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Hex Enduction Hours

Jul 13, 2023 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

A Man Is Known By His Tools

I earn my keep with my tools

Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
10:03 PM
Closet Goth - Tucson, Bridge City
Closet Goth Tucson, Bridge City L N
All Wrestlers Die Closet Goth 2023

New music from this Tucson band, incorporating elements of punk, post-punk, noise-rock, and more into its sound. Will easily crack my Top Ten of 2023 list!

10:06 PM
Godflesh - Land Lord
Godflesh Land Lord N
Purge Avalanche Recordings 2023

New album in six years from Godflesh, formed by Napalm Death founding member and original vocalist Justin Broadrick. According to the band, Purge "revisits and updates the concepts explored on [199's] Pure."

10:10 PM
Mandy, Indiana - Drag [Crashed]
Mandy, Indiana Drag [Crashed] N
I've Seen a Way Fire Talk 2023

Debut LP from this Manchester-based punk band, with many lyrics sung in French, as vocalist Valentine Caulfield is... French. Per Caulfield, “‘Drag [Crashed]’ is a collection of things that were said to me or about me because I’m a woman. From middle-aged men saying I would ‘pop some fly buttons’ to my dad and that he would need a gun to fend off the boys when I was a literal toddler, to educators telling me my shoulders would ‘distract the boys’ and I therefore needed to cover myself, and romantic partners trying to control my body, ‘Drag’ is a personal exploration of what it means growing up a girl.”

10:15 PM
Big Black - Grinder
Big Black Grinder
Headache (Remastered) - EP Touch and Go Records 1987

From the influential '80s noise-punk band, this EP features artwork from English artist Savage Pencil. The original cover - released in small numbers - is a photograph of a suicide victim's head. The music on this EP was overlooked due to that controversy.

10:17 PM
Boris & Uniform - You Are the Beginning
Boris & Uniform You Are the Beginning N
Bright New Disease Sacred Bones Records 2023

Collaboration between Japanese noise-rock legends Boris and New York-based industrial-metal band Uniform, recorded during the height of the COVID pandemic.

10:25 PM
AMENRA - De Evenmens
AMENRA De Evenmens
De Doorn Relapse Records 2021

Fifth studio LP from this Belgian metal/sludge/post-hardcore band. Saw mainstream attention as another cut from this album ("Ogentroost") is the entrance music for All Elite Wrestling's Malakai Black.

10:33 PM
The Chameleons - Here Today
The Chameleons Here Today
Script of the Bridge (Remastered) Blue Apple Music 2012

1983 debut LP from this English post-punk band. Though they weren't commercially successful like other English peers, their debut was no less critically acclaimed. Their legacy can be heard in Oasis, Interpol, and the Smashing Pumpkins, all citing The Chameleons as an influence.

10:37 PM
VR SEX - Walk of Fame
VR SEX Walk of Fame
Rough Dimension Dais Records 2022

Hailing from Los Angeles, VR Sex delivers a dystopian focused blend of punk/post-punk. One of my Top Ten releases from 2022!

10:46 PM
Public Image Ltd. - Swan Lake
Public Image Ltd. Swan Lake
Second Edition Rhino/Warner Records 1979

According to information compiled from different sources, this song was originally titled "Death Disco" and written for Lydon's dying mother, at her request. It was later re-worked to what we hear here, with guitarist Keith Levene playing the motif of Tchaikovsky’s "The Swan Theme" ballet throughout.

10:50 PM
Wire - Mercy (2006 Remastered Version)
Wire Mercy (2006 Remastered Version)
Chairs Missing The state51 Conspiracy 2006

"Mercy" opens side two of Wire's amazing second studio LP. Wire 1-2-3 studio LP punch of Pink Flag (1977), Chairs Missing (1978), and 154 (1979) is nearly unrivaled across all of music history (in this humble DJ's opinion).

10:56 PM
No Trend - Fred Reality
No Trend Fred Reality
Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex Touch and Go Records 1987

Experimental band from Maryland, lumped within the punk genre and sharing the bill with many notable punk acts. The band didn't care much for the punk label, and were often at odds with rigid punkers that expected the band to "be" a certain way. They loved to blast Hank Williams classics from their tour van when pulling up to venues, both because they loved Hank's music and also to annoy punk rockers.

11:02 PM
The Ridiculous Trio - Not Right
The Ridiculous Trio Not Right
The Ridiculous Trio Plays the Stooges Modern Harmonic 2020

Originally released in 2004, this now-widely available release finds this Chicago trio consisting solely of drums (Shannon Morrow), tuba (Rob Pleshar), and trombone (Mike Hagedorn) covering several Stooges classics and deep cuts!

11:04 PM
The Stooges - T.V. Eye
The Stooges T.V. Eye
Funhouse (Deluxe Edition) [2005 Remaster] Rhino/Elektra 2005

Originally released in 1970 and produced by The Kingsmen's Don Gallucci (think "Louie Louie"), Fun House was the second studio LP from the Detroit proto-punk band. Gallucci and Iggy Pop were not impressed with the initial studio recordings, agreeing they did not capture the band's live energy and improvisation. As such, they stripped the recording studio bare of sound-proofing to best capture the band's sound. Elektra, backed by low albums sales, was unimpressed with The Stooges and dropped them from the label. Despite this, the influence of Fun House on rock and roll is ongoing, from The Fall to Nick Cave to Jack White and many others.

