lane with Harvey.
3:18 PM
The London Suede - Animal Nitrate
The London Suede Animal Nitrate
Suede Edsel 2011
Born on this day in 1967: Brett Anderson, singer, songwriter from English alternative rock band Suede, who had the 1994 UK No.3 single 'Stay Together'. After Suede disbanded in 2003, he briefly fronted The Tears, and has released four solo albums.
3:26 PM
Commoner - Japanese Apartments
Commoner Japanese Apartments L
Opia - EP Common Dreams 2022
Playing 191 Toole on Saturday.
3:27 PM
The Cure - One Hundred Years
The Cure One Hundred Years
Pornography Rhino/Elektra 1982
3:34 PM
Steve Lacy - Buttons
Steve Lacy Buttons
Gemini Rights L-M Records/RCA Records 2022
Steve Lacy is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He gained recognition as the guitarist of the alternative R&B band the Internet. In 2017, he released his self-produced debut EP, Steve Lacy's Demo. Following this, Lacy was featured alongside Frank Ocean on the song "911 / Mr. Lonely" by Tyler, the Creator; and co-wrote songs for artists such as Solange Knowles, Chloe x Halle, and Kendrick Lamar, the latter of whom he worked with on the song "Pride". This is his second solo release.
3:38 PM
Weezer - Undone - The Sweater Song
Weezer Undone - The Sweater Song
Weezer Geffen 2016
3:42 PM
ODESZA - Better Now (feat. MARO)
ODESZA Better Now (feat. MARO)
The Last Goodbye Foreign Family Collective/Ninja Tune 2022
3:47 PM
Witch - Waile
Witch Waile
Waile * 2022
Witch (often stylized as WITCH or W.I.T.C.H.) is a Zamrock band formed in the 1970s. Widely seen as the most popular Zambian band of the 1970s, WITCH (an acronym for "We Intend To Cause Havoc"), was headed by lead vocalist Emanuel "Jagari" Chanda. The band formed during Zambia's post-independence golden days, but by the late-1970s, economic collapse and increasing government authoritarianism saw WITCH, like most Zamrock bands, fading away...until now! First new single from them in 38 years!!
3:52 PM
Sorry - Let the Lights On
Sorry Let the Lights On
Anywhere but Here Domino Recording Co 2022
3:55 PM
The Afghan Whigs - Jyja
The Afghan Whigs Jyja
How Do You Burn? BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2022
4:02 PM
Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman
Bruce Springsteen Highway Patrolman
Nebraska Columbia 1982
Nebraska turns 40 tomorrow. The song tells the story of Joe Roberts, the highway patrolman of the title from whose viewpoint the song is written – and his brother, Frankie, and is set in the 1960s. Frankie is portrayed as unruly and frequently causing and encountering trouble, while Joe is the more mature and sensible brother who always comes to his aid.
4:08 PM
Barton Carroll - Those Days Are Gone, And My Heart Is Breaking
Barton Carroll Those Days Are Gone, And My Heart Is Breaking
The Lost One Barton Carroll 2009
4:12 PM
Bella White - The Way I Oughta Go
Bella White The Way I Oughta Go
The Way I Oughta Go - Single Rounder 2022
4:16 PM
Young Fathers - Geronimo
Young Fathers Geronimo
Geronimo - Single Ninja Tune 2022
4:26 PM
Mattiel - Jeff Goldblum
Mattiel Jeff Goldblum
Georgia Gothic ATO Records 2022
4:29 PM
The Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone
The Nerves Hanging on the Telephone
One Way Ticket Alive Records 2008
4:31 PM
Death Cab for Cutie - Roman Candles
Death Cab for Cutie Roman Candles
Asphalt Meadows Atlantic Records 2022
4:33 PM
Josie Cotton - He Could Be the One
Josie Cotton He Could Be the One
Convertible Music Kitten Robot 2020
4:36 PM
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out
Franz Ferdinand Domino Recording Co 2004
4:42 PM
Urban Heat - Have You Ever?
Urban Heat Have You Ever?
Wellness - EP Spaceflight Records 2022
4:46 PM
Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face
Billy Idol Eyes Without a Face
Rebel Yell CAPITOL CATALOG MKT (C92) 2017
4:51 PM
Walter Martin - Easter
Walter Martin Easter
The Bear Ile Flottante Music 2022
4:55 PM
Aimee Mann - Avalanche
Aimee Mann Avalanche
Avalanche - Single Super Ego Records 2020
5:00 PM
Coolio - Gansta's Paradise (feat. L.V.)
Coolio Gansta's Paradise (feat. L.V.)
Dangerous Minds Music from the Motion Picture 101 Distribution 1995

Coolio passed away suddenly last night in LA. NY Times obit here.

