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Hex Enduction Hours

Aug 31, 2023 10:00 PM – 11:55 PM


With Julio Peña

A weekly mix of punk, post-punk, noise rock and more!

Ever Live a Life That's Real

Full of zest but no appeal

Hex Enduction Hours
10:01 PM
The Fall - Mansion
The Fall Mansion
This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet 1985
10:02 PM
Cable Ties - Crashing Through
Cable Ties Crashing Through N
All Her Plans Poison City Records 2023

Latest release from this Australian punk band. Prior to establishing a punk sound, several members were part of Australia's folk scene.

10:07 PM
Plague Vendor - New Comedown
Plague Vendor New Comedown
By Night Epitaph 2019

Lead single from this Los Angeles punk band's third studio LP.

10:10 PM
MSPAINT - Think it Through
MSPAINT Think it Through N
Post-American Convulse Records 2023

Debut LP from this Mississippi-based synth-punk band.

10:13 PM
Restraining Order - Locked In Time
Restraining Order Locked In Time N
Locked In Time Triple-B Records 2023

Active since 2017, hardcore-punk band Restraining Order hail from Massachusetts and dropped their newest album last month, a nod to late 80s/early 90s New England hardcore punk.

10:15 PM
Hüsker Dü - The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
Hüsker Dü The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
New Day Rising SST Records 1985

Despite being released on SST, Hüsker Dü were being labeled sell-outs when their third studio LP dropped due to a melodic sound that saw the band lean away from its early hardcore punk sound.

10:18 PM
Wipers - Scared Stiff
Wipers Scared Stiff
Outtakes (1979-1983) Zenorecords 2002

"Scared Stiff" is an outtake recording from the 1981 Youth of America recording sessions. The band was experimenting with a horn section on select cuts, finding they didn't fit the mood of the album and scrapping the idea.

10:24 PM
Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside
Rites Of Spring Deeper Than Inside
Rites of Spring Dischord 1985

Prior to becoming part of Fugazi, Guy Piccioto and Brandon Canty made up half of this proto-emo punk band.

10:26 PM
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine - Panic Land
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School of Medicine Panic Land
The Audacity of Hype Alternative Tentacles 2009

Debut LP from this Jello Biafra led punk band, formed in part to celebrate his 50th birthday.

10:32 PM
NoMeansNo - Brainless Wonder
NoMeansNo Brainless Wonder
Wrong Wrong 1989

For my money (and it ain't much), NoMeansNo take the mantle as Canada's best - though now defunct - punk band. This LP, the band's fourth, is their most commercially and critically successful release.

10:33 PM
Zero Boys - Livin' In the 80's
Zero Boys Livin' In the 80's
Vicious Circle Secretly Canadian 1981

Debut LP from this light-hearted Indiana punk band. Briefly shared a bill with Minor Threat in 1982.

10:35 PM
Big Boys - We Got Your Money
Big Boys We Got Your Money
The Fat Elvis Touch and Go Records 1993

Austin punk band active from 1979 through 1983. Blended funk into its sound and was a staple of the Austin skate culture. Members of the band would go on to form/join other notable acts such as Poison 13, Scratch Acid, and more.

10:38 PM
Buzzcocks - Promises
Buzzcocks Promises
Singles Going Steady (Deluxe Version) Domino Recording Co 2001

1979 compilation collecting several singles from the Manchester punk band. One of the best compilations ever released across any genre. A video was made in support of the 1978 single, whose B-side was "Lipstick".

10:44 PM
The Chats - Panic Attack
The Chats Panic Attack
Get Fucked The Chats 2022

Second studio LP from this rocking Australian punk band!

10:46 PM
Ramones - I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
Ramones I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
Ramones Rhino/Warner Records 1976

Debut LP from the Ramones that helped spearhead punk rock in the USA. Depending on which member of the band you asked at the time, the lyrics were either an homage to '50s schlock horror movies or about parents annoyed with their kid's band practice.

10:49 PM
Ex-Cult - Shattered Circle
Ex-Cult Shattered Circle
Midnight Passenger Goner 2014

Second studio LP from this Memphis-based punk band.

10:52 PM
White Lung - Hysteric
White Lung Hysteric
Premonition Domino Recording Co 2022

Latest and final LP from this Canadian punk band, as the members amicably decided to part ways.

10:55 PM
Private Lives - Head/Body
Private Lives Head/Body N
Hit Record Feel It Records 2023

Full-length debut LP from this Quebec-based art-punk band, which includes cuts from their 2022 self-titled 5-song EP ("Head/Body" released on both).

10:57 PM
Bikini Kill - Hamster Baby
Bikini Kill Hamster Baby
Pussy Whipped Bikini Kill Records LLC 2012

Released in 1993, Pussy Whipped was the debut LP from the pioneering riot grrrl band. Vocals on this cut from drummer Tobi Vail, the lyrics snarkily poking fun at the music industry.