11:09 PM
Drive Like Jehu - Here Come the Rome Plows
Drive Like Jehu Here Come the Rome Plows
Yank Crime (Bonus Track Version) Swami 2002

RIP Rick Froberg, vocalist/guitarist for Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and Obits. Froberg passed away June 30th from natural causes at the age of 55. 1994's Yank Crime was the second and final studio LP released by Drive Like Jehu.

11:14 PM
Tucana - Sun's Coming Up
Tucana Sun's Coming Up N
Sun's Coming Up - Single Husbando 2023

Debut single from this Canadian punk band (Ontario, specifically). Influenced by the likes of Drug Church, Turnstile, and fellow Canadians PUP.

11:22 PM
City of Caterpillar - Voiceless Prophets
City of Caterpillar Voiceless Prophets
Mystic Sisters Relapse Records 2022

Newest release from this Richmond band that had been on hiatus for 20 years. Classified as "screamo" at the time of its original existence. I don't know what that is.

11:30 PM
Tunic - Disease
Tunic Disease N
Wrong Dream Artoffact Records 2023

Third studio LP from this Canadian noise-rock band that harkens back to the best of the late '90s and early 2000s noise-rock.

11:33 PM
Capcom Sound Team - Looming Dread
Capcom Sound Team Looming Dread
バイオハザード RE:2 オリジナル・サウンドトラック CAPCOM SULEPUTER 2019

Capcom Sound Team is the name for the Japanese musical collective responsible for Capcom's video game scores going back to 1989. "Looming Dread" was composed by Kentarō Nakashima and is the main theme song for Biohazard (aka Resident Evil stateside) character Hunk, Alpha Team Leader for the Umbrella Corporation's Security Service.

11:35 PM
Blanck Mass - Rhesus Negative
Blanck Mass Rhesus Negative
World Eater Sacred Bones Records 2017

Experimental industrial project from Benjamin John Powers, one-half of the indie band Fuck Buttons. This album is his response to the populist political upheaval from 2016. Tasty tune!

11:47 PM
Einstürzende Neubauten - Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)
Einstürzende Neubauten Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)
Halber Mensch Some Bizzare 2017

Originally released in 1985, the experimental German band's third LP incorporated electronic-dance elements into its somewhat unsettling sound.

11:54 PM
Distorted Pony - God's List
Distorted Pony God's List
Punishment Room 870874 Records DK 2018

Los Angeles noise rock band formed in 1986 but did not release its debut LP (this one) until 1992, recorded by Big Black's Steve Albini, whose band no doubt was a major influence on Distorted Pony.

Chat is archived.
Bama Dan 10:17:10 PM
Agggh...sorry I missed the Godflesh cut! Tuned in too late...
Julio P. (host) 10:17:26 PM
Dan Danny Dan!
Julio P. (host) 10:17:34 PM
Sorry about your rescheduled rock show
Bama Dan 10:17:42 PM
Julio P. (host) 10:17:43 PM
Bama Dan 10:22:57 PM
Somehow I feel like "It, Part II"...where is the clown?
Julio P. (host) 10:25:32 PM
I am Pagliacci
Bama Dan 10:27:24 PM
LOL! Smokey would be proud.
Julio P. (host) 10:28:14 PM
Just a lonely clown with a lot of time on my hands.
Julio P. (host) 10:28:24 PM
No, that's not true. I got kids. What free time?
Bama Dan 10:29:58 PM
Yeah really! You have NO free time, Julio! We're grateful for the time you give us.
Julio P. (host) 10:30:39 PM
A public service, really.
Bama Dan 10:30:53 PM
I'd pray for you, but I don't do that.
Julio P. (host) 10:31:16 PM
Hasn't done me any favors.
Bama Dan 10:31:28 PM
Agree. Me either.
Julio P. (host) 10:31:44 PM
But I was also an altar boy, so I did my penance... plus some
Bama Dan 10:31:59 PM
LOL, good for you.
Julio P. (host) 10:32:27 PM
No Vatican settlement money for me
Bama Dan 10:51:04 PM
Wow. Did not expect this at all. I knew you didn't like Johnny Lydon.
Bama Dan 10:51:27 PM
And I get it.
Julio P. (host) 10:52:11 PM
Expect what sorry?
Bama Dan 10:53:54 PM
You've bitched about Johnny Lydon for a long time, Julio. Surprised you'd play him on your show is all.
Julio P. (host) 10:54:30 PM
I love those early PiL records. Second Edition is easily one of my top ten post-punk LPs.
Bama Dan 10:55:16 PM
Oh, I agree...Second Edition remains one of my favorites.
Julio P. (host) 10:56:10 PM
PiL was more than Lydon anyway, at least before Leven and Wobble departed
Bama Dan 11:54:35 PM
Enjoyed the show as always, Julio. Thank you.
Julio P. (host) 11:54:47 PM
Thanks for dropping by. Adios!