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Halftime at the Apocalypse

Oct 6, 2022 8:00 PM β€“ 9:55 PM


With Jeff Rogers

Halftime explores global consciousness, politics, life in general and music for the millenium. Kevin Mathews takes over the 1st Thursday of the month.

Halftime at the Apocalypse
8:03 PM
Michael Brook - After Image/Urbana
Michael Brook After Image/Urbana
Live at the Aquarium London Zoo 4AD 1992
8:12 PM
Bruce  Cockburn - Burden of the Angel / Beast
Bruce Cockburn Burden of the Angel / Beast
Dart to the Heart Columbia 1994
8:18 PM
R.E.M. - New Test Leper
R.E.M. New Test Leper
New Adventures In Hi-Fi (Remastered) Craft Recordings 2021
8:23 PM
Cowboy Junkies - Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy)
Cowboy Junkies Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy)
Lay It Down Geffen 1996
8:27 PM
John Mellencamp - Save Some Time to Dream
John Mellencamp Save Some Time to Dream R
No Better Than This New Rounder 2010
8:31 PM
Christopher Hoag - Dark Skies
Christopher Hoag Dark Skies
Dark Skies Christopher Hoag 2004
Excerpts from a talk by William Peter Blatty
8:43 PM
Tom Waits - Heartattack and Vine
Tom Waits Heartattack and Vine
Heartattack and Vine (Remastered) Anti/Epitaph 2018
8:48 PM
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - My Heart
Neil Young & Crazy Horse My Heart
Sleeps With Angels Reprise 1994
8:51 PM
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Prime of Life
Neil Young & Crazy Horse Prime of Life
Sleeps With Angels Reprise 1994
8:55 PM
Josh Ritter - Still Beating
Josh Ritter Still Beating
The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter Pytheas Recordings 2007
8:59 PM
Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart
Sting Fortress Around Your Heart
The Dream of the Blue Turtles A&M 2016
9:03 PM
Peter Gabriel - The Power of the Heart
Peter Gabriel The Power of the Heart
Scratch My Back / And I'll Scratch Yours Real World 2015
9:09 PM
Roxy Music - While My Heart Is Still Beating
Roxy Music While My Heart Is Still Beating
Avalon EG Records 1999
9:16 PM
Dire Straits - Water of Love
Dire Straits Water of Love
Dire Straits Warner Records 1978
9:21 PM
Richard Buckner - Ariel Ramirez
Richard Buckner Ariel Ramirez
Since Geffen* 1998
9:23 PM
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - The Lee Shore
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young The Lee Shore
CSN Boxed Set Disc 2 Atlantic 1991
9:29 PM
Van Morrison - Country Fair
Van Morrison Country Fair
Veedon Fleece (Bonus Track Version) Legacy Recordings 1974
9:35 PM
Beth Orton - Comfort of Strangers
Beth Orton Comfort of Strangers
Comfort of Strangers Parlophone UK 2006
9:38 PM
Kurt Vile - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Kurt Vile Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Speed, Sound, Lonely KV - EP Matador 2020
9:45 PM
Vic Chesnutt - Degenerate
Vic Chesnutt Degenerate
About To Choke Capitol 1996
9:52 PM
Iggy Pop - The Endless Sea
Iggy Pop The Endless Sea
New Values Arista 1979
Chat is archived.
Darren Sims 8:46:15 PM
Is that a tuner tank circuit?
K G 8:48:37 PM
I'm sorry to hear you've been through so much lately. I can't imagine it's easy to share that, but I'm glad to hear you're pulling through, little by little. I've always appreciated how your show gives us a break from the chaos around us.
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:50:14 PM
Darren, I'm not sure! K G, thank you!
Bama Dan 8:56:38 PM
OMG, NOT NEIL YOUNG! LOL! Seriously, always good to have you share music with us, Jeff. :-)
Jeff Rogers (host) 8:57:18 PM
Thanks Bama Dan! Believe it or not there are weeks that I don't play Neil!!
Darren Sims 8:59:55 PM
Yeah, my guess is a crystal radio tuner tank. https://www.lessmiths.com/~kjsmith/crystal/blitz.shtml
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:01:02 PM
Oh...you mean on the Tom Waits cut? He's been in to all kinds of analog tweaks through the years. I'll check your link.
K G 9:03:03 PM
That was my first, thought, Darren. With capacitors (one variable) in parallel with an inductor and a variable resistor, all leading to a speaker, that was my first thought. The one catch is that make a classic crystal radio, the 2 parallel lines (capacitor) in the top horizontal line should be a diode (or in days of yore, a crystal with a cat's whisker)
K G 9:04:24 PM
Having flashbacks to 1978, when a teacher gave me a spiral bound booklet: "Radios that Work for Free" on how to make a crystal set, incl, winding the coil on a paper tower tube with magnet wire.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:05:14 PM
My goodness! Ya'll are so technical!!! I now wish hat I'd found this back in my young years!
K G 9:05:27 PM
Geeks R us?
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:05:56 PM
K G 9:06:08 PM
Darren Sims 9:06:54 PM
Keep up the good work Jeff. Thanks for the great tunz!
K G 9:09:35 PM