11:02 PM
Crass - Bata Motel
Crass Bata Motel
Penis Envy Crass Records 2018

1981 and third studio LP from this English anarcho-punk band. Vocals provided throughout exclusively by Eve Libertine and Joy De Vivre, with an overall focus on feminism and tearing down institutions and supress women.

11:06 PM
X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
X-Ray Spex Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Germ Free Adolescents Castle Communications 2009

X-Ray Spex's Poly Styrene was a fan of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, occasionally wearing her pieces and inspired by Westwood to put her own twist on punk fashion. Poly Styrene formed X-Ray Spex after seeing the Sex Pistols live. More about Poly Styrene and her fashion HERE, a wonderful piece penned by her daughter Celeste Bell. Germ Free Adolescents was released in 1978.

11:08 PM
The Clash - I Fought the Law
The Clash I Fought the Law
The Clash (U.S.) Epic 1979

Clash cover of a Sonny Curtis original, popularized by the Bobby Fuller Four. Included on the 1979 US release of The Clash's debut LP, which was originally released elsewhere in 1977 with a completely different tracklist.

11:11 PM
The Ruts - Dope For Guns
The Ruts Dope For Guns
The Crack Virgin Records 1979

Debut LP from this reggae-inspired English punk band. A year later, frontman Malcolm Owen would succumb to a heroin overdose. The remaining band members would carry on as Ruts D.C. Ruts reformed in 2007 for a benefit with Henry Rollins behind the mic, Rollins being a big fan of the band and having said this LP is one of his all-time favorite records.

11:13 PM
FEAR - Let's Have A War
FEAR Let's Have A War
The Record FEAR Records / Atom Age Industries 2022

1982 studio LP from this Los Angeles punk band. SNL member John Belushi was a big fan, inviting them to play on "Saturday Night Live". Their performance - which caused fans to jump on stage and dive into the crowd (Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat fame can be see doing so) - saw them banned from SNL and NBC.

11:16 PM
Flipper - Ever
Flipper Ever
Generic Public Flipper Limited LLC 1981

Influential sludge punk from San Francisco. Founding member Ricky Williams was in the band for a hot second before being booted but would go on to be part of other notable San Fran acts such as CRIME, Toiling Midgets, and The Sleepers.

11:18 PM
The Effigies - We'll Be Here Tomorrow
The Effigies We'll Be Here Tomorrow
Remains Nonviewable The Effigies 1989

Formed in 1980, Chicago's The Effigies were instrumental (along with Naked Raygun and Strike Under) in defining the '80s Chicago punk scene and sound. RIP vocalist John Kezdy, who died this past weekend in a bicycle accident.

11:26 PM
Bloody Gears - The Eyes
Bloody Gears The Eyes
Landscapes of Disease Deranged Records 2012

Boston punk band active from 2009 through 2013. Under-rated release from 2012.

11:30 PM
Crime of Passing - Off My Shoulder
Crime of Passing Off My Shoulder
Crime of Passing Feel It Records 2022

Debut LP from this Cincinnati-based post-punk band, with just enough punk influences throughout that hit me in that punk/post-punk sweet-spot! Top favorite "Hex Enduction Hours" release of 2022!

11:33 PM
Nation of Ulysses - Diptheria
Nation of Ulysses Diptheria
13 Point Program to Destroy America Dischord 1991

Debut album from this post-hardcore punk band fronted by Ian Svenonius.

11:37 PM
Refused - Liberation Frequency
Refused Liberation Frequency
The Shape of Punk to Come Burning Heart Records/Epitaph 1998

Third and final studio LP from the Swedish hardcore-punk band, whose intention with this release was to challenge the conventions of hardcore punk rock that they felt limited the genre.

11:44 PM
Turnstile - HOLIDAY
Turnstile HOLIDAY
GLOW ON Roadrunner Records 2021

Latest chart-topping release from this Baltimore-based accessible hardcore punk band. Blended 90s alternative influences into its sound to create a familiar yet unique sound.

11:47 PM
Every Time I Die - White Void
Every Time I Die White Void
Radical Epitaph 2021

Final album from this Buffalo, NY, crossover band. Sudden legal and personal issues splintered the band, hot on the heels of being recognized as having released a stand-out album in 2021 and gaining mainstream exposure.

11:51 PM
At the Drive-In - One Armed Scissor
At the Drive-In One Armed Scissor
Relationship of Command Transgressive Records 2013

Punk band from El Paso, TX. After their break-up (following the release of this album), members went on to form the bands The Mars Volta and Sparta. Lead single from the band's third 2000 LP, which received radio airplay at the time.

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Bama Dan 11:13:28 PM
Sleepily listening to tonight's HEH, Julio. Back on Central time, so missing some of it, but catching songs here and there. Wanted you to know I'm mostly there, LOL.
Julio P. (host) 11:14:06 PM
Haha, I appreciate, but you should also get some sleep!