5:07 PM
Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise
Stevie Wonder Pastime Paradise
Songs in the Key of Life UNI/MOTOWN 1976
5:11 PM
Bartees Strange - Heavy Heart (Edit)
Bartees Strange Heavy Heart (Edit)
Farm to Table 4AD 2022
5:15 PM
Wire - Lowdown (2006 Remastered Version)
Wire Lowdown (2006 Remastered Version)
Pink Flag The state51 Conspiracy 2006
5:24 PM
Soccer Mommy - Feel It All The Time
Soccer Mommy Feel It All The Time
Sometimes, Forever Loma Vista Recordings 2022
5:27 PM
Liz Phair - Polyester Bride
Liz Phair Polyester Bride
Whitechocolatespaceegg Capitol Records 1998
5:31 PM
Nikki Lane - Black Widow
Nikki Lane Black Widow
Denim & Diamonds New West Records 2022
5:34 PM
Hayes Carll - None'ya
Hayes Carll None'ya
What It Is Dualtone Music Group, Inc. 2018
5:38 PM
Pavement - Summer Babe
Pavement Summer Babe
Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe Matador 2002
5:40 PM
5:48 PM
My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus
My Morning Jacket Wordless Chorus
Z ATO Records 2005
5:52 PM
Sudan Archives - Selfish Soul (Radio Edit)
Sudan Archives Selfish Soul (Radio Edit)
Natural Brown Prom Queen Stones Throw Records 2022
5:54 PM
Etta James - Tell Mamma
Etta James Tell Mamma
At Last! Columbia 1970
Chat is archived.
Bama Dan 3:22:23 PM
Sweet birthday set. :-)
Hannah (host) 3:24:44 PM
Thanks, hi Dan!
Bama Dan 3:27:31 PM
Hi Hannah!
Bama Dan 4:05:54 PM
My favorite Springsteen album.
Hannah (host) 4:06:41 PM
I am very boring and lean towards Born in the U.S.A but this is arguably artistically superior, for sure.
Bama Dan 4:08:28 PM
lol, I saw him on The River tour, and I know fans rave about BTR and Darkness, and those albums are phenomenal, but I really love the intimacy and starkness of Nebraska.
Hannah (host) 4:11:42 PM
Oh man, well I do love The River too. And the Broadway thing he did a while ago is GREAT. Not so great: last studio album. Oof.
Bama Dan 4:16:07 PM
Only The Strong Survive, or Letter To You? And that's a quotable quote: Hannah Levin is "very boring". 😁
Julio Pena 4:17:24 PM
So I've always been "meh, whatever" about The Boss. But these "Nebraska" tracks are making me rethink that. Musical education and all that, I suppose.
Hannah (host) 4:18:39 PM
Oops, I'm two albums back. It was that Western Stars one from 2019 that rubbed me wrong, primarily because there was a song called "Tucson Train" that made me cringe. But overall can't diminish my love of him. He donated a bunch of $$ to my father's food bank when I was little so the soft spot is permanent.
Bama Dan 4:23:47 PM
Agreed, that one was pretty rough. Truthfully, any song that refers to "Frisco" ought to be banned (sorry, an ex-Bay Area resident here). But I'm hot/cold about the 2019 album: there are tunes on it that I do like.
red jessup 4:48:14 PM
my heart.
red jessup 4:48:20 PM
ty Hannah
Alex Jeffries 4:57:43 PM
I think Avalanche is my favorite Leonard Cohen song. This a well-done cover!
Hannah (host) 5:04:00 PM
@red you're welcome! And @alex totally agree. Perfect match for her voice and natural delivery.
Bama Dan 5:09:26 PM
Way to pair it with Stevie...
Julio Pena 5:10:04 PM
Glad Coolio was able to reconcile with Weird Al.
Hannah (host) 5:11:53 PM
@Julio, did they really? I think that might have been Weird Al's biggest hit.
Jaime J 5:12:29 PM
Damn. RIP Coolio. That Stevie track is amazing. I've been under a rock and never knew the sample/credit. Mind blown! Thank you Hannah!
Julio Pena 5:13:37 PM
@Hannah: Coolio was vocal about how he mishandled his initial response.
Hannah (host) 5:15:19 PM
Okay, I'm going to have to look this story up. Don't remember his initial response! But I bet there was definitely a time in the late 80s-90s where pop stars either lived in fear of a WA parody or were offended if he didn't make one of their hit.
Julio Pena 5:19:51 PM
Bama Dan 5:40:56 PM
Classic opening track to an incredible album.
red jessup 5:44:12 PM
Hannah do you know if TPD will be at Pride?
Hannah (host) 5:45:16 PM
No idea, sorry.
Hannah (host) 5:51:38 PM
This is the website tho: https://www.tucsonpride.org/contact-us
Bama Dan 5:56:08 PM
Live version of Sudan Archives on Colbert is incredible. :-)
Hannah (host) 6:01:28 PM
@Dan I know! I want her to the biggest star in the land.