Jeff- with your stated topics of global/pol/life/milenenum, you might like to check out Las Cafeteras. They had a set streamed last weekend from Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park. Bunch of (former) kids from East LA, learning to play son jarocho (the Vercacruz sound: Afro-Mex) on homemade instruments. They've evolved a bit further, but very life-afirming, pro-person (if that's a term), and they put on a heck of a show.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:11:21 PM
K G...Thank you for the nudge in their direction! I'll check them out! Always a delight o be guided to something new and alive!
K G 9:17:51 PM
I remember when "Dream of the Blue Turtles" came out. My best friend in grad school in denver just got a CD player and this new disc. We sat in his 'garden level' apartment in Denver ($200/mo) and gave it a first spin.
K G 9:19:04 PM
Wow. Can't mistake that guitar for anyone else. I still want to see Mark Knoffler live someday.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:21:04 PM
I sorta forgot what a great album it is. Kris, my sweetheart, requested If You Love Somebody Set Them Free at her memorial! That request put me back into the album's orbit! $200.00 per mo for a garden apt! Those were the days!
Bama Dan 9:21:10 PM
@KG: 1985 and Dream of Blue Turtles...I was living in LA. Rent was high then, I thought, but nothing like now. :-)
K G 9:22:15 PM
Songs that remind us of people who have passed out of our lives. Bittersweet, but goo that we can still feel.
corbin frame 9:22:59 PM
hey Jeff, as always I look forward to your show b/c I relate to your sensibility & your sincerity...& your picks :) esp2nite b/c of being so vulnerable on air about recent struggles .... it helps me all who listen to know that they are not alone in facing difficulties .. as always the music helps & heals. Thank you. :)
K G 9:24:43 PM
@Corbin: you put that much better than I could, but I agree. Thank you, Jeff. Hang in there!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:26:13 PM
I so appreciate you all sharing what you share here! This is a really lovely community! Thank you Corbin, K B, Bama Dan, Darrin!!
corbin frame 9:28:44 PM
we love you :) keep doin your thong :)
corbin frame 9:29:08 PM
oops... meant thing lol
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:29:59 PM
SPeaking of the days of yore, remember when a thong was something you wore on your feet?
K G 9:30:12 PM
Bama Dan 9:30:27 PM
Word. :-)
K G 9:30:59 PM
We have to keep a sense of humor, don'chaknow?
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:32:03 PM
Indeed. If you can't laugh at the ridiculousness of these times you're screwed!!
K G 9:32:46 PM
But, indeed, we are, and that's why we're here for a break from that!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:34:59 PM
This song always reminds me of those days when the light was bright and we hadn't yet discovered the rough edges of the world
K G 9:36:01 PM
You put that quite eloquently, Jeff, both in your words and you show.
corbin frame 9:37:22 PM
Bama Dan 9:39:34 PM
Van was an amazing thinker and lyricist then, for sure, Jeff.
Darren Sims 9:40:38 PM
Back in his prime, before his mouth filled up with marbles...
Bama Dan 9:41:02 PM
@Darren: for sure
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:41:22 PM
Bama Dan 9:42:50 PM
Can't have enough Beth Orton in a mix, Jeff. Nicely done. 😊
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:45:48 PM
K G 9:46:44 PM
Beth Orton is great. Followed by a nice cover of John Prine (whom I got to see in a junior high school auditorium on the West side of Cleveland. What a powerful performance!)
Bama Dan 9:47:34 PM
Whoa! Impressive!
Bama Dan 9:48:29 PM
Seriously, very cool, KG!
Darren Sims 9:49:07 PM
peace out everyone!
K G 9:49:21 PM
For ally'all in Tucson: enjoy the next 7 moths of the best weather on offer (as put to my at this time of year by a cycling friend). Here at 44ΒΊ N, we get our first freeze tonight.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:49:32 PM
John Prine in a high school auditorium...in West Cleveland!? What a gift!
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:50:05 PM
K G, Where in the world are you?
K G 9:50:14 PM
My brother came to visit and took me out for it on my birthday. Can't for get that. Still have the ticket stub, just in case.
K G 9:50:44 PM
I'm in scenic Sioux Falls, SD.
K G 9:51:08 PM
Exiled from the old pueblo, as it were
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:51:40 PM
Oof! Yep! 44 degrees north! COme on down for a visit this winter!
K G 9:52:05 PM
Gotta say it right: "Uff Da!"
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:52:22 PM
K G 9:52:46 PM
Great show tonight Jeff. Thanks for putting some much of yourself into this. It's why I stay up to catch this oasis amidst the chaos.
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:53:58 PM
K G...a pleasure! THank you for being "out there!"
Bama Dan 9:54:39 PM
Agree, Jeff...outstanding show. Thanks!
corbin frame 9:55:17 PM
me too thanks
Jeff Rogers (host) 9:57:02 PM
...till next week...!