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Night Interlude

Jul 24, 2023 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Danae

Night Interlude is your Monday night dose of upbeat music featuring new and recent indie rock, pop, with some international music flair sprinkled in between.

A break on a crazy week

Come refuel and take it easy alongside Danae, ahead of one of her most hectic weeks ever.

Night Interlude
10:01 PM
Still Pigeon - Schmooze
Still Pigeon Schmooze N
The Patterns We Keep (EP) Laid Bare Records 2023
10:03 PM
Yellowcard - Three Minutes More (feat. Pierce the Veil)
Yellowcard Three Minutes More (feat. Pierce the Veil)
Childhood Eyes - EP Equal Vision Records 2023
If you lived on the Warped Tour era... this one's for you!
10:07 PM
beabadoobee - the way things go
beabadoobee the way things go N
the way things go - Single Dirty Hit 2023
10:10 PM
Carson Elliott - Separate Ways
Carson Elliott Separate Ways N
Separate Ways - Single UnderCurrent 2023
10:14 PM
hannah bahng - perfect blues
hannah bahng perfect blues N
perfect blues - Single BAHNG ENTERTAINMENT LLC 2023
10:17 PM
Little Faith - Violence
Little Faith Violence N
I Don't Know How To Explain To You That You Should Care About Other People - EP 2799913 Records DK2 2023
10:22 PM
Sarah Kang - We're All Gonna Die Anyway (feat. Jackson Lundy)
Sarah Kang We're All Gonna Die Anyway (feat. Jackson Lundy) N
Hopeless Romantic, Pt. 1 - EP Sarah Kang 2023
10:25 PM
Takeshi Nakatsuka - Dreaming of the Future
Takeshi Nakatsuka Dreaming of the Future
Dreaming of the Future - EP PSC 2023
10:31 PM
宿縁 - Single Sony Music Labels Inc. 2023
This title roughly translates to "Weather Report"
10:34 PM
Pretoria - As If
Pretoria As If N
As If - Single Pretoria 2023
10:38 PM
Fig - Seeking For Connection
Fig Seeking For Connection N
Seeking For Connection - Single Cob Stand LLC 2023
10:43 PM
Augie Bello - Coffee at Midnight
Augie Bello Coffee at Midnight
Augie - EP Augie Bello Music 2023
10:46 PM
Adoy - Balloon (Sunset Rollercoaster Remake)
Adoy Balloon (Sunset Rollercoaster Remake)
us - EP Angel House LLC 2023
10:50 PM
Twenty One Pilots - Good Day
Twenty One Pilots Good Day
Scaled And Icy Fueled By Ramen 2021
At times, you have to convince yourself that it is a good day despite everything...
10:53 PM
Sebastián Cortés - Querernos De Nuevo
Sebastián Cortés Querernos De Nuevo
Querernos De Nuevo - Single WM Spain 2023
10:57 PM
Hot Freaks - Boyfriend
Hot Freaks Boyfriend
Boyfriend - Single Diamond City and Many Hats Distribution 2023
11:01 PM
Telula - 3 1 2
Telula 3 1 2
3 1 2 - Single Telula Records 2023
Background music
11:01 PM
St. Panther - So Bad
St. Panther So Bad
So Bad - Single Nice Life Recording Company 2022
11:05 PM
Kevitch - Sunshine
Kevitch Sunshine
Secrets - EP Nettwerk Music Group 2023
11:07 PM
Shygu - Lines
Shygu Lines N
Lines - Single Fire Monkey 2023
11:10 PM
Precious Pepala - Fifth
Precious Pepala Fifth N
Fifth - Single Darkroom Records 2023
11:13 PM
SHINee - Like It
SHINee Like It
HARD - The 8th Album SM Entertainment 2023
If you can, find the band singing an acapella version of this song, and you'll see why they are still a sucessful band after 15 years!
11:16 PM
Harrison Fjord - Mercy
Harrison Fjord Mercy
Mercy - Single CRWrecords 2022
11:21 PM
The Fur. - Stay with Me
The Fur. Stay with Me
Serene Reminder High Speed Spirit Studio 2020
11:25 PM
Daði Freyr - Shut Up
Daði Freyr Shut Up
I Made An Album Samlist 2023
11:28 PM
Sagong - Sandcastle
Sagong Sandcastle
Sandcastle - Single Sagong 2020
11:31 PM
Tim Atlas - Knockin
Tim Atlas Knockin N
Knockin - Single Nettwerk Music Group 2023
11:34 PM
valentines day - Spineless
valentines day Spineless
Spineless - Single 3632876 Records DK2 2022
11:38 PM
Toledo - Soda Can
Toledo Soda Can
How It Ends Grand Jury Music 2022
11:43 PM
James Ivy - Under Tongues
James Ivy Under Tongues
Everything Perfect Fader Label 2023
11:46 PM
Mitski - Should've Been Me
Mitski Should've Been Me
Laurel Hell Dead Oceans 2022
11:49 PM
Lucky Kilimanjaro - またね
Lucky Kilimanjaro またね
Kimochy Season dreamusic 2023
11:53 PM
half•alive - Lost
half•alive Lost
Conditions Of A Punk half·alive/RCA Records 2022