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Hex Enduction Hours

Aug 10, 2023 10:00 PM â€“ 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

Dig Me Out, Dig Me In

Out of this mess, baby, out of my head

Hex Enduction Hours
10:02 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
10:04 PM
Stuck - Planet Money
Stuck Planet Money N
Freak Frequency Born Yesterday Records 2023

Newest release from this Chicago-based quirky post-punk band.

10:08 PM
Pissed Jeans - Secret Admirer
Pissed Jeans Secret Admirer
Hope for Men Sub Pop Records 2007

Second studio LP from this Pennsylvanian noise-rock band. Despite the noise-rock, majority of the lyrics focus on mundane subjects.

10:11 PM
Cows - Ort
Cows Ort
Cunning Stunts Amphetamine Reptile Records 1992

Minneapolis noise-rock band. The cover to this - the band's fifth studio LP - is their direct take on Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch! cover, that being a great slice of avant-garde jazz.

10:16 PM
Plague Vendor - Ox Blood
Plague Vendor Ox Blood
Bloodsweat Epitaph 2016

Second studio LP from this Los Angeles punk band, seeing them steer away from their surf punk influences and more toward post-punk.

10:18 PM
Calvin Krime - Other Jon
Calvin Krime Other Jon
Dress for the Future Amphetamine Reptile 1997

90s hardcore punk band from Minneapolis.

10:24 PM
Sparta - Mye
Sparta Mye
Wiretap Scars DreamWorks 2002

One of two bands (other being The Mars Volta) that formed after the splintering of El Paso punk band At the Drive-In. Wiretap Scars is the band's debut LP.

10:28 PM
Your Enemies Friends - A Life Without a Heart
Your Enemies Friends A Life Without a Heart
The Wiretap E.P. Buddyhead Records 2004

Active mainly from 2002 to 2004, this Los Angeles-based synth-punk band released an EP and LP before officially disbanding in 2011.

10:33 PM
Heroin - Has Been
Heroin Has Been N
Discography Southern Lord 2023

New compilation collecting several out-of-print 7-inch, 12-inch, and comp tracks from this short-lived early '90s San Diego hardcore punk band. Also included on this compilation is a never-before-heard recording taken from a session at Washington, D.C.'s Inner Ear Studios, where many notable 80s/90s D.C. hardcore and post-hardcore bands recorded.

10:38 PM
Mission of Burma - Trem Two
Mission of Burma Trem Two
Vs. Matador 1997

1982 debut LP from the Boston post-punk band. Would disband a year later citing Roger Miller's case of tinnitus. Reunited decades later for a series of reunion shows, which led to the band officially reuniting and recording several great studio LPs.

10:45 PM
Cable Ties - Change
Cable Ties Change N
All Her Plans Poison City Records 2023

Lead single from this June release by the Australian punk trio.

10:48 PM
Sleater-Kinney - Dig Me Out
Sleater-Kinney Dig Me Out
Dig Me Out (2014 Remastered Version) Sub Pop Records 2014

Opening cut to Sleater-Kinney's third studio LP, originally released in 1997. This LP marked the first with then-new drummer Janet Weiss. The album artwork is an homage to the Kinks' 1965 album The Kink Kontroversy.

10:51 PM
Dream Wife - Hey Heartbreaker
Dream Wife Hey Heartbreaker
Dream Wife Lucky Number 2018

Debut LP from this Englang-based punk band, with lyrics focused on queer and feminist issues.

10:54 PM
Veruca Salt - Seether
Veruca Salt Seether
American Thighs Minty Fresh 1994

Best known song from the '90s Chicago-based alternative band. Don't sleep on their other songs from this album, which aren't as poppy but definitely crunchy.

10:58 PM
Spread Joy - Excesses
Spread Joy Excesses
II Feel It Records 2022

Most recent release from this quirky Chicago-based art-punk band.

11:01 PM
Dry Cleaning - Scratchcard Lanyard
Dry Cleaning Scratchcard Lanyard
New Long Leg 4AD 2021

Lead single from this debut LP from the English post-punk band, with spoken-word vocals by Florence Shaw.

11:05 PM
Gang of Four - Return the Gift
Gang of Four Return the Gift
Entertainment! Matador 1979

Debut LP from this English post-punk band, whose influence is heard from '80s contemporaries Au Pairs through recent bands such as Radio 4 and Franz Ferdinand.

11:08 PM
Bush Tetras - Things I Put Together
Bush Tetras Things I Put Together N
They Live in My Head Wharf Cat Records 2023

NYC post-punk band formed in 1979. Though this is only the band's third studio LP, Bush Tetras have been playing together for decades. Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley contributes behind the skins on this LP, along with receiving producer credit.

11:12 PM
Dicks - Doctor Daddy
Dicks Doctor Daddy
These People / Peace? Alternative Tentacles 2012

Fronted by the openly gay Gary Floyd, Austin's The Dicks played a bombastic punk rock whose satirical lyrics often found them in confrontation with local religious and political leaders. The police force didn't like 'em either. But the 80s punk rockers loved them! These People was originally released in 1985 and marked the band's second and final studio LP.

11:14 PM
The Gun Club - She's Like Heroin to Me
The Gun Club She's Like Heroin to Me
Fire of Love Rhino/Slash 1981

Debut LP from Jeffrey Lee Pierce and company, blending the blues with punk.

11:17 PM
The Cramps - Rock On the Moon
The Cramps Rock On the Moon
Songs the Lord Taught Us EMI Records 1998

file under: sacred music. 1980 debut studio LP from guitarist Poison Ivy and vocalist Lux Interior. See the band's 1978 performance at Napa's California State Mental Hospital:

11:19 PM
Dead Kennedys - Funland At the Beach
Dead Kennedys Funland At the Beach
Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Cherry Red Records 1980

Debut LP from this influential East Bay punk band, and only with original drummer Ted, who would be replaced by D.H. Peligro. Peligro would drum for the DKs up until his passing in 2022. The cover for this LP is a photograph of a line of police cars on fire during the White Night riots, in which members of San Francisco's gay community and leftist activists protested the lenient sentence given to Harvey Milk's assassin Dan White.

11:24 PM
Melvins - The Talking Horse
Melvins The Talking Horse
(A) Senile Animal Ipecac Recordings / Liberator Music 2006

15th studio LP from the sludge legends. On this one, Melvins brought on Coady Willis and Jared Warren of Big Business as official members of the band, delivering a double-dose of drums on an album heavy with riffs.

11:27 PM
NoMeansNo - The End of All Things
NoMeansNo The End of All Things
Wrong Wrong 1989

For my money (and it ain't much), NoMeansNo take the mantle as Canada's best - though now defunct - punk band. This LP, the band's fourth, is their most commercially and critically successful release.

11:32 PM
Death - Where Do We Go from Here???
Death Where Do We Go from Here???
...For the Whole World to See Drag City Records 2009

Detroit proto-punk band consisting of brothers David, Bobby, and Dannis Hackney. "Politicians In My Eyes - whose lyrical content is relevant especially today - was recorded in 1976 as the lead single to a 7-song EP funded by Clive Davis and Columbia Records. The band refused to change its name and tied artistic vision, so they were canned by Davis, with the proposed album shelved until 2009, where it was re-discovered and released in full by Drag City Records!

11:36 PM
Hammered Hulls - Boilermaker's Notch
Hammered Hulls Boilermaker's Notch
Careening Dischord Records 2022

Latest and second release from this Washington, D.C., band consisting of punk & rock veterans: Mary Timony (Wild Flag; Ex Hex), Chris Wilson (Titus Andronicus; Ted Leo/Pharmacists), Mark Cisneros (Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds; The Make Up), and Alex MacKaye (Faith; Ignition).

11:42 PM
Nirvana - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Nirvana Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
In Utero (20th Anniversary Edition) Geffen 2013

1993's In Utero was originally recorded by Steve Albini, resulting in an abrasive sound that did not satisfy record label DGC. DGC would hire its own producer to re-mix the album, which is the commercial release. Steve Albini's reputation suffered, with many major labels refusing to hire him in the following years.

11:46 PM
Dinosaur Jr. - Sludgefeast
Dinosaur Jr. Sludgefeast
You're Living All Over Me Merge Records 2005
This band could be your life. Originally released on SST records in 1987.
11:51 PM
Soundgarden - Let Me Drown
Soundgarden Let Me Drown
Superunknown (20th Anniversary) A&M 2014

Opening cut to Soundgarden's fourth studio LP, a worldwide commercial smash-hit! This cut was heavily influenced by Nirvana's In Utero, released the previous year.

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Ed in Seattle 11:46:14 PM
Another great set tonight! Thanks Julio!
Julio P. (host) 11:46:33 PM
Hi, Ed! Thanks for stopping by; glad you dug it.